Becoming a Wi-Fi Superhero with Cape Networks

Tom Hollingsworth discusses Cape Networks, a presenting sponsor for Mobility Field Day in 2017, and their recent acquisition by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Cape Networks manufactures and provides web-based services for client connection monitoring and in user experience giving you the ability to look at your network not from just the top down infrastructure view, but from the bottom up client perspective as well. Tom sees this acquisition as a step in the right direction for Aruba, and looks forward to what they have to offer in the future.

Cape Networks Acquired by HPE

Rich Stroffolino breaks down the implications of HPE acquiring Cape Networks. Make sure to watch their recent Mobility Field Day presentation to get a handle on the tech HPE is acquiring. Adding some robust client-side sensors to their portfolio makes for an interesting addition to Aruba.

Catching up with Cape Networks since Mobility Field Day 2

After hearing from Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day this summer, Keith Parsons got an update from David Wilson on their latest developments. Cape Networks has recently launched updates to help with overall functionality, including the ability to lock the sensor to a specific band for specific channel testing, adding aliases to SSIDs to help make them easier to track, and adding authentication timing.

Cape Networks

Haydn Andrews had a chance to review the Cape Networks sensor and monitoring tools which they presented at this year’s Mobility Field Day. Other than lack of 802.11ac support, Haydn found it the simplicity of their overall approach impressive.

Wearing Superhero Capes Around the Office

This summer, Cape Networks presented at Mobility Field Day in Silicon Valley. Jake Snyder was there and wrote up how their wireless sensor helped resolve some persistent issues at work with newly installed APs. While not without issue, recent software updates have expanded the devices capabilities, which combined with great customer service makes it a worthy addition to a wireless professionals utility belt.

Cape Networks Sees Into the WLAN- and Deeper

Lee Badman takes some inspiration from They Might Be Giants to look at what he saw from Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day this past July. Their wireless monitoring solution uses a variety of tests to give visibility into WLAN/LAN/ISP functionality. Lee’s impressed by how Cape has refined their offerings, consistently providing new features with updates and improving the granularity of their dashboard.

Geek Tools – Cape Networks for more than just wireless

Jonathan Davis continues his dive into Cape Networks in this post. He remains impressed by their capability not to simply diagnose WiFi, but also to provide client-side monitoring for external websites. This include more than simply being available, but includes latency and HTTP status codes. This can be used as another data point in your wireless toolkit.

Geek Tools – Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day 2

Jonathan Davis heard from Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day last month. He found their client-side monitoring hardware to be compelling, so much so that he used a test unit to solve a persistent outage problem he had previously be unable to consistently locate. By providing an always-on client-side sensor, Cape Networks is able to find problems proactively, the same way regular wireless users do.

Wearing the Cape

At Mobility Field Day, Brennan Martin got to hear from Cape Networks, and thinks their intelligent client-side WiFi monitoring is excellent. He’s impressed by the abilities to consistently run tests without tying up valuable human capital. Their monitoring can even work during a network or power outage, thanks to onboard hotspot and battery power.

CTS 088: Cape Networks At MFD2

Rowell Dionicio discusses Cape Networks presentation at Mobility Field Day on the Clear To Send podcast. He gives a brief overview of Cape’s history and their move to Silicon Valley, defines their product’s uses and interface, and talks about their new features to further enhance the capabilities of their wireless sensors, including Rolling packet capture and Splash Page Support. Rowell is excited by Cape’s story and growth in recent years and looks forward to their future.

It’s Probably Not The Wi-Fi

After Mobility Field Day, Tom Hollingsworth has one important takeaway, “it’s Not The Wi-Fi.” So often problems are blamed on the wireless network or firewall, etc. when that actually was not the case. Tom argues that the solution to this issue is accelerating the time to diagnose and resolve by involving professionals that manage systems that are actually down and telling users to make sure it is actually a wireless issue before proclaiming that its the wireless.

Here comes Mobility Field Day 2!

Brennan Martin previews each Mobility Field Day presenting company and talks what he is anticipating from each. This includes more info on Mist System’s BLE beacons and APs, Nyansa’s work in turning large amounts of Wi-Fi client behavior data into informative insights, and Mojo Network’s plans for Wi-Fi on open hardware. Brennan will be posting additional articles post-event to recap the presentations.

Tech Field Day From Both Sides of the Table

Drew Lentz has been to his fair share of Tech Field Day events, most recently Networking Field Day this past April. But now, he’s crossing back over to the company side with Cape Networks. He wrote up great piece on his perspective on both sides of the table and the unique benefits of Tech Field Day events to both companies and delegates. We’re wishing Drew all the best with Cape Networks!