Meet Field Day Delegate – Ben Story

We’re deeply excited about our upcoming Networking Field Day and equally excited to announce we will be having a first-time delegate there! Ben Story is a network engineer, 3D printing enthusiast, and music lover. Most importantly, he is excited about the chance to see our presenters at Networking Field Day, and we are too! Be sure to give Ben a follow on Twitter and learn a little more about him on the Gestalt IT website!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jason Beshara

Jason Beshara is joining us for Tech Field Day Roundtable with Aruba! He is a Solution Architect with a demonstrated history of working with and designing advanced RF solutions. Jason is skilled in wireless LAN design and troubleshooting within enterprise, healthcare, education, LPV and heavy industrial verticals. Be sure to check out this interview with Gestalt IT to see how Jason got started in IT, where he sees the industry going in the near future, what he does outside of IT, and more. It’s great to get a well rounded understanding of new delegates to our events. It makes seeing them around the table and hearing their questions all the more illuminating.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Vuong Pham

Vuong Pham is coming to Storage Field Day, his first full Field Day experience! Get to know this experienced Senior Solutions Architect with his recent interview with Gestalt IT. He’s an author, blogger, and speaker skilled in Storage Area Network (SAN), NAS, VMware Virtualization, Storage, Servers, Hybrid Cloud, and Data Center. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the event and the presenters!

Alissa Nivens

“Project Princess” at Gestalt IT

Meet Field Day Delegate – Micheline Murphy

Micheline Murphy recently did an interview with Gestalt IT, giving her background and thoughts on IT. Be sure to check it out before seeing Micheline around the delegate table at Networking Field Day. As a first time delegate at the event, we can’t wait to hear what she thought of the Field Day experience, and what presentations she enjoyed seeing at the event.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Scott Morris

We love having new delegates at Field Day events to keep the perspectives fresh and the voices vital to the conversation. Scott Morris was one of the new faces at Networking Field Day, and in this interview with Gestalt IT, he gives a little background on his context and background in IT, and where he sees it going.