A Look at Broadcom’s Jericho3-Ai Ethernet Fabric: Schedules, Credits, and Cells

Broadcom has devised innovative mechanisms to tackle the issues facing the development of an Ethernet-based fabric supporting AI workloads, offering solutions to alleviate congestion, latency, and prevent dropped frames or packets. These methods, which include a scheduling framework, cells, and credits, have been showcased at Network Field Day 32, demonstrating how Broadcom creates an Ethernet fabric optimized for AI via its Jericho3-AI and Ramon ASICs. By creating a scheduled fabric and dividing Ethernet frames into equal-size cells, Broadcom minimizes tail latency and optimizes load balancing, enhancing the handling of AI and HPC workloads. Read more in this article for Packet Pushers written by Drew Conry-Murray.

Accelerated Model Training With Broadcom Jericho-3ai and Tomahawk Family

This Gestalt IT article highlights Broadcom’s specialized solutions for AI processing, which address the challenges faced by enterprises in their AI/ML initiatives. These solutions offer fabric-based networking with receiver-based or endpoint-based scheduling, bypassing issues such as flow collision, link failure, and traffic oversubscription. Watch the demos of Broadcom’s Scheduled Fabric Solutions from Networking Field Day for a more detailed understanding.

Broadcom’s AI Networking Solutions at Networking Field Day 32

At Networking Field Day 32, Broadcom presented their AI Networking solutions, which cater to the needs of AI-focused data center networks. These solutions address the unique attributes of AI workloads, such as fewer flows, high bandwidth flows, bursty traffic, and long training job durations. Read more about the presentation in this post by Ed Horley.

Networking Field Day 32- A.I., Bandwidth, Automation & More!

In this blog post, Girard Kavelines reflects on his experience at Networking Field Day and highlights two standout presentations from Broadcom and Anuta Networks. Broadcom showcased Ethernet Fabric for AI at Scale, offering improved network performance, congestion management, and packet spraying for optimized traffic flow. Anuta Networks presented their cross-domain automation solution, Anuta ATOM, which enables low-code automation across multiple vendor networks and domains. Read more to get the Field Day experience first-hand from Girard!

Summer Field Day Fun at Networking Field Day 32

The summer edition of Networking Field Day is set to be an exciting event with presentations from top companies to an excellent panel of delegates. Join us on Wednesday, July 26th to hear from Broadcom about their latest advancements in Ethernet for AI and ML networking. We’ll also have a delegate roundtable discussion on pressing networking issues and the opportunity for you to add your voice to the conversation. Then we’ve got Nile talking network as a service. Thursday morning has Anuta presenting their flagship ATOM platform. Don’t miss out on the live streaming and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for updates!

Networking Field Day 32 Event Preview

Girard Kavelines is excited to return for Networking Field Day next week. The event will feature presentations from industry leaders like Broadcom, Nile, and Anuta Networks, offering insights into networking innovations and solutions. Girard looks forward to learning more about the latest developments in network-as-a-service, automation, and monitoring. See you at Networking Field Day next week!

Exploring the Broadcom Tomahawk 5 Chip and Its Impact on ASICs in Data Center Environments

In this article, Charles Uneze explores the Broadcom Tomahawk 5 Chip that they talked about during their presentation at Networking Field Day in September. “It’s great for supporting VxLAN and other protocols, and its recirculation feature allows for high bandwidth utilization.” Read his thoughts on his website.

Tech Field Day 26- Recap- Part 1

In his latest post, Girard Kavelines gives us a great recap on Day 1 of October’s Tech Field Day. All delegates visited the OCP Summit where Micron, and other companies like MemVerge and Broadcom, delivered their CXL forum presentations. Girard says “Micron never fails to deliver” because they play a huge role in bringing Summit to life! Check out more thoughts from Girard here on CXL.

NFD29: Broadcom Discussed Latest Chip Capabilities

Learn more about Broadcom’s presentation at Networking Field Day in September by checking out this post by Pete Welcher. You can read his thoughts and watch all of the presentations from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Chips and Salsa: An Introduction to the Broadcom Tomahawk 5 …Just for Fun!

