Bleeding the Dragon With WPA3 and Aruba – Gestalt IT

Get an update on the latest vulnerabilities in WPA3 and how one of the creators of the protocol is addressing them in this review by Tom Hollingsworth. He got to hear about Aruba’s latest at Mobility Field Day over the summer.

No FOMO Here: Watch Highlights From #MFD4

It was great to have Aruba presenting at Mobility Field Day this summer. They brought their usual wireless A game to the event with fascinating presentations and thoughtful demos. Be sure to check out the full video from their presentation to get caught up!

The Contention Window: S1E13 : MFD4 Hodgepodge & Wrapup

Scott Lester and Jake Synder were both at Mobility Field Day over the summer. The event provided a wealth of information on the latest in wireless and mobility. Be sure to check out both of them on this episode of The Contention Window, where discuss what they saw at the event.

Wi-Fi Is Dead? Continued

Scott Lester was clearly inspired by Aruba’s presentation at Mobility Field Day. In his second post questioning the narrative of the death of Wi-Fi, he digs into Aruba’s experience with Passpoint, an easy way to onboard devices to wireless networks.

Mobility Field Day 4

Mobility Field Day is all about getting the latest and greatest in wireless, and that’s exactly what Aruba brought at our latest event. Their presentation covered a lot of ground looking at the state of Wi-Fi 6, the latest 6GHz updates, along with the latest in security and IOT. Luckily they were still able to give the technical deep dive the event is known for. Be sure to check out the full video of their presentation for all the details.

Wi-Fi Is Dead?

Wi-Fi is dead, and 5G will eat everything… or will it? Scott Lester takes on this industry narrative by looking at what Aruba presented at Mobility Field Day earlier this month. They showed where indoor cellular solutions fall short, and how they are innovating with Wi-Fi to keep it relevant in the enterprise long term.

CTS 182: Mobility Field Day 4 – An Overview

Francois Verges was one of several new faces that attended Mobility Field Day earlier this week. He recently spoke to Rowell Dionicio on an episode of the Clear to Send podcast. Francois recapped the Mobility Field Day Experience and what he thought of the presentations. Be sure to listen as a preview before diving into the full presentation video.

Meet the #MFD4 Delegates: Haydn Andrews

In between designing networks for the Australian Army, the Northern Territory government, universities and retailers, Haydn Andrews made time to come out as a delegate for Mobility Field Day. This interview with Aruba digs into his background, how the industry can encourage more people to get into STEM, and how the advent of 5G will impact mobility.

Meet the #MFD4 Delegates: Tim Dennehy

Tim Dennehy is heading out to Mobility Field Day this week, his first event around the delegate table. In this interview with Aruba, he discusses why he loves wireless, how to encourage people to get into STEM, and how he ended up being selected as a Field Day delegate.

Meet the #MFD4 Delegates: Dave Benham

Aruba published an interview with first time Mobility Field Day delegate Dave Benham. They discuss how he went from a ham radio operator at age eight to being to working in IT, what role 5G will have as a possible Wi-Fi replacement, and where AI fits into the greater IT picture.

Meet the #MFD4 Delegates: Jennifer Minella

Jennifer Minella is one of the new faces around the delegate table for Mobility Field Day. Aruba decided to interview her to get a little background before they present to her this week. Be sure to check it out for some of her IT background.

Clear Your Calendar..MFD4 Is Almost Here!

Scott Lester is excited to return to Mobility Field Day next week. He’s particularly glad to see Metageek returning as a presenter for the event. They’ve been away for several years, so there are sure to be lots of interesting updates. In this post, Scott runs down the other presenters at the event, from Aruba Networks, to Fortinet, and Juniper Networks’ Mist. And of course the tantilizing promise of a Field Day classic “Secret Company”. Be sure to follow along on the live stream to see who will be presenting!

Hear. Engage. Relate.

In this post, Zoë Rose shares her experience giving the keynote address for Aruba’s H.E.R., which stands for Hear, Engage, Relate. She related her experience in discovering security. For her, the name of the conference set the tone for success much more than the typical Women in Tech or Diversity conventions. Her keynote was excellent, so please be sure to checkout the video.

OpenConfig and Wi-Fi – the Winning Combo

Tom Hollingsworth moderated a panel during Mobility Field Day Exclusive at Aruba Atmosphere 2019, where the delegates talked about OpenConfig. Tom had some thoughts on the topic that he didn’t get to share during the event, so this blog post goes into a little more detail. For Tom, OpenConfig’s use of common YANG data models is a huge win for organizations and wireless professionals. Be sure to check out the full post to understand why.

Gestalt IT Live Blog – Aruba HER Keynote Address

Mobility Field Day Exclusive delegate Zoë Rose presented the keynote at the excellent Aruba HER at Atmosphere 2019. Our own Tom Hollingsworth and Kori Younger live blogged the entire event, be sure to check it out for a truly thoughtful and personal journey. She discusses surviving abuse, how professional and personal progress can differ, and more.

Fast Friday – Aruba Atmosphere 2019

Tom Hollingsworth is definitely excited for Aruba Atmosphere 2019. First, there will be a great Mobility Field Day Exclusive at the event. But he’s also interested to hear about how Aruba is innovating around IoT networking, discussions with the OpenConfig community, and seeing Security Field Day delegate Zoë Rose keynote the Aruba HER session.

Meet the #ATM19 Influencers: Richard McIntosh

This post features Aruba’s Jamie Easley interviewing Richard McIntosh about attending Atmosphere 2019. They talk about the unique community at the event, the pros and cons of coming to Vegas, and what he’s expecting to emerge in networking this year. We’re excited to have Richard as a delegate for Mobility Field Day Exclusive at Aruba Atmosphere 2019.

Have You Heard About HER?

Claire Chaplais is an organizer for Mobility Field Day Exclusive at Aruba Atmosphere 2019. She doesn’t usually write about the experience, but had to share her excitement about the session “Experience the Power of Her”, featuring Zoë Rose. Zoë is a recent Security Field Day delegate and Claire is interested to hear her speak to the audience at the event.

Meet the #ATM19 Influencers: Keith Parsons

Keith Parsons is definitely no stranger to the wireless community, so it’s not surprising to see him profiled by Aruba for their Meet the Influencers interview series. He talks about the best tech he’s ever bought, what he thinks the big thing in wireless will be in 2019, and career highlights. Be sure to catch Keith as a delegate on our live stream for Mobility Field Day Exclusive at Aruba Atmosphere 2019.

Meet the #ATM19 Influencers: Scott Lester

We’re thrilled to have Scott Lester coming to Mobility Field Day Exclusive at Aruba Atmosphere 2019 next week. Aruba must be pretty excited too, because they interviewed Scott for their “Meet the #ATM19 Influencers” series. They talk about how he got into tech, what motivates him, the best parts about coming to events in Vegas, and the weirdest things that happened on a client site.