2022 Year in Review

Field Day delegate Ned Bellavance was up to a lot this past 2022! From Cloud Field Day to the HashiCorp Academy, Ned kept himself busy! Check out the other events and conferences he attended and see what he will be up to this 2023!

Weka 4 – The Data Platform?

Chris Evans gives his opinion on WEKA’s latest release of WEKA 4. Described as a “data platform”, check out what Chris has to say about the next iteration of this product and how it fits into the data management category. You can find his thoughts, and all the videos from Cloud Field Day, on the Tech Field Day website.

StorPool Introduces NVMe/TCP and Public Cloud Support With Release 20

Check out what Chris Evans has to say about NetApp and the enhancements of the StorPool platform, particularly with the capability to span on-premises and the public cloud. You can check out his thoughts following Cloud Field Day on his website, Architecting IT, and you can catch all of the videos from Cloud Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Self-Service Provisioning of Hybrid Cloud Applications With Morpheus Data

Writing on the Gestalt IT website, Sulagna Saha talks about the presentation from Morpheus Data at the most recent Cloud Field Day. Morpheus Data showcased their Morpheus Platform that helps overcome K8’s operational challenges and simplifies consumption of hybrid cloud. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts on the new platform here!

Seamlessly Migrating the Most Sophisticated Workloads to Public Cloud With the Latest WEKA 4

In this Gestalt IT article written by Sulagna Saha, she talked about WEKA’s presentation at June’s Cloud Field Day. Sulagna goes into detail on the newest version of the WEKA data platform that is designed to move the most generic to the most demanding workloads to the cloud. Check out her thoughts here, or on the Gestalt IT website!

Getting the Most Value Out of Cloud Migration With Komprise

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha writes about Komprise’s presentation at the most recent Cloud Field Day. Komprise showcased their data management platform that helps companies intelligently exploit the full benefits of cloud in a cost-effective way. To learn more about Komprise, check out Sulagna’s thoughts on the Gestalt IT website.

Smart Data Workflows Architecture: Cloud Field Day 14

Komprise presented at the most recent Cloud Field Day. Check out Darren Cunningham’s review of Komprise and their three-tiered approach to Smart Data Workflows on the Komprise website and be sure to check out all of the Cloud Field Day posts on the Gestalt IT website.

Day Two Cloud 157: Highlights of Cloud Field Day 14

Day Two Clouds host, Ned Bellavance, attended this past Cloud Field Day as a delegate! In his latest podcast, joined by Ethan Banks and Chris Hayner, they talk about presentations from WEKA, Alkira, and Morpheus Data. Check out their thoughts here!

Lightbits Labs at Cloud Field Day 14 – Storage on Steroids!

Nico Stein attended the most recent Cloud Field Day and took a particular fascination with Lightbits Labs. In this article, he discusses Lightbits open-sourced technology that makes customer usage easier. Take a look here at Nico’s thoughts on this fast running approach!

Cloud Tiering Done Right at Cloud Field Day 14

At the most recent Cloud Field Day, Komprise’s CEO and co-founder, Kumar Goswami, kicked off their presentation with ideas on how to better manage growing volumes of unstructured data. In this post, Darren Cunningham talks about how this will leverage the full potential of the cloud and make cloud tiering essential to maximize business value. Check out his thoughts here or at Komprise’s website!

Smart Data Workflows: Evolution of Unstructured Data Management Blog

Darren Cunningham gives us an in-depth overview of Komprise’s presentation at the most recent Cloud Field Day. Komprise brought in Krishna Subramanian, Mike Peercy, and Kumar Goswami to showcase their smart data workflows, migration, and tiering to the cloud. Check out what Darren has to say here!

NVMe Over TCP-Based Disaggregated Cloud Storage With Lightbits Labs

In her post on Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha writes about Lightbits Labs’ presentation at June’s Cloud Field Day where they showcased the Lightbits Cloud Data Platform. This disaggregated storage infrastructure with performance at par is an easy to consume storage solution. Check out Sulagna’s thoughts here, or on the Gestalt IT website!

Cloud Field Day 14 – Event Details and Summary

Chris Hayner attended the most recent Cloud Field Day as a delegate! He now gives us a summary of each presentation along with the wide range of use cases that were displayed. Check out here what Chris thought of at this past Cloud Field Day and why multi-cloud is inevitable.

Networking at Cloud-Speed With Alkira

In this Gestalt IT post, Sulagna Saha talks about Alkira’s first presentation at this past Cloud Field Day. Alkira focused on the complexities of networking in the age of cloud and how they are ironing out kinks with their network infrastructure as a service solution. Take a look on the Gestalt IT website for more about Alkira’s flexibility to build a network from Sulagna.

Continuous Data Protection Across Hybrid Multi-Cloud With Zerto

At the most recent Cloud Field Day, Zerto presented on their data protection capabilities in Zerto Cloud Management. Sulagna Saha goes into detail on how this platform delivers enterprises continuous data protection against ransomware breaches and disaster recovery. Check out her thoughts on the Gestalt IT website!

Some Thoughts Following Cloud Field Day 14

In Craig Rodgers latest blog post, he talks about presentations from this past Cloud Field Day, specifically from; Alkira, NetApp, Lightbits Labs, and WEKA. Craig attended Cloud Field Day as a delegate and gives some insight into his previous predications and if they were met by these presenters. He was interested in learning more about hybrid cloud infrastructures, check out which vendor offered something Craig has never seen before!

Managing a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Ecosystem With NetApp Cloud Manager

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha talks about NetApp’s most recent presentation at Cloud Field Day this past June. NetApp showcased a line of solutions from their hybrid cloud portfolio, Cloud Manager. She goes in detail on how this solution makes multi-cloud management a piece of cake! Check out here thoughts here or on GestaltIT.com!

ML Commons Unveils MLPerf Training V2.0 | Gestalt IT Rundown: June 29, 2022

On the latest Gestalt IT Rundown, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Stephen Foskett where they dive into the newly released ML Commons MLPerf Training v2.0 results. This benchmark suite measures how fast systems can train models to a target quality metric. NVIDIA, Intel Habana, Google, and Graphcore all submitted at least partial results. How do we make sense of all this ML training hardware? Head to GestaltIT.com for shownotes.

Cloud Field Day Returns, Bridging the Datacenter to the Cloud

Cloud Field Day returns this June! Stephen Foskett, founder of Tech Field Day, will be moderating the event in Santa Clara County. Check out what companies to look forward to here!

An Introduction to Cloud Field Day 14

Craig Rodgers will be attending June’s Cloud Field Day as a delegate. In this post, he gives a quick insight to who is presenting at Cloud Field Day and what he is looking forward to the most. Check out his thoughts here!