Configuring Veeam Backup for Microsoft365 With Encrypted Object Storage

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v6, which was recently showcased at Cloud Field Day 12, has been leveraging object as a way to make it’s storage consumption more manageable since version 4. Jim Jones, a Field Day delegate, discusses how this object also provides a couple more advantages in relation to VBM. Check out Jim’s thought here on Veeam’s presentation!

Wide-Scale Automation in Hybrid Cloud With Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

A tool that automates all aspects of IT in a business from configuration to deployment is a dream come true for companies in the hybrid cloud space. A platform that comes close in parts is the very familiar Ansible Automation Platform. Writing for Gestalt It, Sulagna Saha discusses Red Hat’s newly enhanced capabilities in their Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform that was demonstrated at this past Cloud Field Day. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here!

Achieving All-Round Data Protection at Minimal Cost With Veeam Software

Much of the modern-day data and workloads today live on the cloud or in on-prem data centers or in both. That makes data protection a standard ask of all organizations. Writing for Gestalt It, Sulagna Saha discusses Veeam Software’s presentation from this past Cloud Field Day. She explains the cloud solutions that make the complex job of managing and preserving data in cloud and hybrid environments easy, reliable, and cost-effective. Check out Sulagna’s thought here!

Managing Cloud Costs With Yotascale Multi-Cloud Cost Visibility

If you are on multi-cloud and you are seeing your cloud cost going up incrementally, it’s a good idea to pause for a moment and reassess the expenses. Writing for Gestalt It, Sulagna Saha discusses the tool that Yotascale Multi-Cloud Cost Visibility demonstrated at this past Cloud Field Day. It can quickly find all the information, track the expenses as they relate to usage and identify areas where savings can be made by cutting down resource usage. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here!

The Promise and Limitations of Cloud Mobility

At this past Cloud Field Day, MemVerge CEO and co-founder, Dr. Charles Fan, introduced the company’s AppCapsule, which can manage cache-coherency and address perceived “Big Memory Cloud Fault Tolerance” issues. Writing for Gestalt It, Sulagna Saha gives her thoughts on Big Memory Cloud and the built in SpotOn, which identifies Spot terminations, and mitigates ramifications with insight to how this can affect migrations. Check out Sulagna’s thought’s here!

State of the Cloud

Check out the latest State of the Cloud interview featuring Gestalt It’s Stephen Foskett and Field Day delegate Matt Leib. They discuss the observations made at Cloud Field Day in November 2021 while talking about containerization and container orchestration as the next-generation platform for enterprise application.

Multi-Cloud Doesn’t Have to Be an Erector Set Approach

Looking for an approach to Autonomous Multi-Cloud Networking? Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha discusses Prosimo ‘s presentation that outlined the underlying challenges of multi-cloud networking and how their approach helps overcome them at November’s Cloud Field Day. Check out Sulagnas’s thoughts here!

Juniper Networks Is Simplifying Container Migration With Contrail

Juniper Networks presented a new approach to centralizing, automating, and ensuring security, load-balancing and migratability of architectures across cloud providers as well as within the corporate datacenter at this past Cloud Field Day! Writing for Gestalt IT, Matt Leib addresses the challenges presented by migrating containers, and the progress Juniper Networks has made in that direction through the release of Contrail software. Check out Matt’s thought here!

Tying Cloud Provider Orchestration, Security, Performance, and Cost Management Together With Prosimo AXI at Cloud Field Day 12

Robert Novak, a field day delegate, attended the very first hybrid Cloud Field Day in San Jose, California this past November! He was impressed with Prosimo and their solution with the AXI Platform. Rob discusses the introduction to the problems Prosimo is working on solving, and some of the problems they’re not focused on. Check out Rob’s thoughts here!

GaiaX, the Cost of Data Breach, Lieferengpässe

In early November, MemVerge unveiled their Big Memory Cloud at Cloud Field Day! Kerstin Stief, a field day delegate, explains the heart of the system, the Memory Machine Cloud Edition, which can create an in-memory snapshot of a single application. Check out Kerstin’s thoughts on MemVerge here!

Solving the Multi-Cloud Puzzle With Prosimo

Looking for a solution to the challenges of multi-cloud with a modern approach and the balance you need? Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth discusses Prosimo’s new AXI platform that was previously presented at November’s Cloud Field Day. AXI provides the transit that you need for your application to be multi-cloud enabled. Check out more from Tom and Prosimo here!

MemVerge Big Memory Cloud

Nico Stein attended November’s Cloud Field Day as a delegate in San Jose, California for the first hybrid Field Day event since the pandemic began. He took special interest into the Memory Machine Cloud Edition that MemVerge presented! Nico first learned about MemVerge and their Memory Machine at a past Tech Field Day event and was excited to see what more they had for him. Check out his thoughts here!

MemVerge Launches Big Memory Cloud

MemVerge has some very big ideas around taking the “software defined” concept to memory, allowing advanced optimizations and flexibility of instance memory usage. Jim Jones attended November’s Cloud Field Day as a delegate and took special interest into what MemVerge had to offer with their Big Memory Cloud announcement. Check out why Jim is looking forward to see what this can bring to providers in the future!

Prosimo at Cloud Field Day 12

Looking to effectively tie together the networking for your cloud presence and your on-prem datacenters and branch offices? Ned Bellavance, a Field Day delegate, discusses the solution that can leverage the native constructs in each cloud and their massive backbone to provide high-performance, low-latency connectivity from an orchestrated SaaS solution that was presented by Prosimo at Cloud Field Day! Check out Ned’s podcast here or on Spotify for more information.

Ondat at Cloud Field Day 12

Ned Bellavance, a delegate from November’s Cloud Field Day, was set straight with Ondat’s presentation on their solution for Kube-native storage. Ondat is laser focused on supporting stateful workloads on Kubernetes and nothing else. Although their solution seems solid, Ned thinks it may lack some key features. Check out Ned’s podcast to see if their recently launched SaaS will be enough in comparison to their competitors!

MemVerge at Cloud Field Day 12

There is a big chance that MemVerge will make a huge impact in the next five years with their new AppCapsule technology solution. Ned Bellavance, a delegate from November’s Cloud Field Day, has his mind buzzing from MemVerge’s presentation. Check out the developing product on Ned’s recent podcast on spotify!

Cloud Field Day Recap and Session Breakdown

Check out Veeam Software’s recap of Cloud Field Day from their very own Anthony Spiteri! This was Anthony’s third time presenting at a Field Day event and his first time experiencing a hybrid event. Read more here on their new Service Provider features, Backup for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud as well as an update on how Kasten is fitting into the Veeam platform.

Yotascale at Cloud Field Day 12

Ned Bellavance, a delegate from November’s Cloud Field Day event, gives a brief 10-minute podcast on the depth of analytics and integration that Yotascale offered in their presentation. Ned was impressed by their multi-cloud cost management solution and thinks Yotascale can give cloud economists the data they need to do their job. Check out Ned’s podcast here or listen in on Spotify!

Draining My Social Battery

In this 10-minute, daily podcast, Ned Bellavance, a Field Day delegate, discusses technology, career advancement, and anything else relevant to the IT Professional in a brief, conversational style. Find Draining My Social Battery on your favorite podcast app through Anchor.

Cloud Field Day 12

The time has finally come for the very first hybrid event in Cloud Field Day! Watch live from San Jose, California. Thanks to Field Day Delegate Nathan Bennet for providing the schedule for the event.