Navigating Arista CV-CUE

This article by Mohammad Ali provides an in-depth look into Arista Networks’ user interface, with a focus on AGNI, UPSK (WPA3), WIPS, and MFR. Exploring the product after Mobility Field Day, Ali covers the navigation system and the primary features, such as Wi-Fi Device Registration and Packets. With step-by-step explanations and screen shots, the author provides valuable insight into the Arista CV-CUE system, from configuring areas like CV-CUE Hierarchy, Folders and Floors, Moving Access Points to understanding the concept of “Groups”.

Arista AP-W318 – What’s in a Box

Arista recently unveiled their AP-W318 hospitality wall-plate AP, and this article by Mohammad Ali provides insight into the box contents and capabilities of their hardware. With support for 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz Wi-Fi, the AP-W318 offers dependable wireless connectivity. Visit the link for more details and to engage in further discussions about this access point.

MFD9 – Arista Lights Up Their Session With AGNI

At Mobility Field Day 9, Arista presented their Cognitive Campus architecture, including Arista Guardian for Network Identity (AGNI), which offers a cloud NAC solution that provides all the features of a modern architecture while maintaining scalability and security with multi-vendor support. Arista also announced UPSK, which can isolate clients or mark a shared resource, and a WIPS solution that uses different frames to force a target client to disconnect from an unauthorized WPA3 SSID using the multi-function radio integrated into all the Arista access points. Read this article by Mohammad Ali to learn more.

Overcoming the Uncomfortable Aspects of Network Identity Management With Arista Networks’ CloudVision AGNI

Arista Networks presented its AI-driven NAC solution CloudVision AGNI at Mobility Field Day, hoping to achieve its potential for zero-trust security. AGNI expands Arista’s flagship CloudVision solution with features such as secure onboarding, dynamic access control, and AI-driven policy enforcement, among others. Built from scratch in the cloud, the solution embodies modern cloud-first principles, and it has a modern microservices architecture that delivers elastic scalability from tens to thousands of devices in a few clicks, self-service style onboarding for wireless with single sign-on (SSO), and reduced average deployment time from weeks to hours. Read more in this article by Sulagna Saha, and watch the entire presentation on the Tech Field Day website!

Cloud NAC?

John Kilpatrick is skeptical of cloud NAC or “RADIUS in the cloud” solutions presented by Juniper and Arista at Mobility Field Day 9. These solutions aim to simplify RADIUS authentication, which has traditionally been complex. Kilpatrick wonders why anyone would adopt cloud NAC, as it involves placing a low-level resource farther from the user and reducing the control of platform dependencies, while also complicating learning and retaining one’s environment’s complexity.

Mobility Field Day 9 – Quick Recap

Mohammad Ali shares his thoughts on Mobility Field Day 9, which featured presentations and discussions from vendors and delegates from different parts of the world. Juniper Networks, Fortinet, Arista, Cisco, Celona, NetAlly, and Ruckus Networks made significant announcements around cloud NAC, access assurance, analytics, IoT, Wi-Fi 7, security, and more. The event also included a roundtable discussion on the challenges of moving services to the cloud, providing a platform for delegates to discuss the impact and challenges of the new technology trends.

MFD9 Day3 Recap

The Wireless Pubcast podcast covered day 3 of Mobility Field Day 9, featuring Arista and Celona. Arista showcased their comprehensive Wi-Fi solution, CloudVision AGNI, emphasizing its polished interface, rule-based analysis capabilities, and compatibility with other vendors’ networks. Celona presented their Celona Private 5G solution, highlighting its flexibility for future transitions and real-world deployments. They discussed the importance of regulatory compliance, offered free online classes for certification, and mentioned plans for exploring neutral host arrangements. Listen in as Chris Reed and Raymond Hendrix dive deep into Mobility Field Day 9 day 3 on the Wireless Pubcast podcast!

