The Imposter Syndrome Podcast: Daren Fulwell

In the latest episode of the Imposter Syndrome Podcast, hosted by Chris Grundemann, guest Darren Fulwell, Chief Evangelist at IP Fabric, shares his 25+ years of networking expertise. Darren discusses the evolution of networking technology, the importance of understanding fundamentals, and how certifications have served as a pathway for learning and career development. The conversation highlights Darren’s passion for mentoring, his insights into network automation, and the impact of community on professional growth.

Multi-Cloud Security Requires Multi-Cloud Observability With Forward Networks

Network observability, which includes real-time contextual data for in-depth analysis towards securing resilient networks in today’s rapidly evolving digital world, is crucial for businesses. However, lack of a unified visibility solution across various cloud platforms makes observability harder to achieve in multi-cloud environments. Forward Networks took a proactive approach and deployed cloud digital twin observability into major cloud platforms, extending their cutting-edge digital twin technology to increase multi-cloud observability and security. The company’s solutions offer deep observability and enhance security through tools like Path, Posture, and Blast Radius. This article by Chris Grundemann, sponsored by Forward Networks, provides more insight following their appearance at Cloud Field Day 16.

Identity-Centric and Data-Centric Security With RackTop BrickStor

RackTop Systems’ BrickStor is a comprehensive cyberstorage solution that helps organizations secure their digital assets from ransomware attacks with an identity-centric and data-centric approach. This sponsored article by Chris Grundemann explores the system’s zero trust architectures for the effective authorization of subject and resource ensuring only approved access is granted. BrickStor’s active security platform uniquely intersects identity and data-centric security with encryption, policy-based key rotation, auditing, and UEBA and SOAR capabilities to begin securing data from day one, over unstructured data.

The Amazing Way Observability Shapes Automation

The benefits of automation far outweigh the potential perils, mainly because more than 70% of IT decision-makers have acknowledged reduced employee workload with automation’s help. Visibility and automation share a close relationship, with data being a prerequisite for both. Saha further explains how with proper implementation and integration, networking automation can significantly improve the entire system’s efficiency while reducing the need for human-based control. This Networking Field Day Roundtable discussion focuses on the promise and pitfalls of network automation.

The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast: Tom Hollingsworth

Our very own Tom Hollingsworth joined Field Day delegates Chris Grundemann and Zoe Rose on their new Imposter Syndrome Podcast. They discussed Tom’s role as an Event Lead for Tech Field Day and what his day-to-day operations looks like for tech events. Check out what he has to say!

2022: The End of the Beginning

Chris Grundemann recapped on his accomplishments of 2022. Not only did he attend March’s Security Field Day, he attended a whirlwind of different events and even launched a new Podcast with Field Day delegate, Zoe Rose, on The Imposter Syndrome Network! Check out his recap here and see what he has coming up this year!

The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast: Girard Kavelines

Check out the latest podcast by Chris Grundermann and Zoe Rose as they interview Girard Kavelines to hear his take on balancing both life and the IT world. A managed service systems analyst and founder of his own website, TechHouse570, Girard sheds light on taking opportunities and utilizing fatherhood to help him achieve his goals. Check it out on The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast or check into the Tech Field Day website for more.

ZPE Systems Presents Cybersecurity-As-A-Platform (CaaP) at XFD7

ZPE Systems presented on their Cybersecurity-as-a-Platform (CaaP) approach at this past Security Field Day. In this post, Chris Grundemann talks about how this solution will integrate constantly evolving security threats into a holistic cybersecurity system. Check out his thoughts here!

Marvis Learns New Tricks

Juniper Networks made some big Mist Wired Assurance and Marvis VNA related announcements at Networking Field Day in September. Chris Gunderman writes how Juniper Networks is approaching the emergent AI-Driven Enterprise in the right way by focusing on user and operator experience over specific tools or trends. Check out Chris’ post for more!

