BlueCat Is DNS for People Who Hate DNS, Which Should Be You

Delegate Justin Warren saw BlueCat present at Tech Field Day in April and writes on his blog that he was impressed with their product functionality and ease of use. Specifically, Justin points to a whiteboard session and a demo from BlueCat’s Tech Field Day appearance while writing on his website. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to head over to to check out Justin’s thoughts on BlueCat!

BlueCat Moves DDI to the Cloud

Bluecat is completely changing the DDI game by shifting it entirely to the cloud, as they presented during April’s Tech Field Day event. This piece dives into just what exactly that means for the industry as a whole, and how their cloud DDI solution solves four key issues the cloud presents in the realm of DDI. Learn more by reading the post, or watching BlueCat’s presentation for yourself.

DDI Scenarios That Can Hurt Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

BlueCat’s Andrew Wertkin presented at Tech Field Day in April. During the presentation, Andrew whiteboarded three scenarios to show how DDI challenges affect your hybrid cloud strategy. These scenarios were setting up a VPC, the use of a single DNS zone across multiple namespaces, and hybrid cloud DNS routing setups. Head over to to explore these instances and catch the full presentation video!

Tech Field Day 23 Recap

First-time delegate alert! We were excited to have David Klee at his first event at Tech Field Day last month! On his blog,, he writes about his first event and focuses in on four presenters: Hazelcast, Vcinity, BlueCat Networks, and Pure Storage. Head over to his blog to hear his thoughts on his first event, and here’s to many more!

Presenters React to the Tech Field Day Experience

Tech Field Day last month was a success and presenters were thrilled with the experience. Check out this video and post to see what the presenters thought of the interactive format, delegate interaction, and more!

12 Must-Join Communities for IT and Tech Professionals

At Tech Field Day, we pride ourselves on being a supportive community of IT and tech professionals from around the world. A big thank you to BlueCat Networks for the shout out in their article on “must join” communities in the tech world! We certainly think we’re alright, we’re just glad to hear someone else does too! Be sure to check out the full article on the BlueCat Networks blog.

Tech Field Day 20: Everyone We’re Psyched to See

BlueCat Networks made their Field Day debut at Networking Field Day a year ago. Now the company is getting set to present at the 10th anniversary Tech Field Day event. In this post, they give the delegates at the event the spotlight, and why they are so excited to talk to them at the event.

Network Neighborhood: Corporate Communications and the IT Community With Dana Iskoldski

In this episode of Network Neighborhood, Ethan Banks talks with Dana Iskoldski, Corporate Communications Manager at BlueCat Networks. Ethan heard extensively from BlueCat at Networking Field Day last year. This time they dive deep into the role of corporate communications in tech.

BiB 067: Custom APIs For Business Logic With BlueCat Gateway

Ethan Banks posted a new episodes of the Briefings in Brief podcast highlighting BlueCat Networks, which he saw at Networking Field Day last month. This episode highlight BlueCat Gateway, a way for businesses to make custom APIs specific to their business for BlueCat’s DDI platform. This lives as an easy to deploy Docker image, with a community-driven GitHub repository to share successful workflows. For Ethan, this kind of community engagement is critical for success of an API-driven solution.

DNS: More Than Just Name Resolution

Kevin Blackburn was a delegate at Networking Field Day last month, and clearly was intrigued by what he heard from BlueCat Networks. During their presentation, the company showed how DNS can be more than simple name resolution. This involves using it for threat protection and utilizing as a store of a single source of networking truth. For Kevin, this was some next-level DNS.

When Is It Not Always DNS?

During their recent Networking Field Day presentation, BlueCat Networks posited that DNS is unreliable because it was never designed to actually be reliable. Tom Hollingsworth looks at the security implications of this, and the merits of BlueCat’s unified DNS, DHCP and IPAM platform.

BlueCat: DNS, DDI + Visibility and Workflow Automation

In this post, Pete Welcher continues his excellent look at the presenters from Networking Field Day earlier this month. Looking at BlueCat Networks, he thought they made an interesting case for their managed DNS and IPAM address management solution. Though DNS and DDI can be seen as somewhat commodified, BlueCat argued that DNS provides network visibility, while DDI can serve as a single source of truth. Both are seen as vital for business workflow automation.

DNS Is A Chump!

Al Rasheed was one of the delegates at our Networking Field Day event last week, and got to hear from BlueCat Networks. The company provides enterprise DNS solutions to provide visibility, an automation framework, and agility without compromising on security.

Disrupting DDI @ Networking Field Day (In Tweets)

BlueCat Networks shared a blog post detailing their team’s experience as a first time Tech Field Day presenter. The company broke down how they are innovating on the traditional query and answer nature of DNS. The delegates were impressed how BlueCat offers DNS, DHCP, IPAM services combined into a single source of truth. They then showed how this can have major implications for network automation.

Anticipating Network Field Day 19 (NFD19)

The inimitable Pete Welcher returns as a Networking Field Day delegate next month. In this post, he previews the presenting companies. The roster is stacked for the event, including networking stalwarts like Cisco and Riverbed, emerging startups like Barefoot Network, Apstra, and Illumio, and those that Pete wants to see more from like Silver Peak, Kentik, and Bluecat Networks. You can catch all their presentation on our live stream during the event.