Banyan and Zero Trust in a Post VPN World

At Security Field Day, Nate Avery heard from Banyan. They offer a VPN alternative built on the idea of bringing the least privilege access model to remote access. Instead of setting a list of patch requirements like older secure remote access solutions, Banyan uses reputation scores to determine worthiness of access, can work with mobile devices, and can continuously check the posture of a device. Nate think the security and efficiency implications of this might make it the approach to use in the future.

Rooted in Security With Banyan

Any security solution you deploy today needs strong roots. But what if you need it to be distributed? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at what Bayan Security presented at Security Field Day and discusses how they can build a strong root of zero trust just like their namesake tree does.

Shivering With Microsegmen……..tation

One of the things that struck Tricia Howard about Security Field Day was the preponderance of companies with solutions using microsegmentation. This isn’t a new solution in networking, but it is pretty new for security. The emphasis with these approaches was isolation as quickly as possible, quarantining endpoints to prevent further spread. These concepts were wrapped with an emphasis on speed and ease of deployment, otherwise they don’t get used. For Tricia, the next step is to get these solutions into your deployments to test them out.

Vexata Execs Depart for Greener Shores

This piece covers management shakeups at the high performance storage startup Vexata. Former CMO Ashish Gupta left the company and took up a role at the security company Banyan, a presenter at Security Field Day last month. In fact, during their presentation, he revealed he had been at the company for just three days. Be sure to check out their full presentation video to see what Ashish is taking on in this new venture.