G2… V2!

According to Brennan Martin, the 2.0 firmware update for the AirCheck G2 is a killer update. iPerf performance testing is the standout new feature, letting users check upstream and downstream throughput via a new accessory. The additional of a built-in web browser now lets you enter login credentials, making captive portals no longer something to dread. NETSCOUT added a lot of new features, make sure to check out Brennan’s thorough breakdown for all the details.

Hours saved by the AirCheck G2

NETSCOUT presented at last month’s Mobility Field Day event. The presentation has spurred several stories of how the company’s Aircheck G2 is an excellent tool for diagnosing wireless problems. This time, Brennan Martin joins in with an appreciation for the device’s Ethernet test. This makes it just as useful for tracing wires in tricky environments.

Wearing the Cape

At Mobility Field Day, Brennan Martin got to hear from Cape Networks, and thinks their intelligent client-side WiFi monitoring is excellent. He’s impressed by the abilities to consistently run tests without tying up valuable human capital. Their monitoring can even work during a network or power outage, thanks to onboard hotspot and battery power.

Here comes Mobility Field Day 2!

Brennan Martin previews each Mobility Field Day presenting company and talks what he is anticipating from each. This includes more info on Mist System’s BLE beacons and APs, Nyansa’s work in turning large amounts of Wi-Fi client behavior data into informative insights, and Mojo Network’s plans for Wi-Fi on open hardware. Brennan will be posting additional articles post-event to recap the presentations.

Brennan Martin

Brennan hails from the Canadian prairie, where he unexpectedly found himself needing steel-toed boots more than an ergonomic workspace when he got into networking over a decade ago.