VMware Project Pacific at Tech Field Day Extra 2019

One of the major announcements to come out of VMworld US 2019 was Project Pacific. At Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2019, the delegates got an architectural overview of VMware’s rearchitecting of vSphere to integrate Kubernetes. In this post, Brandon Graves digs into the presentation and the implications for the future.

Bitfusion at VMworld 2019 With TFDx

ML and AI workloads are only going to grow more in the enterprise in the coming years. At VMworld 2019, VMware showed how they are going to help meet the infrastructure needs of this shift. Using assets aquired from Bitfusion, VMware is able to virtualize GPUs, effectively doing for ML workloads what VSAN did for storage. Brandon Graves digs into the architecture that he saw at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2019 in this post.

It Is Time for Cloud Field Day 5

Cloud Field Day is coming up next week. It’ll be a packed event full of interesting presentations from leading cloud companies. Brandon Graves will be one of the delegates around the table, so be sure to follow him and #CFD5 on Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest. We’ll be live streaming the presentations as well, so there’s no reason not to follow along with Brandon.

My time at VMworld 2018

Even thought Brandon Graves had to deal with some travel gremlins along the way, he found attending VMworld this year to be a worthwhile experience. One of the highlights was attending a number of Tech Field Day Extra presentations at the event. He got to hear from Dell EMC, Blue Medora, Barefoot Networks, and Netscout over the course of two days. We can’t wait to see his takeaways from those sessions!

Countdown to VMworld

It was great to have Brandon Graves as a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld. He saw a full slate of companies, with presentations from Dell EMC, Blue Medora, Netscout and Barefoot Networks. We can’t wait to see Brandon’s thoughts on the presentations. If you want to see them for yourself, we’ve posted all presentation video on the event page.

Nasuni at SFD 16

Brandon Graves was introduced to Nasuni at Storage Field Day 16 and was impressed by their presentation. Nasuni provides a solution that simplifies the distributed NAS and makes the move to the cloud easier for its customers. Brandon appreciates the integration with the big cloud providers as well as the cacheing capabilities that ensure that data can be always accessible even if there are issues preventing access to the cloud, and looks forward to hearing more from Nasuni.

NetApp OnCommand Insight

Brandon Graves talks NetApp’s OnCommand Insight, the only analytics and monitoring tool presented at Storage Field Day 16. OCI is always watching your environment and can be set up to notify the correct team when a problem arises. He also mentions NetApp’s Cloud Insights, a product that adds many features on top of OCI for use in the modern hybrid data center, meaning it can monitor what is happening on-premises, as well as in the cloud.

Storage Field Day 16

Life is slowing down a little for Brandon Graves, which means more time for writing and Storage Field Day! He’ll be joining us next week in Boston, and looking forward to seeing a mix of familiar and new companies. We’re looking forward to hearing his thoughts on the presentations.

X-IO Technologies Axellio At SFD13

Brandon Graves gives some background on X-IO’s founding and company history before discussing their new, unique, and specialized storage solution, Axellio. He goes into the hardware specifics, architecture, and performance of Axellio, then provides his own opinion saying X-IO “are one of the few companies that are doing something different when all the storage products are starting to look the same.”

Storage Field Day Is Almost Here

It’s always fun to see delegate’s perspective before and after an event. Brandon Graves went to his first Storage Field Day last week. He definitely seemed enthusiastic in this piece previewing the event. Looking forward to see what he took away.

Delegate For Storage Field Day 13

Brandon Graves is heading to his first Storage Field Day and is looking forward to the experience. Make sure to mark your calendar for June 14-16, and watch along on our live stream to see the presentations. And send in questions on Twitter using #SFD13 to get involved with the discussion!

Brandon Graves

Brandon Graves is a Storage and Virtualization Engineer with over 10 years in enterprise experience.