TechUnplugged VideoCast: CiscoLive Barcelona HyperFlex Application Platform

The TECHunplugged crew was about in Barcelona for Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2020 and got to hear about HyperFlex Application Platform. In this video, Arjan Timmerman and Max Mortillaro discuss the evolution of HyperFlex as Cisco’s HCI solution, something Max has been following for a number of years. HXAP is a standalone add-on running on top of HyperFlex which gives the ability to run containers. This complete new cluster builds on top of a Linux KVM environment with a Kubernetes environment. They dig into how this fits into the overall container landscape and the implications for organizations in the video.

Cisco Live Europe 2020 – Introduction and Expectations

Arjan Timmerman and Max Mortillaro from the TECHunplugged crew were delegates at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2020. They recorded a slate of videos breaking down their favorite announcements and most important parts of the event. They break down Cisco UCS and HyperFlex updates, innovation around Industrial IoT, as well as overall Data Center and Security announcements. Be sure to watch them all, then dive into the full video coverage we have on our YouTube page.

TECHunplugged Videocast – Cisco Threat Response

At Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2020, Arjan Timmerman and Max Mortillaro got to hear from the Cisco Threat Response team. They enjoyed seeing Cisco ability to dive into threats to your networking environment as they are being monitored, and how this is integrated into a further online knowledge base to better educate about emerging threats. With security teams traditionally understaffed, Cisco Threat Response is vital to gather together all the threats facing your organization in a manageable interface and provide further context for how this will continue to impact your organization. It’s not a traditional metrics-based dashboard, but an excellent way to get a security overview.

TECHunplugged at Cisco Live Barcelona 2020 – Introduction

In this video Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman talk about Cisco Live in Barcelona 2020. They talk about Tech Field Day Extra, Cisco in general, HyperFlex, UCS and IoT. They discuss why the appreciate the unique access events like Tech Field Day Extra provide. During busy industry shows like Cisco Live, it’s one thing to hear all the announcements live. But Tech Field Day Extra provides access to experts on the announcements, and often hosts sessions going into technical deep dives on the latest technology.

TECHunplugged Videocast – Cisco UCS Updates at Cisco Live Europe 2020 in Barcelona

Arjan Timmerman and Max Mortillaro of the TECHunplugged crew cover what they saw from Cisco UCS at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2020. This x86 server infrastructure has been around for a decade, and at the event, Cisco announced updates to the latest Intel processors, as well as adding in support for the AMD Rome platform, providing up to 64 cores on a processor. This processor competition coming to Cisco UCS can only spell good things for customers down the road. UCS Gen 5 also adds new support for NVMe, adds novel blade designs, and still providing GPU dense options. In the words of Arjan, Cisco is “doing something special with UCS.”

TECHunplugged Videocast – Cisco Live Barcelona – No Love for Single Panes of Glass

Arjan Timmerman and Max Mortillaro were in Barcelona for Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe. In this video, they dig into why the single pane of glass seems to be the goal of many companies in IT, but why it can actually add to complexity for actual IT operators. They saw some companies presenting multiple panes of glass, each with specific functions, but ultimately adding to sprawl. With organizations that use solutions across a number of vendors, a single pane of glass tied to one company still requires moving to different tools. They discuss how to possibly create an “ideal” single pane of glass that taps into the API driven enterprise, and what they heard from Cisco Workload Optimizer in moving closer to that future.

Preview Storage Field Day 19 – Day 1

Arjan Timmerman put together a series of videos previewing what he expected to see at Storage Field Day. This video sets out some background on Tiger Technology, NetApp and Western Digital. These represent an interesting selection of experience with the event. Tiger Technology is new to the Field Day family, but has been a force in the media and entertainment space since 2004. NetApp has a long history both in enterprise storage and presenting at Storage Field Day. And Western Digital is an iconic provider of storage who is quickly becoming a familiar sight at the event. Arjan was excited to hear from each company at the event, and we can’t wait to hear more of his thoughts on the presentations going forward.

TECHunplugged VideoCast SFD19 Part 1

It’s always great to have TECHunplugged’s Arjan Timmerman as a delegate at an event, and we were thrilled to have him attend Storage Field Day. This was Arjan’s fourteenth time around the table to get caught up on the latest in enterprise storage, and his enthusiasm for the experience is infectious. In this video, he previews what he expected from each of the presenters. The event had a fantastic array of presenting companies, with the latest from Dell EMC, Infrascale, Komprise, MinIO, NetApp, Tiger Technology, WekaIO, and Western Digital. Be sure to check out the preview before diving into our comprehensive video coverage.

