Bringing It All Together – Aruba Networks; Wifi 6 and #ATMDigital 2020

Mitch Dickey, one of our Tech Field Day delegates, writes in his latest post to summarize the many cool things he has seen so far this year from Aruba Networks. It’s always great to have Mitch on board for our events, and we appreciate the work he put in as a delegate at the Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere Digital this past June. If you missed out on the excellent content that Aruba has presented this year, be sure to check out their videos on our website!

AirCheck G2 v3.0; Building on a Wifi Testing Stalwart

Mitch Dickey digs into the upcoming v3.0 firmware for NETSCOUT’s AirCheck G2, which he initially got a look at during Mobility Field Day this summer. This firmware adds a lot of new features, including support for over-the-air updates, device profile sharing via Link-Live, and improved packet capture.

Nyansa; A Clearer Picture From a Data Gathering Powerhouse at #MFD3

Nyansa made a return to Field Day presentations last month, presenting at Mobility Field Day. Mitch Dickey looks at how Nyansa’s Voyance analytics platform is able to ingest massive amounts of data, creating a full client picture of wireless performance and experience. Mitch seemed particularly interested in how Voyance can help bring visibility and sense to the increasing volume of IoT devices on networks.

From the Edge to the Air, Fortinet’s Full Stack End to End Solution

Mitch Dickey might be hesitant to admit it, but he can’t deny that Fortinet isn’t just a security or wireless company (thanks to their Meru acquisition). Instead, this posts outlines how the company is a true end to end solution, from their FortiGate, through switching, and into wireless.

Moms Love Mist

Mist Systems returned to Mobility Field Day earlier this month, and definitely impressed Mitch Dickey. But what really stood out to him was how relatable what they were presenting was to a non-tech audience. Mitch thinks this will be a major boon as they approach customers.

Nyansa; A Clearer Picture From a Data Gathering Powerhouse

Mitch Dickey looks at what Nyansa presented at Mobility Field Day earlier this month. The company provides an analytics platform that “delivers a crazy amount of data and insight into your network.” Mitch looks into how the company presents and makes sense of all the data they collect, how they approach putting agents on client devices, and how they handle IoT devices. Overall, Mitch thinks they can be a player in the analytics market, provided the company molds how they present the data collected to their clients, and not overwhelm them with noise.

NETSCOUT LinkRunner G2; Part 2, Hittin The Switches

In his continuing look at NETSCOUT’s LinkRunner G2, Mitch Dickey runs down some of the device’s native monitoring capabilities, specifically the AUTOTEST function. This provides a detailed overview that quickly gets essential network connection information to the network engineer.

NETSCOUT LinkRunner G2; Part 1, Nuts and Bolts

Mitch Dickey is no stranger to NETSCOUT, having seen them at Mobility Field Day earlier this year. In this post, he digs into their latest network analysis tool, the LinkRunner G2. A stablemate to the AirCheck G2, the Linkrunner features a full Android OS to provide a variety of hardware and software analysis tools for modern networks.

NETSCOUT AirCheck G2 v2.0

Mitch Dickey digs into the AirCheck G2 v2.0 update. This new firmware adds iPerf, captive portal support/testing, interferer identification, and packet captures to the already useful wireless tool. Make sure to check out their announcement of all new features in their video from Mobility Field Day!

NETSCOUT – Nuthin’ But a G(2) Thang

At Mobility Field Day last month, Mitch Dickey heard a presentation from NETSCOUT. He was already familiar with the company’s AirCheck Wi-Fi tool, but appreciated the update from Product Manager Chris Hinsz. For Mitch, the AirCheck G2 is a “staple in the WLAN professional’s bag of tools”.

Through the Mist; Predictable, Reliable, and Measurable Wifi from Mist Systems

When hear about a company for the first time, it can sometimes be frustrating to deal with the morass of buzzwords thrown about. More often then not, these are the noise that must be dealt with before the actual company message can be understood. Recently, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been conspicuous culprits. But the reason these terms are so conspicuous is because if they are properly utilized, they can revolutionize a product category. According to Mitch Dickey, Mist Systems is actually applying the technologies to improve Wi-Fi and location services. They’re doing this with intelligent packet capture, which automatically starts when their services detect a problem. Mitch thinks this proactive approach is game changing for mobility.

Mobility Field Day 2

Mitch Dickey gives a preview of each presenting company at Mobility Field Day. He mentions Mist System’s easy to set up, intuitive AP, Nyansa’s network monitoring approach, Netscout’s G2 AirCheck, and more. He is also looking forward to hearing more about Cape Networks, a company he is not too familiar with going in to the event. Mitch knows this will be a great event and plans on blogging about the week’s highlights.

Mitch Dickey

Mitch is a Senior Network Engineer for a large K12 in northern VA who is interested in all things RF.