E62 – Aruba Did What?

The No Strings Attached Show takes a look at the experience from Aruba Atmosphere 2017 in Nashville. They talk about some of the live demos they saw, including a live update of a controller during the keynote. Give it a listen and hear more from Blake Krone and Sam Clements!

The Rise of the Machine Learning Solutions

Shaun Neal published a piece with his thoughts on what he saw from Aruba Atmosphere 2017. He focuses in on their Niara solution which solves some of the issues that arise when managing network access via policy. He lays out three uses cases for it, how the solution works for stolen identities, malware, and software bugs. He thinks that with Niara, Aruba puts themselves near the forefront of adding in machine learning to enterprise management.

Building Reliability

Tom Hollingsworth looks at the issue of network reliability. At Aruba Atmosphere, he saw some impressive reliability features, including a live non-disruptive controller upgrade during one of the presentations. Tom found it impressive, but thinks a lot of the focus on reliability, is perhaps not seeing the forest for the trees. For Tom, maybe the idea of creating incredibly robust networks that absolve users from error, Tom calls for more limitations and responsibility for people working on and using them. A little knowledge goes a long way to absolving an organization from the expense of designing an implementing the “foolproof” network.