TECHunplugged at Storage Field Day 19

Our most recent Storage Field Day may have finished, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a lot of great content to explore from the event! Luckily we just so happen to have wall to wall video coverage of all the presentations, so you can digest all the storage goodness at your leisure. Of course, the Field Day experience isn’t just defined by great technical presentations. We couldn’t do our events without our amazing delegates around the table. They great productive dialogue and ask the hard questions about the tech to help bring even more value out of the presentations. In this post, Arjan Timmerman put together a full list of all the presenters and delegates. Be sure to check out their blogs to get to know the faces around the table a little better, and follow them on Twitter for a ton of storage thoughts in your feed.

Preview for SFD19 – Day 1

Arjan Timmerman and the rest of the TECHunplugged crew have really been putting out some great video content recently. In this video, he gives us his initial thoughts on the first three companies that presented at our recent Storage Field Day event. With Tiger Technology, NetApp and Western Digital, we got to see a full spectrum of voices from across storage IT. Tiger Technology is a new voice to the Storage Field Day stage, so part of the session is just about getting familiar with their considerable solutions portfolio. NetApp is no stranger to the delegates, but continues to shift from a more traditional storage company into the cloud with advanced data management, so it’s always good to get up to date on their latest. Finally Western Digital is a company with a lot of consumer awareness, that’s recently pivoted some of their enterprise focused solutions. It’s great to be able such breadth in a single day at Storage Field Day.

NetApp HCI: Hyper Converged or Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Arjan Timmerman is back on the blogging beat and covering the last Field Day event he attended. In this post, he’s covering the presentations from Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018. It’s an interesting post that has some added perspective given the time that’s passed. We can’t wait to see more great writing from Arjan!

EP27 – VAST Data – a Revolutionary Storage Platform for the Next Decade – With Howard Marks

In this episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast, hosts Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman talked with Howard Marks. While they once all joined forces behind the delegate table at Field Day events, Howard is now the Technologist Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at VAST Data. VAST presented at Storage Field Day, and in the episode, they dive deep into how the company is bringing revolutionary flash economics to the market by combining 3D XPoint, NVMe-oF and QLC Flash.

EP21 – Discovering, the World’s Fastest Filesystem With Barbara Murphy

On this latest episode of the Tech Unplugged Podcast, Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman spoke with Barbara Murphy, VP of Marketing at Max saw the company present at Storage Field Day earlier this year. The two host have a conversation digging into the company’s claim of having the fastest, most scalable parallel file system.

EP17 – Storpool: Being the Best in Block Based Storage – With Boyan Ivanov

In this episode of the Tech Unplugged podcast, Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman spoke with StorPool CEO Boyan Ivanov. They discussed a lot of what StorPool presented at Storage Field Day including the company’s product offering, how the product has evolved, and what to expect in the future.

Zerto: The Road to IT Resiliency

Arjan Timmerman attended Storage Field Day this summer, and one of the companies he heard an in-depth technical deep dive from was Zerto. The company has had an intriguing solution for replication of virtual workloads on vSphere, expanding to other hypervisors and public clouds over time. Arjan reviews the technical merits of their solution, and looks at how this has enabled them to create a backup solution as part of their IT resiliency portfolio.

Enable your Data: Komprise

At Storage Field Day late last year, Arjan Timmerman got to see Komprise show off their data management solution. For Arjan, it was important to position this as an important difference between data management and what has become the secondary storage market. What Arjan saw was a very thoughtful software solution that enables organizations to transform their data without disrupting existing hardware or operations.

EP11 – Data Management with Komprise: Transformation without Disruption – with Krishna Subramanian

This episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast digs into one of the presenters from Storage Field Day last year, Komprise. Hosts Arjan Timmerman and Max Mortillaro both attended the event. They’re speaking with Komprise President and COO Krishna Subramanian about how the company helps organizations get the best value out of their file-based storage investments.

EP10 – Computational Storage: A Paradigm Shift In The Storage Industry with Scott Shadley and NGD Systems

On the latest episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast, hosts Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman discussed computational storage with Scott Shadley of NGD Systems. This followed NGD Systems’ presentation on the subject at Storage Field Day last month.

Power to the Max

Arjan Timmerman reviews what he saw from Dell EMC at Storage Field Day this summer. They focused on their highly available tier zero PowerMax storage array. Arjan outlines that even though this product comes from a long lineage, it’s able to offer cutting edge performance.

Starwind software: SFD15 preview

The first Storage Field Day of 2018 kicks off this week in Silicon Valley. Arjan Timmerman will be in attendance and wrote up a preview of one of the presenters, Starwind. This is their second time presenting, during their first presentation at Storage Field Day, they discussed HCI solution, AcloudA, Veeam VTL and Cloud replication. Arjan is interesting in hearing what they have to say this time around.