Enterprise Wi-Fi Flexes While Big Players Try to Join In. My Key Themes and Takeaways From Mobility Field Day 11

Drew Lentz shares his key themes and takeaways from Mobility Field Day 11 in this LinkedIn Pulse article, highlighting the dynamic evolution of enterprise Wi-Fi as larger players make concerted efforts to enter the market. His article encapsulates the innovations and challenges currently shaping the wireless industry, as well as the strategic shifts by established companies to stay competitive. The insights offered reveal a rapidly progressing enterprise Wi-Fi landscape, underscored by technological advancements and market consolidations.

200a Sesión De Tesos en Wi-Fi: Resumen De Mobility Field Day 11

The 200th session of “Tesos en Wi-Fi” offered a comprehensive recap of Mobility Field Day 11 for a Spanish-speaking audience, showcasing the latest trends and discussions in the wireless networking arena. The event highlighted significant technological shifts and product announcements from key players in the Wi-Fi industry, reflecting the current state of enterprise wireless solutions. Participants and viewers were privy to in-depth analyses and perspectives on cutting-edge Wi-Fi developments poised to influence the direction of enterprise networking.

Mobility Field Day 11 Is Your Lucky Day!

Mobility Field Day 11 promises to be an exciting event for professionals interested in the latest advancements in wireless technology. As Tom Hollingsworth’s article hints, this gathering is an excellent opportunity for industry experts to explore new products, discuss emerging trends, and share insights. Learn more about the latest wireless products from Arista, Celona, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, Ubiquiti, and eino next Wednesday and Thursday, and watch for more coverage on LinkedIn!

Mobility Field Day 9 – Quick Recap

Mohammad Ali shares his thoughts on Mobility Field Day 9, which featured presentations and discussions from vendors and delegates from different parts of the world. Juniper Networks, Fortinet, Arista, Cisco, Celona, NetAlly, and Ruckus Networks made significant announcements around cloud NAC, access assurance, analytics, IoT, Wi-Fi 7, security, and more. The event also included a roundtable discussion on the challenges of moving services to the cloud, providing a platform for delegates to discuss the impact and challenges of the new technology trends.

Adopting Private 5G in Industrial Environments With Celona 5G LAN

Celona showcased its 5G LAN at Mobility Field Day, designed to address industry needs for consistent network coverage in outdoor areas and extended spaces. Private 5G LAN provides the bandwidth, low latency, and speed for rapid compute processes that employees on factory floors need. Celona’s private 5G LAN provides industrial-strength connectivity for noisy, rugged outdoor areas as well as indoor spaces, making it the wireless solution of choice for all kinds of use cases. Read about it on Gestalt IT, or watch the demo here at Tech Field Day.

MFD9 Day3 Recap

The Wireless Pubcast podcast covered day 3 of Mobility Field Day 9, featuring Arista and Celona. Arista showcased their comprehensive Wi-Fi solution, CloudVision AGNI, emphasizing its polished interface, rule-based analysis capabilities, and compatibility with other vendors’ networks. Celona presented their Celona Private 5G solution, highlighting its flexibility for future transitions and real-world deployments. They discussed the importance of regulatory compliance, offered free online classes for certification, and mentioned plans for exploring neutral host arrangements. Listen in as Chris Reed and Raymond Hendrix dive deep into Mobility Field Day 9 day 3 on the Wireless Pubcast podcast!

Making Mobility Magic at Mobility Field Day 9

Mobility Field Day 9 is May 17-19 in Silicon Valley, bringing together the top technology minds and experts in wireless and mobility to share their innovations and contributions to the field. With presentations from Arista, Celona, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, NetAlly, and Ruckus Networks, attendees can expect updates on advancements in AI networking, SASE, and cybersecurity, among others. The presentations will be streamed live on our online platforms and feature roundtable discussions from our Field Day delegates. Watch this video for more information!

CBRS – Complicated or Not?

Chris Reed attended October’s Mobility Field Day and has some thoughts on Celona and Cisco’s presentation from the event. Both companies discussed whether or not they can roll out their own CBRS solutions and what that could mean for large enterprises. According to Chris, Cisco masks the complication behind a dashboard while Celona simplifies the CBRS solution and makes it easier for enterprises to handle themselves. Take a look here at Chris’ thoughts about these two solutions.

