Unlocking Developer Efficiency With Self-Service Dev Portals and RackN

In this article for Gestalt IT, Adam Fisher concludes his series focused on RackN, IT Ops, and infrastructure provisioning and management. With RackN’s Digital Rebar platform, IT Ops can bring infrastructure operations back under their control, freeing developers from infrastructure concerns and enabling them to focus on applications. Integrating Digital Rebar with self-service developer portals allows for consistent and compliant infrastructure provisioning, enhancing developer efficiency and loyalty, while ensuring security, cost control, and alignment with organizational standards. The collaboration between IT Ops and developers facilitated by RackN ultimately drives innovation and improves business competitiveness.

Infrastructure Pipelines Become Reality With RackN Digital Rebar

In this Cloud Field Day Tech Note for RackN, Adam Fisher explores how Digital Rebar empowers IT Ops with consistency, efficiency, and flexibility in managing modern data centers. Infrastructure pipelines, enabled by RackN’s Digital Rebar, streamline infrastructure provisioning and management, allowing for faster time to value and improved collaboration between teams. With multi-site management and IaC catalogs, IT Ops can achieve operational control and standardization across their organization’s infrastructure deployments. Learn more about RackN’s solutions and watch their presentations from Cloud Field Day!

RackN Brings Bare Metal Into the Cloud Age

Adam Fisher, in this Day Tech Note presented by RackN, discusses how RackN’s Digital Rebar has changed the infrastructure mindset by bringing modern cloud automation to traditional infrastructure. As cloud adoption increases, IT practitioners need to adapt their skillsets beyond traditional silos and embrace the agility and scalability of the public cloud in enterprise infrastructure. Digital Rebar enables centralized, end-to-end infrastructure-as-code workflows for bare metal provisioning, allowing infrastructure teams to manage, update, and scale bare metal systems with ease. Read more at Gestalt IT!

RackN Bridges the Gap Between People and Platforms

Adam Fisher discusses the power of Digital Rebar from RackN in this Tech Note, the first of a series sponsored by RackN. With technology evolving rapidly, the need for automation in deploying applications at scale has become crucial. RackN’s Digital Rebar serves as a reliable automation platform that empowers IT Ops to effectively manage infrastructure in the modern era, bridging the gap between people and platforms.

Networking Takes Center Stage at Cloud Field Day 16

Adam Fisher gives his thoughts on the products demonstrated by Forward Networks, Fortinet, and Solo.io during their presentations at Cloud Field Day in January. Read his thoughts on the Virtual Bonzo website.

CFD13 Day Three Recap – StormForge, RackN and Fortinet

Looking for a recap from Day 1 of February’s Cloud Field Day? Check out Adam Fisher’s post about the presentations from StormForge, RackN, and Fortinet!

CFD13 Day Two Recap – VMware and Metallic

Adam Fisher attended this past Cloud Field Day in San Jose, CA as a delegate. In this post, he discusses VMware’s multi-cloud capabilities and Metallic’s cloud data protection. Check out Adam’s thoughts here!

CFD13 Day One Recap – NetApp, Pure Storage and Kasten by Veeam

Are you looking for a recap on the first day of presentations from this past Cloud Field Day? Adam Fisher attended as a delegate and gives us a great outline on the new solutions from NetApp, Pure Storage, and Kasten by Veeam. Check out Adam’s thoughts on what these companies have been up to!

Tune in Next Week for Cloud Field Day!

Adam Fisher will be joining us, as a delegate, in San Jose, California for the upcoming Cloud Field Day! Take a look at who will be presenting and how you can become a delegate for Tech Field Day!

Whose Cloud Is It Anyway? Recap From Cloud Field Day 10

Adam Fisher recounts his experiences as a Cloud Field Day delegate in this wrap-up post from his blog, Virtual Bonzo. In it, he details his takeaways from the presentations of this spring’s Cloud Field Day. Read on to see what all Fisher has to say, and be sure to watch all of the Cloud Field Day presentations for more info.

