Introduction to Automation Anywhere

Marina Ferreira heard from Automation Anywhere at Tech Field Day last month. They showed off their Robotic Process Automation solutions at the event. It struck Marina that we often look at network automation in IT as a way to eliminate repetitive tasks, but not as a business process or workflow solution. By framing Automation Anywhere’s RPA in that light, she sees it as allowing employees to focus their time on value-add tasks, rather than simply avoiding repetition.

Datera and Modern Data Center

Marina Ferreira takes a look at the software-defined storage solution from Datera that was presented at Tech Field day earlier this month. What was interesting was the effort that Datera took in the presentation to show what their idea of a modern data center looked like. This was important to contextualize how Datera is serving this modern architecture.

Tech Field Days

Marina Ferreira just attended her second Field Day event, heading out to Austin for Tech Field Day last week. While it could occasionally border on information overload, being around fellow smart, opinionated people in the Tech Field Day community more than compensated. Be sure to see all the same presentations she did by watching the comprehensive video coverage.

Cumulus VX Spine and Leaf

In this post, Marina Ferreira details how she used the Cumulus Linux Demo Framework from Cumulus Networks to built her own spine and leaf architecture in about ten minutes. She was impressed by the amount of work being done in the background, even if the setup did require a bit of Linux backend knowledge. It also uses a Ansible playbook to push the configuration to the spine and leafs, as well as adding new interfaces. Along with a healthy amount of demos, she found this whiteboard session by Pete Lumbis at Networking Field Day to be invaluable.

Apstra in a whiteboard

Marina Ferreira got to hear from Apstra at Networking Field Day late last year. But what impressed her the most wasn’t what she heard, but what she saw, specifically the excellent whiteboard session by Carly Stoughton. She outlined how Apstra went from their reference AOS architecture and have expanded it to provide intent-based networking, analytics and more. Check out the whiteboard and the full presentation video to catch up yourself.

micro-segmentation at scale

Illumio made their return to Networking Field Day earlier this month, and Marina Ferreira was there to take in the presentation. The company took the event to launch their PCE Supercluster enhancement to their Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) solution, which will allow for a federated multi-region micro-segmentation architecture with centralized policy management and global visibility at scale. Marina was fascinated at some of the development potential their platform could enable for advanced analytics.

Marina Ferreira

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