Quantum Myriad’s Architecture

Quantum Corporation’s Myriad platform offers a novel cloud-based architecture solution, revolutionizing how organizations handle unstructured data. By integrating storage and management seamlessly, Myriad simplifies the complex task of storing, protecting, and cataloging data assets on a large scale. This platform sets new standards in data lifecycle management, empowering users to focus on value creation rather than infrastructure complications. Andrea Mauro attended the Tech Field Day Showcase and covered it for his blog.

RedHat (Virtual) Summit 2020

We were extremely proud to organize Tech Field Day Virtual with Red Hat, providing a virtual event in conjunction with Red Hat Summit 2020 Virtual Experience. This event focused on OpenShift, and provided an overview, deep dives into the latest updates, and answered all the delegate questions gathered around the (virtual) roundtable. We were thrilled to have delegates like Andrea Mauro join us for the event, and we can’t wait to see more of his thoughts on the presentations.

Security Field Day 2

Andrew Mauro will be heading to the second annual Security Field Day event next month. In this post, he gives a little preview of what he’s expecting to see. There is a full roster of announced presenters, so it’ll be a busy few days. We’re looking forward to getting Andrew’s perspective on the presentations with his deep infrastructure expertise. Be sure to mark your calendar and watch along on the live stream.

Fluid SDDC With Liqid and Dell EMC

Andrew Mauro attended Tech Field Day Extra presentations at Dell Technologies World last month. One of the presentations was by the composable infrastructure company Liqid. They recently announced a OEM deal with Dell EMC, so it was appropriate timing. In the post, Andrew looks at how Liqid interconnects compute, networking, storage, GPU, FPGA, and Optane resources intelligently over fabric to deliver dynamically-configurable bare-metal servers with the exact resources needed in the moment.

Dell Technologies World 2019

Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World should be a packed event this week. We’re really glad to have Andrea Mauro along as one of the delegates. There will be presentations from Big Switch, Kemp, and Liqid, so be sure to tune into the live stream or check out the full video coverage after the event.

INFINIDAT Neutrix Cloud 2.0

Andrea Mauro gives an overview of Neutrix Cloud, a sovereign public cloud storage service offered by Infinidat. While this can be integrated with Infinidat’s Infinibox on-premises storage, it fundamentally provides file systems and block volumes across all the major public clouds, using a unified set of APIs across them all. Since seeing the solution at Storage Field Day earlier this year, Infinidat has added a number of features, including a web GUI, cross-regional replication, and integration with Amazon Voice Services.

Violin Systems is acquiring X-IO Storage

Andrea Mauro looks at the recently announced plans for Violin Systems to acquire X-IO. Andrea is well familiar with X-IO having recently seen the company present at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld Europe. Violin Systems is getting X-IO ISE business with its mature service process and organization. Meanwhile, X-IO’s new edge computing platform, Axellio, will be spun out as a separate company.

Hitachi is reshaping its IT division

Andrea Mauro will be a delegate at our Tech Field Day Exclusive with Hitachi Vantara coming up on June 26. He’s looking forward to seeing how the new company will leverage the unified operations of Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi Insight Group, and Pentaho.

#SFD16 – Storage Field Day 16

Storage Field Day is coming up at the end of June, and we’re happy to have Andrea Mauro returning as a delegate. The event should be a packed few days, looking forward to see what Andrea thinks of the presentations.

Networking Field Day Exclusive with VMware

Andrea Mauro is heading out to Las Vegas for Networking Field Day Exclusive with VMware. They’ll be digging into NSX from the event at Dell Tech World. We’re looking forward to seeing what Andrea thinks after the presentation.

Redfish support for DellEMC PowerEdge

Andrea Mauro got to hear from Dell EMC’s automation and configuration team at Tech Field Day earlier this year. They outlined their new iDRAC9 version, but also support for iDRAC9 version on the newest generation of PowerEdge servers. Andrea thinks for organizations in a heterogenous vendor environment this support is vital for implementing automation.

What is Redfish?

Andrea Mauro wrote up on explainer of Redfish, the open industry standard specification, API and schema that specifies RESTful interface and utilizes JSON and Data. He highlights why it’s designed to supplant the Intelligent Platform Management Interface due to its extensive support of scripting languages and RESTful APIs. He sees it as mature enough to replace IPMI or proprietary solutions like Dell’s iDRAC.

What’s really define an HCI solution?

At Tech Field Day last month, NetApp’s Adam Carter presented how the company conceptually approached the idea of Hyperconverged Instrastructure. Andrea Mauro wrote up his thoughts on the presentation. For him, its less important whether NetApp’s solution fits into the HCI buzzword, but rather what is the actual value of the solution.

Holistic full stack monitoring with Uila

Andrea Mauro originally heard of Uila at Tech Field Day last year. He’s been following the company’s holistic full stack monitoring and visualization since then. In this post, he shares some updates the company has released since that presentation.

#TFD16 – Tech Field Day 16

Andrea Mauro will be with us when Tech Field Day returns to Austin on February 21-23. He’s looking forward to seeing the other delegates, hearing from Dell EMC, and finding out who the always enticing “secret company” is. To find out with Andrea, be sure to watch our live stream of the event, and join the conversation of Twitter with #TFD16.

Elastifile launches cross-cloud data fabric

Elastifile launched its Cloud File System at Storage Field Day last month. Andrea Mauro gives the details a run down in this blog post. They’ve designed it as a software-only, scale-out, elastic and flash-native solution, which can bring the efficiency normally found in hyperscale to the enterprise and cloud service providers.

Excelero NVMesh 1.1

Andrea Mauro might not have been at Storage Field Day earlier in March, but he wrote up his thoughts on Excelero’s launch presentation at the event. He’s intrigued by their NVMesh 1.1 product, which is a Software-Defined Block Storage solution, which offers low latency, scale-out performance on NVMe, and virtually 0% strain on the target CPU.

HPE is buying Nimble Storage

Andrea Mauro wrote up a reaction to the announced plans for HPE to acquire Nimble Storage. Andrea thinks HPE already had a solid storage portfolio, so he found it very surprising. Ultimately he thinks the key to this acquisition might be Nimble’s non-storage products. This includes InfoSight and their Nimble Cloud Volumes. For Andrea, these seem to offer something that HPE currently doesn’t have in their portfolio.

Manage hybrid cloud with Platform9 solution

Andrea Mauro takes a look at Platform9’s hybrid cloud management solution. He originally got a look at this during Tech Field Day earlier this month. With their SaaS management platform, you can go live with a private cloud OpenStack deployment in about five minutes. From their, Platform9’s support takes care of management across the entire deployment. It looks like a great way to avoid the common headaches often seen in the private cloud!

Uila, the art of visualization

Andrea Mauro got a look at Uila’s data center monitoring solution at Tech Field Day earlier this month. Overall, he think that while it has similarities to other SaaS based monitoring solution, it differentiates in key ways. For one, while Uila generally operates it in the cloud, it can be setup as an on-prem solution. It’s also flexible enough to not just monitor infrastructure, but down to the application level. All of this is wrapped in their excellent visualization engine. Andrea goes into the technical detail of how this is accomplished, but overall he seemed impressed!