Episode 14 – Having a Field Day With AI Expert Stephen Foskett

Check out Rob Telson’s latest episode from this past AI Field Day! Gestalt IT’s founder, Stephen Foskett, had the opportunity to join Rob for the exciting discussion of AI technology in consumer, industrial, and commercial settings. Take a look here!

Enabling Efficient Big Memory for AI and Other Operations With MemVerge

This blog covers the presentation by MemVerge at May’s AI Field Day event. Their Big Memory Workbench cuts down on the extensive I/O toll that built-out physical big memory systems inherently require. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch MemVerge’s appearance for deeper technical break downs.

BrainChip Akida Puts AI at the Edge

This piece covers the appearance of BrainChip at May’s AI Field Day event. There, they presented their Akida neuromorphic chip, which enables IT practitioners to leverage AI at the edge. Learn more by reading on or watching BrainChip demo the product in their video presentation.

Tackling Big Data With Intel’s Open-Sourced Analytics Zoo

When they appeared at May’s AI Field Day event, Intel presented their Analytics Zoo product for tackling problems of big data analytics in AI. This piece covers the presentation, including the customer use cases shared at the event. Read on for a full breakdown, and watch all of Intel’s AI Field Day presentations for more product demos.

Liqid Makes AI Composable

This piece covers the AI Field Day presentation of Liqid, who showcased their composable AI server building blocks and Matrix platform. Liqid likens their Matrix platform to a virtualized hypervisor for on-premises servers, which makes it very effective for supporting ML models. Read on for more info, and watch all of Liqid’s presentations to learn more.

Improving Data Availability for AI Models With Scality’s ARTESCA

Scality, who recently announced their ARTESCA product, had the opportunity to present the product in more detail at the AI Field Day event in May. During that presentation, which is covered in this post, Scality detailed how ARTESCA brings robust data storage capabilities to AI/ML models, making small file operations like image recognition or even genome sequencing for viruses a snap. Learn more about the AI use cases of ARTESCA by reading the post, and see the product in image manipulation action by watching the presentation.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Demetrios Brinkmann

We always love inviting first time delegates to our Field Day events! One of the latest was Demetrios Brinkmann who attended AI Field Day in May. We took a few minutes to learn about Demetrios and posted about it on the Gestalt IT website. Head there to learn more about Demetrios, and be sure to check out all the great content from AI Field Day!

New Era of Graphical AI Is Near

This post by one of the GreyBeards himself, Ray Luchessi, describes how Intel is changing the game when it comes to AI-driven graphs. Lucchesi experienced Intel’s presentation from May’s AI Field Day event firsthand as a delegate, and has some strong opinions regarding their Katana AI product. Read all about them here, and watch the associated AI Field Day presentation for more technical information from Intel.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Marc Staimer

Let’s welcome Marc Staimer to the Tech Field Day community! Marc is an industry expert and consultant in the Data Center and Cloud. He has joined us for Tech Field Day Presents Scality and HPE and AI Field Day so far. Head on over to GestaltIT.com and get to know Marc in this Meet the Delegate post!

BrainChip Highlights Its Akida Neural Processor at AI Field Day 2

This press release covers the exciting announcement of the Akida neural processor by BrainChip at May’s AI Field Day. Capable of advancing a number of smart edge use cases, the neural processor SoC features high performance in a small form factor. Read the press release for more, and be sure to watch BrainChip’s AI Field Day to see Akida in action.

The Enterprise Is Not Ready for AI

This episode of the On-Premise IT Roundtable podcast, released just before May’s AI Field Day events, features host Stephen Foskett who is joined by Chris Grundemann, Ayodele Odubela, and Frederic Van Haren. Their discussion surrounds the feasibility of using AI on an enterprise scale, including the infrastructure and skill set required to roll it out at scale, as well as the potential ethical dilemmas that it could spark. Listen to the full episode to hear why the enterprise simply isn’t ready for AI.

AI Field Day Returns May 27 and 28

AI Field Day is back for its second ever event! Read this post to learn about what companies presented during the event and what topics they covered. Watch the actual presentations to learn more!