Check out what Micheline Murphy has to say about Broadcom after watching them present at the latest Networking Field Day event in September. You can check out her thoughts and all of the Networking Field Day presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

AI/ML Acceleration With Broadcom’s Blazing Fast Tomahawk 5

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha talks about the most recent Networking Field Day where Broadcom showcased their fifth-generation series of Tomhawk switches. She goes into detail on how this accelerates AI/ML workloads with its tremendous network bandwidth. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here on the breakthrough power economics that Broadcom brings with their newest technology.

Network Field Day 29 – Day 1: Broadcom

Check out Jordan Villarreal’s recap of Broadcom’s presentation at the latest Networking Field Day event! You can check out his thoughts on his YouTube page, System MTU One, and be sure to check out all of the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Network Field Day 29 – Day 0

Check out Jordan Villarreal’s pre-event rundown of what he was looking forward to hearing about at the latest Networking Field Day event! You can check out his thoughts on his YouTube page, System MTU One, and be sure to check out all of the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Even More to Explore With Networking Field Day 29!

Check out Tom Hollingsworth details of the most recent Networking Field Day presentation line-up! You can find all the videos from Networking Field Day on the Tech Field Day website.

Keeping SLAs Honest With Broadcom

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are agreements between network providers and you about network reliability and performance and can help to keep those providers in check to ensure that you are getting what you were promised. There’s just one problem, how can you prove if you’re not getting the service that you agreed to? Broadcom has come to the rescue here with Broadview+, which is a solution that helps you monitor your SLAs and keep your provider accountable. Writing for GestaltIT.com, Tom Hollingsworth says that Broadview+ “gives you the capabilities of monitoring connections to meet SLAs and service level objectives (SLOs) and gives you the ability to see things that haven’t been visible before.” Broadcom presented all about their BroadView+ solution at Networking Field Day 23. Be sure to check out Tom’s thoughts on the Broadcom offering or head over to our website to check out their presentations!

Network Field Day 23: Broadcom’s Cloud-Scale Telemetry

The LinkedIn post summarizes Broadcom’s presentation at Network Field Day 23, focusing on its new telemetry functions built into its latest chips. The author comprehensively explains the function and advantages of chip-based telemetry and discusses using Broadcom’s Inband Flow Analyzer (IFA) for latency issues. Particularly impressive is Broadcom’s innovative approach to tracking aggregate statistics on the switch: flows and flow aggregates, with potential applications including inline DDOS detection.

Network Field Day 23

Delegate Tony Efantis talks about his experience at the last Networking Field day event earlier this year. He notes that although the in-person socializing can be missing with virtual events, they still provide excellent information and engagement from industry leaders. Also, Tony mentions some of his favorite presenters from Networking Field Day including mini awards for Air Vine, PathSolutions, and Broadcom. We miss the in-person camaraderie too, Tony! We’re grateful to Tony for taking the time to attend this event and we’re looking forward to seeing him and our presenters in-person in the future!

Network Field Day 23 Overview, or Throw Out Your Net Management Tools, They’re Obsolete!

There is a network management revolution going on, and legacy systems are no longer going to cut it. Airvine, Apstra, Arista, Boradcom, Catchpoint, Cisco, Intel, IP Fabric, Juniper Networks and PathSolutions came together at Network Field Day 23 to showcase how each of their products is making waves in the network management space. Peter Welcher, Network Field Day 23 delegate and tech expert came to the conclusion that it is time to modernize company’s network management tools, or die, based on what he saw at the event.

A Summary of High Speed Ethernet ASICs

Back in February, Broadcom presented at their first ever Networking Field Day! Justin Pietsch has since seen the presentations, and mentions them in his summary of High Speed Ethernet ASICs, were he takes a deep dive into the companies in this space. Justin highlights Broadcom’s work, writes about their Strata XGS and Strata DNX chips, and shares that they are putting out intriguing offerings that are helping them keep up with the competition. Check out Justin’s full analysis on his blog and the videos of Broadcom’s presentations at Networking Field Day 22 on our website!

Broadcom Mirror on Drop (MoD)

Peter Phaal was very impressed by Broadcom’s Mirror-on-Drop (MOD) capability. As he says, MOD-capable hardware can generate a notification whenever a packet is dropped by the ASIC, reporting the packet header and the reason that the packet was dropped. His post goes into more detail on what to watch for in their Networking Field Day presentation. Be sure to check out his post on sFlow and the videos from Broadcom’s presentation on the Tech Field Day website.