Episode 14 – Having a Field Day With AI Expert Stephen Foskett

Check out Rob Telson’s latest episode from this past AI Field Day! Gestalt IT’s founder, Stephen Foskett, had the opportunity to join Rob for the exciting discussion of AI technology in consumer, industrial, and commercial settings. Take a look here!

BrainChip Akida Puts AI at the Edge

This piece covers the appearance of BrainChip at May’s AI Field Day event. There, they presented their Akida neuromorphic chip, which enables IT practitioners to leverage AI at the edge. Learn more by reading on or watching BrainChip demo the product in their video presentation.

BrainChip Highlights Its Akida Neural Processor at AI Field Day 2

This press release covers the exciting announcement of the Akida neural processor by BrainChip at May’s AI Field Day. Capable of advancing a number of smart edge use cases, the neural processor SoC features high performance in a small form factor. Read the press release for more, and be sure to watch BrainChip’s AI Field Day to see Akida in action.

BrainChip Introduces Energy Efficient and Precise AI Edge Solution at AI Field Day

Last fall at AI Field Day, BrainChip introduced its Akida Event-Domain Neural Processor, which enables AI to run at an organization’s edge where AI typically couldn’t reach. The Akida AKD 1000 adopts an architecture that’s similar to the human brain. To learn more about BrainChip’s Akida Event-Domain Neural Processor, check out the videos from AI Field Day on our website!

Is Hardware Innovation Accelerating – Hardware vs. Software Innovation (Round 6)

As he looks at the IT Industry, Ray Lucchesi sees something changing. As a delegate at the first ever AI Field Day late last year, he got to see several sponsors present on their latest innovations in the field. In an ongoing segment on his blog, RayOnStorage, Ray looks at the differences between hardware and software innovation. As part of his post, he considers some of the incredible progress being made in hardware like neuromorphic chips, including those that Ray saw BrainChip present on. Ray writes that Intel is also helping to push the hardware innovation forward with their work. Be sure to check out Ray’s full analysis, as well as BrainChip and Intel’s presentations from AI Field Day on our website!

Architecting AI Infrastructure

As a delegate at the first ever AI Field Day earlier this year, Gina Rosenthal helped to pioneer Tech Field Day into a new topic area! On 24×7 IT Connection, she writes about several the presenters she saw including BrainChip, Red Hat, Intel, MemVerge, and VAST Data. Gina notes that with the pool of professionals building AI infrastructures growing, there is an increased need for education around architecting those infrastructures. Our thanks to Gina for being on the delegate panel at AI Field Day, we hope you check out her deep dive!

Ok, Maybe Neuromorphic Chips Aren’t a Deadend

AI Field Day delegate Ray Lucchesi had previously pronounced neuromorphic chips “dead” because of how complex they were to program and use. Well, AI Field Day presenter BrainChip might have proven Ray wrong. On the “Ray On Storage Blog”, Ray writes that BrainChip impressed the delegate panel with both their software stack and hardware and might have just proved that neuromorphic chips aren’t a dead end after all. Check out Ray’s post as well as the BrainChip presentations at AI Field day on our website!

BrainChip Demonstrates How Its Akida Technology Is Delivering the Next-Generation of AI at the Edge at First-Ever AI Field Day

We’re excited that BrainChip will be joining us as a first-time sponsor at the first ever AI Field Day! BrainChip describes themselves as a “leading provider of ultra-low power high performance AI technology” and will be presenting on their Akida Neuromorphic System-on-Chip (NSoC). For more information on BrainChip and their presentations, be sure to check out their press release and watch their live-streamed presentations during AI Field Day!