Solidigm QLC SSD’s Proven Reliability, Performance and Density Perfect for Challenging Edge Computing Environments

Ben Young explores Solidigm’s QLC SSDs, praising their performance, reliability, and density as ideal for challenging edge computing environments. Amid an AI and IoT revolution that has data generation ballooning, he notes Solidigm’s industry-leading range of devices and impressive performance stats as a potent solution. Young emphasizes the particular value these drives offer in edge environments with heavy storage requirements, but also advocates their applicability for any data-intensive application, whether at the edge or in the data center.

Navigating Data Security at the Edge

Security is one of the most debated areas in edge computing. In this delegate roundtable recorded at the recent Edge Field Day event, the panel uncovers the risks and security limitations of edge sites. Watch the roundtable or read the article at Gestalt IT that talks about navigating these risks.

Mako Networks – a World-Class PCI-Certified Network-As-A-Service Ecosystem

Mako Networks presented its own hardware and software as a service for retail edge at the recent Edge Field Day event, and this sponsored article by Ben Young dives deep into this concept. The company has made strides in the distributed retail enterprise business in North America and Europe, thanks to its all-in-one ecosystem. Mako technology is PCI-certified, making it a no-brainer choice for organizations that require ready compliance at the network layer, centralized management, and bulk configuration functionality.

Time to Recalibrate Your Views on Edge Computing

After attending Edge Field Day 1, Ben Young shares his reflections on edge computing and how his views may have changed after speaking with a range of vendors at the event. While his views going into the event were largely confirmed, he also gained new insights, including the concept that edges can be smaller than previously thought, with companies such as Scale Computing providing hyperconverged infrastructure on an Intel NUC. Furthermore, centralised orchestration is critical for scaling, efficiency, and agility, as is enhanced security and compliance in a challenging, often unstable edge environment.

Unraveling the Key Themes of Edge Computing – a Roundtable Discussion

In this article Sulagna Saha summarizes the thoughts and impressions of delegates on the key themes that dominated the presentations at the recent Edge Field Day event. Check out her article at Gestalt IT, or watch the roundtable discussion here at

Deploying Applications Across Edge Locations With Mako Networks and Avassa

In this Roundtable discussion with Mako Networks and Avassa, we hear from co-founders from both companies about deploying applications at scale at the edge. Watch how the conversation unfolded between Stephen Foskett, Simon Gamble, Carl Moberg, Ben Young, and Alastair Cooke on Gestalt IT’s Youtube channel.

What Is Edge Computing, Thoughts Before the First Edge Field Day

Ben Young is looking forward to being a delegate at the first Edge Field Day this week! He gives a great definition of edge computing, how IaC plays a role, and which industries can benefit from this technology in this article. Read his thoughts on his website.

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