Tech Field Day 26 – Informational

In his latest post, Matt Callaway, a Field Day delegate, gives us a brief insight of what to expect at October’s Tech Field Day. This will be Matt’s third Field Day, he is super excited to be back! Tune in live from October 19-21, 2022 for more.

Tech Field Day 19 – Day 0

Matt Callaway attended Tech Field Day out in Silicon Valley last month. In this post, he details one of the parts of the event that doesn’t make it onto the live stream, the “Day 0” before any of the presentations. This involves getting to the event, meeting up with the organizers and other delegates, and getting into great conversations over dinner. As a first time delegate at the event, Matt found it a great way to get to know the community.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Matt Callaway

Matt Callaway attended his first Field Day event, and we got to know him a little better thanks to this awesome interview. He talks about how he used to try to write down all the URLs he came across on the early Internet, how he got into IT, and how he manages the constant challenge of work-life balance. Plus there’s talk of ice cream. It was great to get some insight into him ahead of the event, we can’t wait to see him at another soon.

Tech Field Day 19 Next Week!

Sometimes explaining what makes Tech Field Day different can take a while. In a lot of ways it’s the “un-conference”, focusing on focused technical conversations rather than a marketing cacophony. Once Matt Callaway got to know what makes the event unique, he knew he had to attend. He’s onboard as a delegate for Tech Field Day this week, can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the event.

Matt Callaway

VMware & Cloud Architecture Enthusiast