A Fully-Managed Private 5G Network as a Service With Betacom

At the most recent Mobility Field Day event, Betacom presented 5GaaS, a private 5G network with built-in security aimed at helping companies mitigate cyber attacks. Sulagna Saha goes into detail on how Betacom is creating a safe spaces for businesses by isolating business network from the public internet. Check out more of her thoughts on the Gestalt IT website and be sure to check out all of our videos from the most recent Mobility Field Day!

You Need to Check Out Mobility Field Day 7

In his latest YouTube video, Rowell Dionicio, a Field Day delegate, gives us a brief over cap of the most recent Mobility Field Day. Check it out here!

Betacom at Mobility Field Day 7

Dr. Avril Salter attended the most recent Mobility Field Day as a delegate and leaves us some thoughts, on LinkedIn, about Betacom’s presentation. Check it out!

On the Go With Mobility Field Day 7!

Back with Tom Hollingsworth at this July’s Mobility Field Day. We had a packed schedule with Juniper Networks, Ruckus, Betacom, Fortinet, Cisco. 7SIGNAL, Celona, and NetAlly! Take a look here at what to expect in each presentation or visit GestaltIT.com for more from Tom.

Disclosure: #XFD6 Edition

Justin Warren leaves us with his Security Field Day discloser post and includes the sponsor swag he received from last October. Check out what he received from all the presenting companies that participated with swag!

Securing 5G and IoT With Betacom

Did you hear the big announcement from AWS re:Invent 2021? I’m sure you are all as excited as Tom Hollingsworth is for Amazon Private 5G services. Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom discusses how Betacom, a presenting company at this past Security Field Day, can help support and solve the newly enabled 5G systems from Amazon in the near future. Check out Tom’s thoughts here!

5G Security With Betacom

Wanting to learn more on industrial implementations of 5G and how security works with them? Justin Warren attended October’s Security Field Day, as a delegate, and discusses Betacom’s presentation on those two topics. Take a look at his thoughts here!

Focusing on a Secure Future at Security Field Day 6

Did you miss the live Security Field Day event this October? Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth lays out what to expect from the presenting companies. Each day was jam packed with topics like DNS security, NetSecOps, 5G space, SASE and so much more. It’s something you sure don’t want to miss out on! Read here for more!