The Power of Policy Made Simple With NSX Manager

Creative Technologist, Chris Grundemann, shares what he learned during his experience at Future:NET 2019 and ties it into what VMware showed at Networking Field Day.

Privileged Account Management with CyberArk

For Chris Grundemann, one of the best ways to protect a cloud service is to implement a rock-solid security solution. To truly achieve this, privileged account management must be a primary concern. At Security Field Day, he heard from CyberArk how they are implementing this for their customer base. The company was originally founded in 1999, and have used their experience guarding secrets to trickle down an excellent PAM solution to customers.

Security through Virtualization (brought to you by VMware)

Chris Grundemann got to hear from VMware at multiple events this year, bookending the year with at Networking Field Day in January and Security Field Day in December. They outlined their vision for a business network fabric that can connect all applications to users virtually with full visibility into endpoints and control over connections. The two presentations left Chris pretty excited with where VMware is heading right now.

Predictable VxLAN EVPN Scale with Mellanox Spectrum

Chris Grundemann takes a look at Mellanox’s Spectrum line of Ethernet switches, as presented at their recent Networking Field Day presentation. Mellanox’s innovative ASIC design allows these switches to scale while maintaining high performance.

Extreme Automation with Extreme Networks (& StackStorm)

After seeing them at Networking Field Day in January, Chris Grundemann does an extremely good job of limiting the puns, and digging into what made Extreme Networks stand out. He looks at how the company’s StackStorm acquisition laid the groundwork for their current automation solution. In the end, Chris concluded the Extreme Networks is a “formidable networking company”.

Secure Multicloud Networking with Contrail

At Networking Field Day, Chris Grundemann got hear the latest updates from Juniper Networks’ Contrail team. The team demonstrated their growing product line, which will feature Contrail Networking, Contrail Security, Contrail Cloud, and Contrail Multicloud by the middle of 2018. For Chris, this development is a reflection of the prevalence of leaf-spine architectures, and the virtualized networks often needed to overlay them.

Networking Field Day 17: Hawt or Naught

WIth Networking Field Day in the rearview mirror, Chris Grundemann looks back at some of the trends from the presenters. He breaks down what’s in and out, and includes a lot of animated GIFs as a bonus!

Networking Field Day 17 – Here We Go!

Chris Grundemann is all set for his first Field Day event, attending Networking Field Day this week out in Silicon Valley. He’ll get to drink from the networking fire hose as he hears from a wide range of companies with technical deep dives and demos. We can’t wait to hear what Chris thinks of the experience!

Chris Grundemann

Chris Grundemann is a passionate, creative technologist and a strong believer in technology’s power to aid in the betterment of humankind. In his current role as VP, Strategy at Myriad360 he is expressing that passion by helping clients build bigger, faster, more efficient technology infrastructure that is both more secure and easier to operate and […]