Solidigm D5-P5430 Addresses QLC Endurance in Data Center SSDs

Solidigm has launched the D5-P5430, its latest QLC data center SSD, which offers high-end endurance. With the D5-P5316 lineup, Solidigm focused on high density for storage racks, offering a 30TB SKU for less than $100/TB. The D5-P5430 claims to overcome the limitations of QLC and offer performance and endurance at substantial cost savings.

Western Digital Develops Low-Latency Flash to Compete With Intel Optane

Anton Shilov of Anandtech wrote about what Western Digital presented at Storage Field Day last month. The company showed off their Low Latency Flash NAND. This potential Optane competitor would offer speeds and access latencies between current 3D NAND and DRAM. While stopping short of calling LLF NAND Storage Class Memory, Western Digital sees it having a similar role in the data center.

Western Digital to Demo Dual-Actuator HDDs Next Week: Double the Actuators for Double the Perf

AnandTech’s Anton Shilov was excited to hear that Western Digital announced they would be demoing dual-actuator drives at OCP Summit. This came during the company’s Storage Field Day presentation, where they made the case why the drive design makes sense. While drive capacity has increased over time, performance has remained roughly the same, meaning that performance per TB has decreased over time. This is problematic for service providers who need to meet SLAs based on this metric. Adding in dual-actuator, effectively putting two drives in one enclosure, would reduce the combined power usage and increase read IOPS.