Meraki Health – Your Wireless User Watchguard

Troubleshooting is an inevitable part of IT, especially when it comes to wireless networking. As Kevin Blackburn points out in this piece, unfortunately, many organizations lack the staff to have 24/7 help or even large daytime staffs. At Tech Field Day Virtual Cisco Live Experience, he saw Meraki Health as a potential solution for this problem. This provides a health snapshot of all connected devices and shows where users might be experiencing performance issues. This information is stored in the cloud for 30 days, giving an additional way to get historical context to these issues, and help track down root causes to larger issues. Kevin was impressed to see this monitoring didn’t just stop at the wireless component, showing the experience from APs to switches and to backing application servers.

Cisco SecureX – A Single Security Pane of Glass

Cisco is not unfamiliar to the world of network security solutions, but Kevin Blackburn thinks SecureX is a recognition that the company could do more from the standpoint of a consolidated security interface. Rather than being a tool that only works within the Cisco ecosystem, SecureX allows admins to take advantage of data from devices across your infrastructure. Cisco has a number of direct integrations with other vendors, as well as a general API that you can plug into. This really helps SecureX standout, not just from Cisco’s other security minded solutions, but within the industry at large. For Kevin, this allows you breakdown silos and get more visibility into possible security issues.

Tom’s Virtual Corner at Cisco Live US 2020

Tom’s Corner at Cisco Live US have become an almost legendary part of Cisco Live US lore. If you’re ever met Tom, you know he’s a people person and love making connections, especially with networking folks. Just because in-person conferences are on hold for a while, doesn’t mean that Tom can’t bring it back. That’s why he’s doing Tom’s Virtual Corner at Cisco Live US 2020. Be sure to join Tom on Zoom any time during meeting running from about 8:00am PT through 1:00pm PT. Check out the post for how to get the invite and we’ll see you there!