Looking Forward to Network Field Day 23

Pete Welcher posted about our September Networking Field Day event over on LinkedIn. He’s looking forward to the event overall, but the highlight of this article are his thoughts about the presenting companies. He mentions Arista, Cisco, Juniper Networks, and Palo Alto, which he calls “four of the top five” networking companies. He’s also keen on seeing Apstra, Broadcom, Catchpoint, Intel, PathSolutions, and VMware, though the latter is not able to present at this event this time.

Ensuring Code Quality With Arista

Are you having issues with code quality? Do you feel like things keep getting worse when you install the latest patch? Maybe the process behind the scenes is broken. Perhaps you need to look at what a good example of code development looks like. Tom Hollingsworth reviews the process from Arista after their presentation at Networking Field Day.

Cloud and Network Automation at Networking Field Day 22

Rowell Dionicio has been a delegate at a number of Field Day events, previously coming to Mobility Field Day and our newest event, Security Field Day. But this time around will be his first time at Networking Field Day, and we’re excited to hear what he thinks of the experience. Rowell has really enjoyed not just the technical content offered by Field Day, but the ability to directly connect with the presenters and fellow delegates. These are the kind of connections that help make Field Day a unique industry experience. Check out the post for his preview of the presenters at the event.

Really Late Company Christmas Shopping

As he packed for Cisco Live Barcelona, our own Tom Hollingsworth noticed something of a post-Christmas shopping spree among tech companies this year. VMware VeloCloud bought Nyansa, Arista is buying Big Switch Networks, and Tom thinks more is on the way. What’s behind this Q1 shopping spree? Tom isn’t sure!

Mojo (Arista) Answers The Layer 2 Situation for WLAN Migration To Cloud

Lee Badman has been looking at how wireless companies are dealing with the Layer 2 Situation, where cloud-controlled APs become hard to manage as volume increases. Lee thought Mojo Networks, recently acquired by Arista, had a good hybrid solution for this in their Multiservice Platform. He definitely hopes Arista maintains this approach going forward.

Has Arista lost its Mojo?

Scott Lester was looking forward to seeing what Arista would announce at Mobility Field Day, following their acquisition of Mojo Networks. Scott had high hopes for the presentation, but the traditional data center networking company didn’t exactly announce anything revelatory. In his post, Scott breaks down what was missing, and what he’d like to see Arista do with the Mojo Networks assets.

Clarity and Confusion- Fortinet and Arista at Mobility Field Day 3

For Lee Badman, seeing Fortinet at Mobility Field Day was an eye opening experience. He’d known of the company for some time, but had them pigeon holded as a security device company. While the company bundles their solutions under security banner, Lee found their solutions offer be well rounded. This baked-in approach contrasted with Arista Networks. For Lee, their presentation on the wireless assets from their recent Mojo Networks acquisition still needed some work to tell a complete story.

A Story of Three Companies

Jim Palmer wrote up a look at three different companies he saw at Mobiltiy Field Day last week, Arista Networks, Fortinet, and NETSCOUT’s. He looks at how each companies presentation impacted their messaging. From Arista trying to work in their acquisition of Mojo Networks into their broader portfolio, to Fortinet’s improved focus as a wireless company, and NETSCOUT’s divestment of their Handheld Network Test product line almost at the same time they were presenting to the delegates. Overall Jim got a little look at not just these company’s mobility solutions, but into the companies themselves.

A Matter of Perspective

Tom Hollingsworth considers the importance of perspective, and how the delegates around a table can shape a Tech Field Day presentation. This first came to mind seeing Aviatrix present their Cloud Routing solutions, first at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US, then at Cloud Field Day. For the networking focused audience at the first event, Aviatrix was interesting, but seemed to largely align how they expected networking to work when moved from the data center to the cloud. For the Cloud Field Day delegates, the networking Aviatrix showed was met with acclaim. Tom further saw this in action from Arista Networks, who presented at Mobility Field Day for the first time, discussing how they were integrating the recently acquired Mojo Networks.

#MFD3 Day 1 Recap

Scott Lester posted a summery of what he saw at the first day of Mobility Field Day. Mist Systems impressed scott with their AI-driven infrastructure, and the unique way they are able to proactively advise customers about issues. Arista Networks also provided an interesting presentation. The company recently acquired Mojo Networks, and their presentation focused on the marriage of cognitive networking and cloud driven wireless.

Arista Networks/Mojo- It’s Waaay Early

Lee Badman was interested to hear from Arista Networks at Mobility Field Day this week. The company had recently added WLAN to their portfolio with the acquisition of Mojo Networks. The company showed off CloudVision topology running on a Mojo C-130, which offered some interesting visualizations. Lee is interested to see Arista present again, after the Mojo acquisition has completely coalesced.

MFD3 Sneak Peek!

Mobility Field Day is fast coming upon us next week. We’re excited to have Scott Lester joining us out in Silicon Valley for his first event. In this post, he gives a preview of what he expects to hear at the event. Make sure to follow along on our live stream to catch every presentation along with Scott.

Management Frame Detection?

Samuel Clements considers the acronym MFD. What could be better than Management Frame Detection? Mobility Field Day of course! He’s heading out to the event later this month. In this post, he reviews the announced presenters and what he expects to hear about from each. Remember, you can follow along with all presentations during the event on our live stream, and engage with the conversation on Twitter using #MFD3.

Arista Is Finding Their Mojo In Wireless

Tom Hollingsworth writes about Arista Networks’ acquisition of Mojo Networks, a presenting sponsor at Mobility Field Day in 2017. Tom sees this acquisition as mutually beneficial as Mojo Networks gains the muscle they need to compete against Cisco and Aruba and Arista gains the wireless piece they needed to be super competitive in the campus connectivity market.

Arista announces acquisition of Mojo Networks

Jonathan Davis announces Arista Networks’ acquisition of Mojo Networks, a company he saw present at Mobility Field Day in 2017. He sees this acquisition as a very interesting development and looks forward to seeing what Arista does with Mojo’s technology.

Arista Is Finding Their Mojo In Wireless

Tom Hollingsworth reports on the Arista Network’s acquisition of Mojo Networks. Mojo presented at Mobility Field Day 2 in July of 2017 about their products and innovating around security and software defined access points. This acquisition is looking to benefit both parties as well, as Mojo gains the muscle they need to compete against Cisco and Aruba and Arista gain the wireless piece they need to be competitive in the campus connectivity market.

Advice To Tech Field Day Sponsors

Greg Ferro is no stranger to Tech Field Day events. In this post, he uses his considerable event experience to offer some advice to future presenting companies. He addresses everything from knowing your audience, to how to approach demos, and building a company story over the course of two hours.

The Road To 400G Ethernet Is Paved With Bechtolsheim’s Intentions

Andy Bechtolsheim is no stranger to anyone familiar with IT networking infrastructure co-founding Sun Microsystems and Arista Networks among many other ventures. In this piece, Timothy Morgan looks at a recent Tech Field Day presentation by him with a roadmap to 400 Gb/sec Ethernet switching in the datacenter.

Going Faster with 400Gbps Ethernet and Andy Bechtolsheim

How will we get to the 400Gbps Ethernet future? Tom Hollingsworth heard a talk from Arista Networks’ Andy Bechtolsheim at Networking Field Day on the topic. The talk delved into the challenges, politics, and opportunities of 400Gbps.

NFD16: Automating Arista Networks

Pete Welcher shares his thoughts on Arista’s Networking Field Day appearance from last year. He reviews the company’s presentations on streaming telemetry, extensive programmability, and changes in routing architecture.