TFDx Cisco Live 2023: BackBox

This LinkedIn article by Eric Stewart gives an overview of BackBox’s presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live 2023. Stewart describes BackBox’s network task automation offerings, which offer automated testing of functional changes before they are committed and checks for storage space capacity and version compatibility before upgrades. He notes the novelty of being able to scale the push to a subset of equipment, and praises BackBox’s user-friendly interface that enables customization of tasks and checks, as well as its newly announced Network Vulnerability Manager tool.

Opengear – Out of Band Management on the First Day

This LinkedIn article by Eric Stewart discusses Opengear’s presentation on its Lighthouse software during Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live 2023, detailing how the software can automate the deployment process from day one. Stewart highlights the software’s ability to accommodate zero-touch provisioning for both in-band and out-of-band gear, creating ease for remote site set up. Opengear’s solution demonstrates its utility by effortlessly managing network infrastructure and optimising deployment speed, all of which is updated with the latest firmware enhancements.

Cisco Live 2023 Review

Cisco Live must have been a load of fun! That’s what we take away from this article by Eric Stewart as he reflects on the event. He also shares his experience with the Tech Field Day presentations and highlights the importance of the social aspect of Cisco Live and being able to connect with friends. We’ll be watching for more from Eric soon!

Proving It’s Not the Network: Catchpoint and Kentik

In his most recent post, Eric Stewart, Field Day delegate, discusses Kentik’s and Catchpoint’s presentations at September’s Networking Field Day. These companies have a similar end to end focus for their solutions, providing data regarding web page loading and why delays are occurring. Eric talks about his thoughts on either solution and gives some brief feedback on questions he would have for the future. Check out his thoughts!

Opengear – Making Out of Band Access More Useful

Check out what Eric Stewart has to say after watching Opengear present their alternative to network management at the most recent Networking Field Day. You can check out his thoughts and all the latest videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Eric Stewart

Eric Stewart is joining us for September’s Networking Field Day as a new delegate! He took a few minutes to tell us about himself, check out what he has to say. We love to welcome new delegates into our Field Day family, welcome Eric!

Eric Stewart

Team Lead, Network Engineering, University of South Florida