Forward Networks Gets Cloudy

Forward Networks, a significant player in the Digital Twin product space, showcased their advanced capabilities at Cloud Field Day in January, focusing primarily on network assurance tool development. In addition to expanding its product range to accommodate more devices/vendors and protocols, Forward Networks now also gathers and models cloud state data to predict network behaviour efficiently. Moving towards cloud footprints’ visualization with Amazon, Azure, and Google, Forward Networks has emerged as a real outperformer in managing security and complex application flows, and devising fast, intuitive solutions to complicated problems.

Easy, Verified M&A With Forward Networks

Forward Networks can ease the process of integrating networks after a merger or acquisition, regardless of the platforms or deployments. The company builds a digital twin of an environment and collects information to model the network and provide comparison capabilities between points in time, ensuring better observability and pinpointing changes in the environment. Forward Networks supports data collection from all major cloud providers and most network security device manufacturers, which ensures path observability from end to end in multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud-only, and on-premises-only deployments, while its Network Query Engine allows for positive or negative verification of intent. In this article, sponsored by Forward Networks, Remington Loose provides a look at this unique aspect of their solution.

Multi-Cloud Security Requires Multi-Cloud Observability With Forward Networks

Network observability, which includes real-time contextual data for in-depth analysis towards securing resilient networks in today’s rapidly evolving digital world, is crucial for businesses. However, lack of a unified visibility solution across various cloud platforms makes observability harder to achieve in multi-cloud environments. Forward Networks took a proactive approach and deployed cloud digital twin observability into major cloud platforms, extending their cutting-edge digital twin technology to increase multi-cloud observability and security. The company’s solutions offer deep observability and enhance security through tools like Path, Posture, and Blast Radius. This article by Chris Grundemann, sponsored by Forward Networks, provides more insight following their appearance at Cloud Field Day 16.

Fortinet’s FortiGate Cloud Native Firewall

In this article, Jason Gintert gives his thoughts on Fortinet’s Cloud Field Day presentation on Fortigate Cloud Native Firewall Service, “[The] Fortinet CNF is a potential solution for organizations that are looking to move to a cloud native security posture and ensure the security of their data and applications.” Check out the article on his website.

Forward Networks Twins Your Network, Offering Insights, Direction and Modeling for Changes

Philip Sellers wrote a great article calling Forward Networks’ Digital Twin a “game changer.” Read his thoughts on

Cloud Field Day 16 – Day 0

Jordan Villarreal gives a preview who presented at Cloud Field Day in January. Watch him give his pre-presentation thoughts on, Forward Networks, and Fortinet on his YouTube channel.

Application Security With Fortinet

In this article, Sulagna Saha writes about Fortinet’s SaaS offerings that secure applications in the cloud, from development to production. Read her article at Gestalt IT, or catch the demo from the recent Cloud Field Day event here at Tech Field Day.

Application Networking in Cloud Native 2.0 With

In this article, Sulagna Saha reviews’s Gloo Platform. The Gloo Platform integrates API Gateway and service mesh into a modular architecture that solves the challenges of modern application networking in multi-cloud. Read her article on Gestalt IT, or watch the full presentations of the platform at Tech Field Day.

Networking Takes Center Stage at Cloud Field Day 16

Adam Fisher gives his thoughts on the products demonstrated by Forward Networks, Fortinet, and during their presentations at Cloud Field Day in January. Read his thoughts on the Virtual Bonzo website.

Forward Networks – Transforming Business With Digital Twin

In this article, Sulagna Saha talks about Forward Networks’ digital twin technology. Digital Twin goes beyond the scope of traditional observability tools to provide operators data that is rich in analytics, and enables predictive network maintenance. Read the article at Gestalt IT, or watch Forward Networks’ presentations on the technology here at Tech Field Day. Service Mesh With Istio and Future Ambient Sidecarless Service Mesh

Hin Tang is learning about service mesh from the experts at This article recounts their recent Cloud Field Day presentation and gives Hin’s perspective on the practicality of Istio in the enterprise. Read his post and then check out the entire presentation on the Tech Field Day website!

Forward Networks Digital Twins

How do you know if your network will perform as things change? That’s the question Forward Networks presented during their recent Cloud Field Day presentation. In this article, Hin Tang discusses their solution, which gives clear and complete visibility and easily queryable data on networking architecture by simulating it as a digital twin. Read on for Hin’s perspective, and check out the videos on the Tech Field Day website!

Fortinet Red vs Blue for Cloud Native Visibility and Protection for the Application Lifecycle

Hin Tang attended the Fortinet presentation at our recent Cloud Field Day event and was impressed by their comprehensive and integrated suite of products. The presentation not only showed their continuing innovation but also the friendly and technical staff in their element. Read Hin’s post to learn more, and check out the Fortinet presentation on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel!

Understanding the Building Blocks of Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Philip Sellers attended our recent Cloud Field Day event and considers some of the questions about cloud-native technology adoption. Thinking about the, Forward Networks, and Fortinet presentations, Philip ponders what they mean for enterprise cloud-native solutions. Read all of his coverage on his blog, vBrainstorm!

Learning’s Gloo That Holds Cloud-Native Together

Philip Sellers recently attended Cloud Field Day and was impressed by’s implementation of Istio. This open source project creates a programable, application-aware network of services, and’s Gloo Ambinet Mesh is a key differentiator. Read Philip’s whole review of Gloo, and check out the rest of his articles from Cloud Field Day 16!

Cloud Field Day 16 #Shorts

Gina Rosenthal recorded a YouTube Short focused on the cloud market in general in preparation for Cloud Field Day 16. This is an innovative new short-form video format, and we’re happy to be featured by Gina!

Cloud Field Day Looks to the Next Generation in January

Our first Cloud Field Day of 2023 was this past January. We had Forward Networks, Fortinet, and present on many cloud related topics such as net-ops, cloud sec ops, the Fortigate firewall, cloud native networking, etc. Be sure to check out presentations and more from Cloud Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!