The Enterprise Is Not Ready for AI

This episode of the On-Premise IT Roundtable podcast, released just before May’s AI Field Day events, features host Stephen Foskett who is joined by Chris Grundemann, Ayodele Odubela, and Frederic Van Haren. Their discussion surrounds the feasibility of using AI on an enterprise scale, including the infrastructure and skill set required to roll it out at scale, as well as the potential ethical dilemmas that it could spark. Listen to the full episode to hear why the enterprise simply isn’t ready for AI.

What Is APM and Why Should I Care?

In this piece, Chris Grundemann gives an overview of why application performance management matters in modern IT. As a hard-core infrastructure engineer, he appreciates the importance of getting visibility across infrastructure. But the reason that is so important is to get better indicators into application performance, which is the reason that the infrastructure exists in the first place. At Cloud Field Day, SolarWinds showed how their APM suite can help provide visibility to the application layer, even as backing infrastructure becomes more challenging with moves to the cloud.

MPLS + P4 = Pensando; But Does It Add Up?

Leading up to Cloud Field Day, Chris Grundemann was exceptionally excited about hearing from Pensando. Partly because he’s a bit of a neophile and they just came out of stealth. Also because what they are working he found really cool, adding P4 programming language support with hardware to provide software-defined, edge-accelerated, always-secure and visible, centrally managed platform that can run in any environment, all aimed the cloud! Combined with a prestigious founding team, Chris thinks they offer a truly innovative solution that while a niche use case for now, can be built out over time.

VMware Embracing Terraform: Infrastructure as Code

Chris Grundemann was a little surprised when he heard VMware’s Narayan Bharadwaj mention Terraform during the opening presentation of Cloud Field Day. In fact, what he said is that VMware is “embracing Terraform in a pretty big way” as part of their focus on Infrastructure as Code. This struck Chris for two reasons. One, you wouldn’t be off-base to think of Terraform as a competitor to several VMware products. And two, because of the things that it makes possible. He digs into more of the specifics in this post.

The Power of Policy Made Simple With NSX Manager

Creative Technologist, Chris Grundemann, shares what he learned during his experience at Future:NET 2019 and ties it into what VMware showed at Networking Field Day.

Privileged Account Management with CyberArk

For Chris Grundemann, one of the best ways to protect a cloud service is to implement a rock-solid security solution. To truly achieve this, privileged account management must be a primary concern. At Security Field Day, he heard from CyberArk how they are implementing this for their customer base. The company was originally founded in 1999, and have used their experience guarding secrets to trickle down an excellent PAM solution to customers.

Security through Virtualization (brought to you by VMware)

Chris Grundemann got to hear from VMware at multiple events this year, bookending the year with at Networking Field Day in January and Security Field Day in December. They outlined their vision for a business network fabric that can connect all applications to users virtually with full visibility into endpoints and control over connections. The two presentations left Chris pretty excited with where VMware is heading right now.

Predictable VxLAN EVPN Scale with Mellanox Spectrum

Chris Grundemann takes a look at Mellanox’s Spectrum line of Ethernet switches, as presented at their recent Networking Field Day presentation. Mellanox’s innovative ASIC design allows these switches to scale while maintaining high performance.

Extreme Automation with Extreme Networks (& StackStorm)

After seeing them at Networking Field Day in January, Chris Grundemann does an extremely good job of limiting the puns, and digging into what made Extreme Networks stand out. He looks at how the company’s StackStorm acquisition laid the groundwork for their current automation solution. In the end, Chris concluded the Extreme Networks is a “formidable networking company”.

Secure Multicloud Networking with Contrail

At Networking Field Day, Chris Grundemann got hear the latest updates from Juniper Networks’ Contrail team. The team demonstrated their growing product line, which will feature Contrail Networking, Contrail Security, Contrail Cloud, and Contrail Multicloud by the middle of 2018. For Chris, this development is a reflection of the prevalence of leaf-spine architectures, and the virtualized networks often needed to overlay them.

Networking Field Day 17: Hawt or Naught

WIth Networking Field Day in the rearview mirror, Chris Grundemann looks back at some of the trends from the presenters. He breaks down what’s in and out, and includes a lot of animated GIFs as a bonus!