Google’s Cloud Hyperdisk to Bring SAN Features to GCP

Chris Mellor discusses Google Cloud’s introduction of a SAN-like Cloud Hyperdisk to its Cloud Platform. Hyperdisk was previewed in September by Google Cloud, and is a next generation persistent disk type for use with Google Compute Engine (GCE) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). You can read his thoughts on the website, Blocks and Files, and be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website to watch Google Cloud’s presentation from the latest Cloud Field Day event.

Solidigm Roadmap Promises 61TB SSD

Check out this article featuring Solidigm’s presentation from the latest Storage Field Day event. Solidigm’s new SSD roadmap boasts 61TB complete with two drives, Essential Endurance and Value Endurance. You can watch all of the videos from Storage Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Intel Has Optane Chip Hoard With No Plans to Develop Tech

Chris Mellor tuned into this past Tech Field Day for Intel’s presentation. We always appreciate the updates about Intel from Chris’ view. Check out his thoughts here!

Blocks and Files

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Intel’s Not Updating XPoint Media for Gen 3 Optane Products

It’s exciting when Tech Field Day is mentioned by Chris Mellor! It was great to get more clarification on the future of Optane from Chris in his latest post. Take a look at his thoughts here!

Intel: Third-Gen Optane to Be Announced in the Coming Weeks

Intel has announced their upcoming third generation Optane products at this past Storage Field Day! Chris Mellor took a special interest in Intel’s announcement and is looking forward to seeing what else they are working on. Check out his thoughts here!

Fire Hoser Vcinity Creates Global LAN From WAN Using RDMA Over IP

The venerated Chris Mellor of Blocks and Files details his opinions on the products and capabilities of Vcinity in this piece. Building off of their recent Tech Field Day appearance, Mellor describes their VDAP solution and how it affects modern IT practitioners. Read the piece for the entire picture.

Your Occasional Storage Digest With Toshiba Drives, Excelero and More

How does Pensando fit into the NetApp portfolio? Apart from collaboration on modern datacenter innovations, NetApp’s A400 all-flash array is now shipped with two Pensando storage processing cards – as revealed at Storage Field Day 20. Storage expert Chris Mellor, founder of Blocks & Files looks at what’s going on in storage.

Intel Regains IO500 HPC Bragging Rights From WekaIO

Chris Mellor saw Intel’s presentations at Storage Field Day and was intrigued by their use of their open source file system DAOS. In Blocks and Files, Chris writes about Intel taking the first and third place slots in the IO500 benchmarks, in part because of their DAOS system. Be sure to check out Chris’s post and Intel’s presentations at Storage Field Day on our website!

Come to MAMR! Western Digital Unfurls HDD Tech Roadmap

Western Digital is an iconic name in the storage industry, having a long history creating the disks behind the arrays that power the enterprise. At Storage Field Day, they went into detail about their hard drive road map for the future. This includes a near term move to energy-assisted perpendicular magnetic recording, which should allow for increasing density and reliability on drives. The delegates got a look at the 18TB HC550 drive, which will use the new recording tech and arrive on the market later in 2020. Western Digital also laid out their eventual transition plans to MAMR, as well as plans to bring triple stage micro actuators to the market soon. Chris Mellor broke down all the details and implications in this post.

Vexata Execs Depart for Greener Shores

This piece covers management shakeups at the high performance storage startup Vexata. Former CMO Ashish Gupta left the company and took up a role at the security company Banyan, a presenter at Security Field Day last month. In fact, during their presentation, he revealed he had been at the company for just three days. Be sure to check out their full presentation video to see what Ashish is taking on in this new venture.

WD Keeps Fast Flash Optane Substitute in the Wings

Chris Mellor was not a delegate at Storage Field Day last month, but he covered Western Digital​ for Blocks and Files. The company presented on their new low-latency flash, offering microsecond access times pitched squarely between current 3D NAND and DRAM, with a price to match. For Chris, this puts in squarely in competition with Intel’s Optane SCM.