NetApp Data Fabric: A la Hybrid Cloud! – An update from NetApp Insight 2018

Chan Ekanayake attending Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018, and in this post shares his thoughts on NetApp’s announcements around Data Fabric. At Insight, the company showed how Data Fabric is moving beyond simply being a hybrid cloud solution. Now Data Fabric can provide data portibility across across Edge to Core to Cloud platforms. NetApp also extended the data services available to Data Fabric solutions. Chan thinks the strategy for NetApp is sound, the devil will be in continuing to execute. But he sees NetApp’s willingness to invest and differentiate with software will only serve to their advantage going forward.

Tech Field Day 17

We’re thrilled to have Chan Ekanayake returning as a delegate this year. He’ll be coming to Tech Field Day this week, after previously attending Storage Field Day in March. He’ll be getting a wide range of presentations from across the enterprise, and he highlights the company’s on the docket in this post. Make sure to follow along on the live stream to see all the presentations along with Chan.

NetApp’s & Next Generation Storage Technologies

In this piece, Chan Ekanayake takes a look at what he saw from NetApp at Storage Field Day back in March. He begins by reviewing the place of NVMe in the enterprise market, then expanding into how NetApp plans to incorporate NVMe and storage class memory into their storage offerings. This would provide an extremely fast and low latency storage environment perfect for demanding workloads like AI.

Cohesity: A secondary storage solution for the Hybrid Cloud?

Chan Ekanayake has followed Cohesity since 2015, but got to drink from the secondary storage firehose during their presentation at Storage Field Day. Chan likes their solution and company direction, but thinks the key to their success ultimately depends on pricing.

A look at the Hedvig distributed Hybrid Cloud storage solution

Chan Ekanayake had been familiar with Hedvig for some time, and knew them to be a flexible, truly distributed software-defined storage company. After getting some updates from the company at Storage Field Day, his takeaway: They are a good hybrid SDS solution that can cater for a mixed workload across the private data center as well as public cloud platforms.

Dropbox’s Magic Pocket: Power of Software Defined Storage

Chan Ekanayake was “ecstatic” when he found out that he’d get a technical deep dive on Dropbox’s infrastructure at Storage Field Day. This piece reviews the company’s Magic Pocket, a custom built, internally hosted, software defined, cloud storage infrastructure. This was designed so the company could move from storing actual customer data from Amazon S3 to get better performance and reduce raw storage costs.

Storage Field Day 15 – Watch Live Here

For those not able to attend Storage Field Day this week, never fear. The entire event is live streamed, with full video available soon after on YouTube and Vimeo. Chan Ekanayake shared the live stream on his blog. Make sure to watch, and ask any questions using #SFD15 during the event.

Storage Field Day 15 – Introduction

We’re looking forward to having Chan Ekanayake return for his second Storage Field Day in Silicon Valley next month. In this preview of the event, he looks at what he expects from each of the presenting companies. He’ll be seeing some familiar Storage Field Day delegates, and meeting many new ones as well. Make sure to follow Chan’s posts after the event to see what he thought of the presenters.

Chan Ekanayake

Technology Practice Manager – DC & AWS