BiB 068: Aporeto’s Identity Based Workload Segmentation

In this episode of the Briefings in Brief podcast, host Ethan Banks looks at what he heard from Aporeto at Security Field Day late last year. What he saw was far from another also-ran security startup. Aporeto distinguishes itself by looking at application security as separate from network security. They provide a cryptographic identifier to all hosts, containers, processes, functions, and users, which is used as the basis for a robust policy engine. This decoupling of network and workload security is key for a true defense-in-depth approach.

Using Identity To Secure Workloads with Aporeto

Security issues with digital identity are only going to increase with time. At Security Field Day, Aporeto presented on how they help organizations manage this in a scalable way. Tom Hollingsworth looks how they offer digitally sign containers. This allows organizations to trust a workload, from which you can build robust policy automation around that foundation of trust.