A Matter of Perspective

Tom Hollingsworth considers the importance of perspective, and how the delegates around a table can shape a Tech Field Day presentation. This first came to mind seeing Aviatrix present their Cloud Routing solutions, first at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US, then at Cloud Field Day. For the networking focused audience at the first event, Aviatrix was interesting, but seemed to largely align how they expected networking to work when moved from the data center to the cloud. For the Cloud Field Day delegates, the networking Aviatrix showed was met with acclaim. Tom further saw this in action from Arista Networks, who presented at Mobility Field Day for the first time, discussing how they were integrating the recently acquired Mojo Networks.

EP14:- A chat bout #CFD4, news and what to look forward to

On the OpenTechCast, Ather Beg talks about his experience at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. He looks at his experience signing up as a delegate, and reviews the companies he heard from. He highlights what stood out with LightStep, Cohesity, Aviatrix, and others. He also details a delegate trip to SETI Institute and some of the other activities not on our typical live stream.

Aviatrix – Cloud Networking Made Easy

Ather Beg was impressed by what he saw from Aviatrix at Cloud Field Day this month. They showed how their cloud networking approach can greatly simplify hybrid architectures, while keeping everything secure and scalable. Ather sees their solution as vital for organizations where cloud teams don’t have networking expertise, but have traditional networking needs when moving across clouds.

Aviatrix Simplifies Public Cloud Networking

In this piece, Keith Ward looks at how Aviatrix’s software-defined cloud routing is helping to make public cloud networking manageable and simple. After hearing from them at Cloud Field Day this month, Keith thinks their approach should find a ready home in enterprises with cloud-scale routing needs.

Aviatrix, the Cloud Networking solution designed around real-life use cases

Pietro Piutti was introduced to Aviatrix before Cloud Field Day this month, but he really got a deep dive into the company at an event. In this post, he looks at how the company makes Cloud Networking fast, easy and manageable. He then reviews some use cases for their solutions, and even looks at their possible solution for IPSec encryption bandwidth limitations.

Aviatrix Systems – Simplicity for Cloud Networking

Liselotte Foverskov was excited to hear from Aviatrix at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. They are an early leader in the emerging cloud router market, which Liselotte thinks is vital for organization trying to implement a multi-cloud infrastructure while keeping complexity manageable. Their cloud routers also do more than just simplify connectivity. They also include integrations for visibility and analytics tools like Splunk, SumoLogic, Syslog, ELK and Datadog.

Cloud Field Day 4 – Thoughts from a first time delegate

Liselotte Foverskov highlights some of her favorite moments from her first Cloud Field Day earlier this month. She enjoyed visiting Docker and the SETI Institute, meeting other women in tech, and hearing from some very interesting presenting sponsors. Liselotte also encourages everyone to take the opportunity and apply to be a part of Field Day at some point.

Cloud Field Day 4 (#CFD4) : A Heads-Up

Ather Beg gives an excellent rundown of each presenting sponsor for this week’s Cloud Field Day, explaining what each company does and why you should be interested. As a first-time delegate, he is excited to join the Tech Field Day community and looks forward to a great event.

Aviatrix – When SD-WAN Becomes SD-Cloud – The Routing Table

Kevin Blackburn discusses the transition from SD-WAN to SD-Cloud made and presented by Aviatrix Systems at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2018. No longer requiring the hardware necessitated by SD-WAN, Aviatrix has created what they call virtual gateways that make the move to the cloud easy. With a simple dashboard, Kevin claims Aviatrix’s SD-Cloud is just as intuitive to use as SD-WAN.