Cloud Field Day 11 Is Coming Up!

Cloud Field Day is back! Delegate Adam Fisher details what he’ll be seeing at this week’s event, as well as a reminder to follow along with #CFD11 for all the updates. Tune in this Wednesday through Friday to catch the great content from Cloud Field Day. Thanks for joining us, Adam!

Join Me for Cloud Field Day 10: March 10 – 12

Cloud Field Day is this week and Adam Fisher will be joining us as a delegate! Be sure to tune in on March 10-12, 2021, to see Adam and his fellow delegates as they interact with the presenting companies. You can also follow and join in on the conversation via Twitter using #CFD10 during the event. For more details, visit the Tech Field Day website!

Why You Need Veeam to Backup Your Cloud Data

Adam Fisher analyzed Veeam and its offerings after seeing the company’s presentation at Tech Field Day in December. Adam mentions that both Veeam Backup for AWS and Azure are moving beyond the basics and are expanding their feature set. Regarding Veeam’s position, Adam believes that “Veeam appears to be on a path towards staking its claim as a leader in data protection across all the clouds.” For more of Adam’s thoughts, visit virtualbonzo.com!

Has the Cloud Era Arrived? Thoughts From Cloud Field Day 8

With changing times come changing priorities in the tech world. After attending his first Cloud Field Day, delegate Adam Fisher observes that cloud consumption, which was already increasing year-to-year, has exploded in 2020 in the work from home environment. He writes that the Cloud Era has arrived, and recaps some takeaways from his favorite presenters at Cloud Field Day including Veeam, Zerto, Aruba, Diamanti, Infrascale and Morpheus Data. Be sure to check out Adam’s take on the Cloud Era on his latest post!

It’s Cloud Field Day Week!

Adam Fisher returned to Field Day events as a delegate at Cloud Field Day. This was Adam’s third full event and his first virtual one with us, we can’t wait to hear what he thinks about the experience. At the event, he got to hear from Aruba, Diamanti, Infrascale, Morpheus Data, Veeam, and Zerto, so there was a lot to take in. We can’t wait to hear more about what he thought about each presentation.

NGINX: Deliver All the Things…

Adam Fisher is working on a blog series focused on modern application delivery, with NGINX offering a lot of solutions in that area. As a delegate at Cloud Field Day, he got to hear from the company directly, providing vital background for the series. Be sure to check out their video coverage to get up to speed for the rest of Adam’s blog posts on it.

Data Protection as a Service With Druva

Adam Fisher got to hear a lot from Druva during their presentation at Tech Field Day last month. He was already familiar using Druva for endpoint data protection, but at Tech Field Day, the company did a deep dive on their holistic data protection approach as a service offering.

Cloudy With a Chance of APIs – Reflections From Tech Field Day 19

Tech Field Day is all about bringing together the different disciplines of the data center into a single event, bringing a diversity of views from both the presenting companies and invited delegates. Adam Fisher definitely go that experience at Tech Field Day last month. The event featured presentations from diverse topics as Robotic Process Automation to cloud visibility solutions. The unifying aspect of every company was the presence of some kind of public cloud integration into their solutions, and the availability of well documented APIs. It’s no surprise that these are dominant trends in IT, but surprising to see them on display from such a wide array of presenters.

Automate All the Things With Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere made a big splash with their presentation at Tech Field Day last month. The company showed off their solutions around Robotic Process Automation. For Adam Fisher, it was the first time he had heard from a company with that focus. Their bots allow for automation of a wide variety of tasks, and Adam was impressed that this wasn’t limited to specific verticals. He really appreciated that their goals wasn’t to replace humans, but rather to allow us to focus our efforts on more creative work that the bots can’t do.

I’ll Be at Tech Field Day 19 Next Week!

Be on the look out for Adam Fisher at Tech Field Day this week. He’ll be the delegate at the event and getting to hear from a packed panel of presenting companies. As always the event is live streamed, but if you can’t catch that, be sure to watch the full edited video which will be posted soon afterwards. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the event.