Making Mobility Magic at Mobility Field Day 9

Mobility Field Day 9 is May 17-19 in Silicon Valley, bringing together the top technology minds and experts in wireless and mobility to share their innovations and contributions to the field. With presentations from Arista, Celona, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, NetAlly, and Ruckus Networks, attendees can expect updates on advancements in AI networking, SASE, and cybersecurity, among others. The presentations will be streamed live on our online platforms and feature roundtable discussions from our Field Day delegates. Watch this video for more information!

Ep 112 – NFD30 Special!

Networking Field Day Delegates A.J. Murray, Tim Bertino, and Girard Kavelines share their thoughts on this event in this episode of the Art of Network Engineering Podcast. Listen to their thoughts here!

CBRS, Accessing Layer 2 Behind a CPE

Mark Houtz attended October’s Mobility Field Day as a delegate and is now reflecting on Arista’s presentation. Before their presentation, Mark had questions on their VXLAN, a standard base for tunneling their Aps and Switches for Segmentation and was pleasantly surprised with that they had to show for during the presentation. Check out his thoughts here!

Networking Into the Future With Networking Field Day 30

We kicked off 2023 with Networking Field Day where we had presentations from Anuta Networks, Juniper Networks, Aryaka, Cisco, Arista, Fortinet, and Selector AI! All videos from Networking Field Day have been published on the Tech Field Day website, head on over to check them out!

Network Monitoring in Real Time With Arista CloudVision

Sulagna Saha writes about Arista CloudVision, a multi-domain management platform that simplifies management and monitoring of network assets with real-time telemetry and turnkey automation. Read her article on the Gestalt IT website or watch the live presentation on the Tech Field Day website.

My First MFD Experience – Part 2

First time delegate, Ali, gives us a great recap on presentations from Arista Networks, Ventev, and Wyebot at the most recent Mobility Field Day. He starts off discussing Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Program, then deep dives into Arista Networks’ switch and ends his post discussing Ventev’s solutions that compliments wireless deployments. Take a look here at Ali’s thoughts for more from Mobility Field Day.

Building the Next Generation Campus Network With Arista Networks

At October’s Mobility Field Day, Arista Networks presented their Cognitive Campus Network! In this article, Sulagna Saha talks about the intelligent AI/ML based approach and how this will drive towards tearing down the barriers in the way of IoT developments. Check out her thoughts over on the Gestalt IT website!

Arista’s Campus Networking Story Is Better Than You Think

Check out what John Kilpatrick has to say after watching Arista present at Mobility Field Day in October. You can read his thoughts and check out all of the videos from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Moving Faster With Mobility Field Day 8

We’re gearing up for yet another Mobility Field Day! In his latest post on Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth, event lead, talks about what to expect from Wyebot, Arista, and Ventev. Tune in live this October for more from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Accelerating Multi-Domain Network Operations With Arista’s CloudVision

Arista Networks presented CloudVision at this past Networking Field Day, a platform that reimagines traditional NetOps and makes it effortless through automation. In this Gestalt IT article, Sulagna Saha talks about how this has reached a point where even network operations best practices are failing to abate the complexity. Check out her thoughts here!

Quality to Be Named Later

Writing on his personal blog, Networking Nerd, Tom Hollingsworth talks about how Arista, once again, has knocked it out of the park at this past Networking Field Day. More specifically, Ken Duda presented on code quality and really grabbed the audience’s attention. Check out Tom’s thoughts here!

IT Infrastructure: Network Field Day 28 – Recap and Review

Dan Kelcher attended this past Networking Field Day as a delegate! In this post he gives us a quick recap of each presentation at the event. Take a look at his thoughts here!

Network Field Day 28 – Day 1 Recap

Looking for a quick recap on Day 1 of May’s Networking Field Day? You’re in luck, Jordan Villarreal, a Field Day delegate, posted a Youtube video here about the presentations from Juniper Networks, Arista, and Netris. Check out his thoughts here!