Juniper Powered by MIST AI – This Stuff Is Hard

This post by Keith Townsend of the CTO Advisor blog is the first in a series called “This Stuff is Hard,” translating vendor messages taken from analyst briefings into a format that’s easily understandable by business decision makers. The post specifically hones in on Juniper Networks’ presentation from the first AI Field Day Event regarding their Mist AI solution. Read on to see how Townshend describes AIOps from Juniper, and be sure to watch the original AI Field Day presentation for context.

Cisco AI Endpoint Analytics Brings Intelligence to Classifying and Profiling Endpoints

During AI Field Day last fall, Cisco showcased its AI Endpoint Analytics, which is a part of the Cisco DNA Center. This has the intelligence to classify and profile endpoints with AI/ML to reduce unknown endpoints and provide better security. For more information, check out the videos of Cisco at AI Field Day on our website!

Aruba Brings ESP to Network Operations at AI Field Day

During AI Field Day last year, Aruba introduced the Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP) and described its vision for AI Operations. This platform consists of three pillars: AIOps, Unified Infrastructure, and Zero Trust Security. With this, Aruba intends to help network operations teams automate and protect their networks. To learn more about the Aruba Edge Services Platform, be sure to check out the videos from AI Field Day on our website!

BrainChip Introduces Energy Efficient and Precise AI Edge Solution at AI Field Day

Last fall at AI Field Day, BrainChip introduced its Akida Event-Domain Neural Processor, which enables AI to run at an organization’s edge where AI typically couldn’t reach. The Akida AKD 1000 adopts an architecture that’s similar to the human brain. To learn more about BrainChip’s Akida Event-Domain Neural Processor, check out the videos from AI Field Day on our website!

Buying Into the New Oil and Making It Work for You

Red Hat highlighted AI/ML market trends at AI Field Day last fall, and what it brings to the table. The company claims that 80% of a data scientist’s time is spent doing mundane tasks, which Red Hat is trying to solve. Data scientists want a self-service cloud-like experience for their AI and ML projects. This is where Red Hat OpenShift comes in. To learn more about how Red Hat OpenShift is helping with AI/ML projects and models, check out its videos from AI Field Day on our website!

Eradicating Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support

Juniper Networks presented Juniper Mist at AI Field Day last November. Juniper Mist has eradicated tier 1 and tier 2 support, so customers will now speak with Marvis. Marvis is a self-automated AI customer service virtual network assistant. For more on the Juniper Mist AI experience, watch the company’s presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

Is Hardware Innovation Accelerating – Hardware vs. Software Innovation (Round 6)

As he looks at the IT Industry, Ray Lucchesi sees something changing. As a delegate at the first ever AI Field Day late last year, he got to see several sponsors present on their latest innovations in the field. In an ongoing segment on his blog, RayOnStorage, Ray looks at the differences between hardware and software innovation. As part of his post, he considers some of the incredible progress being made in hardware like neuromorphic chips, including those that Ray saw BrainChip present on. Ray writes that Intel is also helping to push the hardware innovation forward with their work. Be sure to check out Ray’s full analysis, as well as BrainChip and Intel’s presentations from AI Field Day on our website!

Architecting AI Infrastructure

As a delegate at the first ever AI Field Day earlier this year, Gina Rosenthal helped to pioneer Tech Field Day into a new topic area! On 24×7 IT Connection, she writes about several the presenters she saw including BrainChip, Red Hat, Intel, MemVerge, and VAST Data. Gina notes that with the pool of professionals building AI infrastructures growing, there is an increased need for education around architecting those infrastructures. Our thanks to Gina for being on the delegate panel at AI Field Day, we hope you check out her deep dive!

Key Takeaways From the AI Field Day

Kati Lehmuskoski was a delegate at our very first AI Field Day where she heard from companies such as BrainChip, Aruba, and MemVerge! She covered some key takeaways from the event, such as finding suitable talent is hard, AI should only be used if it is needed, and the power of platforms. Thanks for joining us, Kati!

How to Evaluate AI-Enhanced Analytical Tools

Writing for 24×7 IT Connection, Gina Rosenthal analyzes some of the AI-enhacned analytical tools presented by vendors at AI Field Day where she was a delegate. In her post, Gina reviews some of these AI-powered networking tools and provides recommendations for how to evaluate them. Specifically, she writes about Juniper’s Marvis Virtual Network Assistant as well as the AIOps from Aruba, and suggests that it’s important to do your homework before moving forward with utilizing AI!

Ok, Maybe Neuromorphic Chips Aren’t a Deadend

AI Field Day delegate Ray Lucchesi had previously pronounced neuromorphic chips “dead” because of how complex they were to program and use. Well, AI Field Day presenter BrainChip might have proven Ray wrong. On the “Ray On Storage Blog”, Ray writes that BrainChip impressed the delegate panel with both their software stack and hardware and might have just proved that neuromorphic chips aren’t a dead end after all. Check out Ray’s post as well as the BrainChip presentations at AI Field day on our website!

#AIFD1 Day 2 Thoughts

As a delegate, Gina Rosenthal often has the chance to talk technology with presenting companies, but at AI Field Day she got to talk about another one of her interests: product marketing! After some of the AI Field Day presentations, Gina had the opportunity to engage directly with the presenters in candid breakout sessions to focus on how they presented their product. On her YouTube channel, Gina talks through some product marketing tips including how to use your marketing slides to provide context and help to set the table for the more in depth technical conversations. We’re always glad to have Gina at our Tech Field Day events and are thankful for her sharing her expertise in technology and beyond!

Tune Into the Very First AI Field Day Nov 18-20, 2020

AI Field Day in November consisted of an all-star delegate panel and an equally impressive selection of presenting companies. Georgina Ford of Gestalt IT introduces this event and explains how AI is revolutionizing IT. Check out for videos from companies such as BrainChip, Aruba, and Cisco at this event!

Thoughts on AI Field Day 1

Gina Rosenthal of Digital Sunshine Solutions joined us at our very first AI Field Day last month! In this video, Gina analyzes some of the societal issues that arise around new AI products. She notes that although first to market is important, it is more important for companies to be clear with customers. Transparency is key. Thanks for joining us, Gina!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Frederic Van Haren

Frederic Van Haren, CTO of his own tech company, HighFens Inc has joined as a Tech Field Day delegate. He shares his ideas on the future of tech, and a little more about him

Aruba AIOps – Beating Your Downtime Into Submission

Is downtime costing you more than you think? Using efficient analysis and pulling the right data from artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) applications is essential to driving modern strategic business decisions. More and more, companies look to AIOps to gain a competitive advantage, improve IT performance, and reduce extremely costly downtimes and disruptions. Aruba AI OPs has an elegant solution to downtime woes. It uses secure, anonymized data to decrease downtime for IT operations.

BrainChip Demonstrates How Its Akida Technology Is Delivering the Next-Generation of AI at the Edge at First-Ever AI Field Day

We’re excited that BrainChip will be joining us as a first-time sponsor at the first ever AI Field Day! BrainChip describes themselves as a “leading provider of ultra-low power high performance AI technology” and will be presenting on their Akida Neuromorphic System-on-Chip (NSoC). For more information on BrainChip and their presentations, be sure to check out their press release and watch their live-streamed presentations during AI Field Day!

Join Us for the First-Ever AI Field Day

Join Aruba Networks and other AI experts in their AI adventures in the during-COVID tech world at the first-ever AI Field Day on November 18th, 2020, where digital transformation plans have been accelerated, and networks are expected to work, all of the time. With the ability to report issues before they become apparent to users, AIOps has become the better way to manage enterprise networks.