No-Fuss, No-Friction Private 5G Network Deployment With Celona

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha shares her insight on Celona’s presentation on private LTE/5G wireless solution and how their plug-and-play solution is adaptable to existing network infrastructure. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts on the Gestalt IT website and be sure to check out the Tech Field Day website for all of the content from this past Mobility Field Day in July.

CTS 301: MFD7 – Private 5G So Easy Anyone Can Do It

Rowell Dionicio gives his thoughts on Celona’s private 5G presentation and product demonstration from Mobility Field Day. Curious to know more? Read here or check out his thoughts on his website or YouTube channel, Clear To Send. Also make sure to check out all of the Tech Field Day video’s from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

You Need to Check Out Mobility Field Day 7

In his latest YouTube video, Rowell Dionicio, a Field Day delegate, gives us a brief over cap of the most recent Mobility Field Day. Check it out here!

Celona at Mobility Field Day 7

Dr. Salter attended this past Mobility Field Day as a delegate and took interest in Celona’s nine step process to configuring the 4G/5G network in the room. Take a look at her post on LinkedIn here for more from Celona!

Private LTE/5G in the Enterprise

In this post, Mario Gingras gives a great oversight on what was presented to us by Celona at this past Mobility Field Day! Celona took a whole different approach to presenting their solution and proved that it is something simple and easy to implement. To do so, Celona brought in a demo kit and set up a functional private LTE network in less than an hour. Check out why Mario now believes that deploying their solution can be achieved with enterprise IT staff!

On the Go With Mobility Field Day 7!

Back with Tom Hollingsworth at this July’s Mobility Field Day. We had a packed schedule with Juniper Networks, Ruckus, Betacom, Fortinet, Cisco. 7SIGNAL, Celona, and NetAlly! Take a look here at what to expect in each presentation or visit GestaltIT.com for more from Tom.

CBRS and Starlink, Private LTE in the Wild

Mark Houtz tuned into Mobility Field Day and saw his friends at Celona presenting on deploying a CBRS network. Houtz dives deep into the world of CBRS and Starlink, their symbiotic relationship, and their potential to change the game for on-the-go internet connectivity. Houtz jumped at the opportunity to test out Private LTE in the CBRS Bands with Starlink. If you’re looking to cover larger areas, and Starlink is your only option, Houtz recommends Starlink and CBRS together to expand network connection. For people with little to no access to internet, and who are unable to afford fiber networks, a CBRS Fixed Wireless setup could be an appropriate solution. Check out the rest of his thoughts on markhoutz.com

Celona’s Private LTE & 5G Solution

At June’s Mobility Field Day, Celona showcased their solutions for deploying 5G and LTE across the enterprise. This piece details the solution and its accompanying presentation. Read and watch both this piece and the presentation for a fuller understanding of their offering.

Celona Makes CBRS Clear and Understandable

Dr. Avril Salter takes apart the various aspects of Celona’s Mobility Field Day appearance, which she attended as a delegate. This LinkedIn post details how you can use Celona to achieve CBRS deployments without the need for 5G or LTE. Read on for the full picture of the presentation.

Experience at the Edge With Mobility Field Day!

It’s time to learn more during the 2021 edition of Mobility Field Day! We’re looking forward to getting updates from our lineup of great presenters and hearing the perspectives of our amazing delegates. July 14-16 is going to be packed with all the great information you need to plan your next wireless installation. Tune in this week to watch the event live!

Challenging the Status Quo With CBRS and Celona

Celona has been a presenter at the last two Mobility Field Day events, and they are working hard to disrupt the typical wireless world. Writing for GestaltIT.com, Tom Hollingsworth says that Celona’s utilization of CBRS has alot of potential for areas where wireless is typically problematic. CBRS, a hybrid of cellular and wireless technology, is something Celona is working to bring to market more fully. For the full breakdown, be sure to check out Tom’s post and the Celona presentations on our website!

Celona Tees Up Bigtime on CBRS

Celona has tied up with Aruba for customers that need both Wi-Fi and private mobile networking, and has made private 5G networks a reality, finally