Composing a Harmonized Infrastructure With Solidigm and Supermicro

As data center workloads become more intensive, storage struggles to keep pace with CPU and memory in terms of speed and density increases. Composable infrastructure, like that offered by Solidigm, serves as an answer by presenting resources as and when they are needed, specifically the D5-P5430 Solidigm data center SSD. It’s a storage device that communicates via NVMe over PCIe gen 4.0 and is available in a U.2, E1.S, and E3.S form factor, with Solidigm using Enterprise Datacenter Standard Form Factor (EDSFF), a design that provides better density options than standard drive form factors while also being front-loading and hot-pluggable. This sponsored article by Andy Banta looks deeper at the Solidigm P5430 SSD family.

CXL: Composable Infrastructure’s Missing Link

“CXL probably isn’t for every configuration, especially anything other than top, high-end compute systems. But it’s no hoax. It ain’t the Piltdown Man.” Andy Banta gives an entertaining explanation of CXL, the history, the current, and his thoughts on where it’s going. Read his full thoughts on his website.

The IT Industry Is Doing Better Than It Seems

Is the IT industry in trouble? This episode of On-Premise IT features Andy Banta, Nico Stein, and Geoff Burke, who will be attending Tech Field Day this week, discussing the state of the industry with Stephen Foskett. Check out the full podcast on Gestalt IT’s Youtube channel or your favorite podcast platform.

Developer Advocacy Isn’t Exactly What We Think It Will Be

Check out the latest Gestalt IT Roundtable podcast! Stephen Foskett, podcast moderator, was joined with a few Tech Field Day delegates, Andy Banta, Gina Rosenthal, and Josh Warcop, to discuss developer advocacy. Check out their thoughts here!

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