Analyzing analytic offerings

Sam Clements reviews some of the recent analytics solutions, including many from Mobility Field Day earlier this year. He looks at solutions from Nyansa, Mist Systems, Meraki, Aruba, and Cisco.

Outdoor WiFi is Smaller, Sleeker and Faster

At Mobility Field Day last month, Jennifer Huber got a look at Aruba’s new flagship 802.11ac/ad outdoor access point, the AP-387. The AP has a set of 60GHz and a 5GHz radios that work to provide multi-gigabit speeds across a 300m range. For Jennifer, bringing together all those features in a tiny, portable, and fast AP is impressive.

Watch Mobility Field Day On-Demand!

If you missed any of Aruba’s presentation from Mobility Field Day earlier this month, never fear! We’ve got the full presentation video posted for your enjoyment. They touched upon their latest advances with 802.11ax, a sneak peak at the AP287, and their role in the new WPA3 standard.

CTS 139: Aruba Networks Demos OWE at MFD3

On this episode of the Clear to Send podcast, Rowell Dionicio discusses what he saw from Aruba at Mobility Field Day earlier this month. Specifically, the company demoed an improvement to unsecured wireless networks, called Opportunistic Wireless Encryption. This would enable users to connect without a password, but not allow any other connected users to see that traffic. Although not a mandatory part of the WPA3 specification, Aruba think OWE will be vital in securing the unsecured.

Solving 802.11ad challenges

In this post, Amy Arnold look at how the Aruba AP-387 point to point unit overcomes some of the challenges traditionally associated with 802.11ad. At Mobility Field Day earlier this month, Aruba showed how the AP uses both 60Hz and 5GHz radios, and aggregates the throughput in the AP. This combined with self aligning properties on the 60Hz radio combines to bring vastly improved consistency.

Aruba Takes The Lead With WPA3

WPA2 is more than a little long in the tooth, having been around for about as long as 802.11g. Jim Palmer outlines what Aruba presented on the new WPA3 security standard, and their efforts to push Opportunistic Wireless Encryption into the specification as well. It led to a lively discussion at Mobility Field Day last week.

Aruba, leading the charge for wireless security

Scott Lester got to see some of Aruba’s latest AP hardware at Mobility Field Day last week. During the presentation, Aruba made the case why WPA3 was needed after a decade with WPA2, and why they are continuing to push for better standards. Scott also touches on one thing left out of the WPA3 spec, Opportunistic Wireless Encryption. This optional component has major security benefits for anyone connecting to an open AP.

The Aruba Networks 802.11ax AP-Series

Hendrik Lüth was following Mobility Field Day online, including #MFD3 on Twitter. There he got a look at the 802.11ax-AP-Series by Aruba. In this post, he breaks down the capabilities of these new APs and what the new 802.11ax standard will mean for 5GHz and 2.4GHz radios in these APs.

Figuring Out What Bothers Me About Wi-Fi and “Analytics”

Lee Badman heard about a number of wireless analytics solutions at Mobility Field Day last week. But one thing stuck in his mind. Outside of the merits of any solution over another, the underlying assumption behind many was that an analytics solution was needed because the wireless network is in some way being managed poorly. For Lee, WLAN problems often come from problems in vendor code, not something an admin can really be proactive about. This isn’t to say that these analytics solutions aren’t needed, but Lee wants them put in the proper context of why WLAN problems most often arise.

Mark Your Calendars: Mobility Field Day 3

In this video, Rowell Dionicio discusses coming back for his third Mobility Field Day. He discusses what he expects to hear from each of the presenters, including Arista, who recently acquired previous presenter Mojo Networks. There are a lot of new faces on the delegate side, and Rowell is looking forward to the discussions and perspectives that they will bring.

Management Frame Detection?

Samuel Clements considers the acronym MFD. What could be better than Management Frame Detection? Mobility Field Day of course! He’s heading out to the event later this month. In this post, he reviews the announced presenters and what he expects to hear about from each. Remember, you can follow along with all presentations during the event on our live stream, and engage with the conversation on Twitter using #MFD3.

Mobility Field Day 3

We’re excited to have Aruba Networks presenting at Mobility Field Day this September. Make sure to mark your calendar for September 14th, they’ll be presenting on autonomous networking, as well as touching on new standards like WPA3 and 802.11ax.

What I’d Like to See at MFD3

Drew Lentz may not be at Mobility Field Day next month, but that hasn’t tempered his enthusiasm. He’ll be watching the live stream and following #MFD3 on Twitter. In this post, he looks at the presenting companies and watch he wants to see from each.

Becoming a Wi-Fi Superhero with Cape Networks

Tom Hollingsworth discusses Cape Networks, a presenting sponsor for Mobility Field Day in 2017, and their recent acquisition by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Cape Networks manufactures and provides web-based services for client connection monitoring and in user experience giving you the ability to look at your network not from just the top down infrastructure view, but from the bottom up client perspective as well. Tom sees this acquisition as a step in the right direction for Aruba, and looks forward to what they have to offer in the future.

CTS 116: Aruba Atmosphere 2018

The Clear to Send podcast posted an episode looking at what they saw at Aruba Atmosphere this year. They highlight the sessions attended, the Tech Field Day panel discussions, and the Cape Networks acquisition news.

To Vegas And Back with Keith R Parsons

Keith Parson and the WiFi of Everything crew were recently in Vegas for Aruba Atmosphere. In this panel, they discuss what they saw at the show, and the experience of Mobility Field Day Extra.

My thoughts on Aruba’s Atmosphere 2018

Robert Boardman shares his thoughts from Aruba Atmosphere 2018 in this post. He enjoyed seeing more of NetInsight, the analytics platform that came out of Aruba’s acquisition of Rasa Networks. He also enjoyed the roundtable discussions coming out of Mobility Field Day Extra held at the event.

Wireless Thoughts From Aruba Atmosphere

Tom Hollingsworth recently got back from Tech Field Day Extra at Aruba Atmosphere. In this post, he shares some initial thoughts from the event, including how the Rasa Networks assets showing up in Aruba NetInsights, interesting security applications, and awesome demos.

Cape Networks Acquired by HPE

Rich Stroffolino breaks down the implications of HPE acquiring Cape Networks. Make sure to watch their recent Mobility Field Day presentation to get a handle on the tech HPE is acquiring. Adding some robust client-side sensors to their portfolio makes for an interesting addition to Aruba.

Back In The Saddle Of A Horse Of A Different Color

Do CCIE’s dream of CLI’s? For Tom Hollingsworth, he sees less value in keyboard based inputs of individual network devices, and now focuses on a more architectural level. He uses Aruba’s 8400 ArubaOS-CX as an example of a hard shift away from CLI, it’s still available under the covers, but the switch has been seemingly designed to require minimal keyboard input, while allowing for mass configuration and automation.