Empowering the API Fortress Using FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service With Fortinet

At Cloud Field Day, Fortinet showcased their FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service, positioning it as a trailblazer for bolstering web application and API security in the face of an ever-present digital threat landscape. This sponsored article by Chris Hildebrandt discusses this customer-focused solution, which stands out for its machine learning engine that intelligently learns and documents API structures, enabling it to draft specific security policies and swiftly identify high-priority threats. FortiWeb™ Cloud WAF-as-a-Service epitomizes a proactive approach to cybersecurity, offering a unified view across environments and actionable insights to optimize security postures for SOCs.

Cloud Field Day 18: After-Action Perspective From the Delegates

We loved Nathan Bennett’s group Cloud Field Day after-action report video and wrote up an article to go with it at Gestalt IT. The event offered a platform for tech companies to showcase their developments and gain feedback from our delegates. Juniper Networks presenting their AI integration into Apstra, while Mezmo impressed with its telemetry capabilities and user-friendly interface. Long-standing industry player, VMware, was noted for its adaptability in the multi-cloud environment, proving that the evolving tech landscape remains exciting and innovative. Get the delegate reaction to all the presentations in this video!

Cloud Field Day 18 – After Action Report

This “after-action report” is a YouTube video featuring a group of Cloud Field Day delegates discussing the presentations and content from our recent event. Organized by Nathan Bennett, these videos give an immediate and unvarnished look at the presentations.

Prosimo: A Game-Changer in Cloud Networking CFD18

Chris Hildebrandt presents an in-depth review of Prosimo, a modern cloud network delivery and security platform designed to optimize application performance, security, and reliability. Chris highlights Prosimo’s key features, such as application performance optimization, strong security through Zero Trust Network Access principles, multi-cloud integration scope, scalability, and simplified management. He lauds Prosimo as a game-changer for enterprises seeking to enhance user experience, increase security, reduce network infrastructure costs, and future-proof their set-up.

Cloud Field Day 18 Mezmo

Chris Hildebrandt posted his review of Mezmo’s presentation at Cloud Field Day 18. Mezmo, a modern telemetry platform, offers tools for organizations to collect, analyze, and visualize data from diverse sources. The entry highlights Mezmo’s ability to understand, optimize and respond — allowing organizations to profile their data, identify redundancies, optimize telemetry data for cost reduction and compliance, and quick, efficient data routing even during incident responses.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Chris Hildebrandt

Getting a chance to meet new delegates and see them knock it out of the park at events is one of our favorite things at Tech Field Day. We were grateful to have Chris Hildebrandt join us as a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld earlier this month. Writing for GestaltIT, Matt Garvin introduces Chris in this edition of the Meet the Field Day Delegate series. Get to know Chris Hildebrandt a little better by reading his introductory profile on GestaltIT.com!

Chris Hildebrandt

Sr EUC Consultant