Cloud Field Day 4: Cohesity Wows Delegates (and Twitter!) with Cloud Demos

Cohesity’s Chris Colotti wrote up a post about his experience at Cloud Field Day this month. It was his first chance to be involved with a Field Day event, and came away finding it well worth it. Chris found it interesting for a company generally associated with secondary storage to make a case to the Cloud Field Day audience. He shares some live delegate responses from Twitter, and looks forward to continue engaging with the delegate community.

First Impressions and Hands On With Cohesity

Chris Colotti may be a new hire for Cohesity, but that’s not stopping him from firing up Cohesity Virtual Edition in his home lab to get ready for VMworld. He agrees with what he heard from some of our Cloud Field Day delegates during the company’s presentation this month, the Cohesity Virtual Edition interface offers an impressively unified way to manage a cluster. In this post, he walks through deploying the software and some basic job set ups.