Replacing Human-Driven Automation With One That Is Event-Driven, With Cisco

In a move to enhance network management efficiency, Cisco is replacing the existing human-driven automation with an innovative event-driven approach. Network controllers centralize operations by maintaining an inventory of network states, and event-driven automation streamlines this further by automating responses to network changes, reducing manual intervention and speeding up the resolution process. Cisco’s event-driven solutions were explored in detail at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live EMEA 2024, promising elevated operational capabilities with a focus on observability and swift auto-configuration. Read more in this article from Gestalt IT.

Policy Management Gets Easier With Cisco AI Assistant

Cisco’s AI Assistant, unveiled at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live EMEA 2024, promises to revolutionize policy management within Secure Access, offering swift and reliable creation and enforcement of security policies. Emphasizing simplicity and risk reduction, the AI tool handles English language prompts to generate comprehensive policies, demonstrating its capability to securely augment and automate IT administrator tasks. Showcasing AI’s monitoring role, Cisco Secure Access also ensures protected use of AI tools within organizations, preventing sensitive data breaches and incorporating intelligent user access control.

Doubling Down on Network Observability With IP Fabric and NetBox Labs

At Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live EMEA 2024, IP Fabric revealed a collaboration with NetBox Labs, emphasizing a strengthened focus on Network Observability through their Automated Network Assurance Platform and a versatile NetBox plugin. This strategic alliance addresses the complexities of visualizing and managing multifaceted network environments by merging extensive visibility with dynamic topology modeling. IP Fabric’s innovative approach promises improved data accuracy and operability across network architectures, aligning observed network states with intent-based configurations to support efficient and reliable network operations.

Cisco Live EMEA and Tech Field Day Extra Embodies “Better Together”

Attending Cisco Live EMEA and Tech Field Day Extra as a single mother on maternity leave, Zoe Rose highlighted the significance of community in shaping careers while juggling the demands of parenthood. Her experience underscores not only the flexibility and inclusion of these industry events but also the support structures that make participation feasible for parents. Rose’s story is an inspiring testament to the power of community and organizational support in fostering professional growth, even amidst the complexities of personal life transitions.

The Imposter Syndrome Podcast: Daren Fulwell

In the latest episode of the Imposter Syndrome Podcast, hosted by Chris Grundemann, guest Darren Fulwell, Chief Evangelist at IP Fabric, shares his 25+ years of networking expertise. Darren discusses the evolution of networking technology, the importance of understanding fundamentals, and how certifications have served as a pathway for learning and career development. The conversation highlights Darren’s passion for mentoring, his insights into network automation, and the impact of community on professional growth.

Meraki Switching 17 – Encapsulating ‘Better Together’ by Providing Context

Meraki’s upcoming MS17 features, highlighted at Cisco Live EMEA by Brennan Martin and Alex Burger, are tailored to reduce burdens on IT teams through efficient data aggregation, contextualized insights, and trend visualization. As Zoe Rose discusses, the update is set to streamline operations by introducing dynamic profiles for switchports, enhanced packet capture analysis, and comprehensive device health dashboards, with an API to further customize thresholds and alerts. While a ‘single pane of glass’ for network management remains a complex goal, these changes reflect a product evolution responsive to customer feedback and aimed at alleviating workload, underscoring Cisco’s commitment to user-centric innovation.

Cisco Live TFDx 2024 – Meraki and Catalyst Wireless, Better Together!

Attending Tech Field Day at Cisco Live EMEA 2024 allowed Dan Jones to witness the impressive integration of the 9800 WLC into Meraki for simplified monitoring – a boon for helpdesk engineers. The ease of setup, requiring just Meraki Cloud service activation and a claim code, makes advanced network management accessible without extra costs, leveraging existing DNA licensing. This innovation is particularly advantageous for companies lacking the resources to implement a fully-fledged DNA-C appliance, streamlining operations with the tools they already possess. Read more in this article!

Catalyst 9300-M: Power Meets Simplicity!

The recent fusion of Cisco’s Catalyst and Meraki technologies caught the eye of Girard Kavelines, with the launch of the Catalyst 9300-M series switches presented at Cisco Live EMEA—a hybrid that combines the robust Catalyst hardware and the simplicity of Meraki’s cloud-managed dashboard. This range stands out with its impressive features such as up to 90W of PoE per port, 1T StackWise capabilities, and zero-touch provisioning, all integrated seamlessly into the Meraki interface for unparalleled power and user-friendly operation. With Cisco Meraki’s commitment to innovation and cloud integration, the new series not only streamlines network management but also sets a new standard for engineering excellence in the cloud era, available to order beginning February 13th.

Excitement Abounds at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live EMEA 2024

Tech Field Day is ready to bring more insightful content at Cisco Live EMEA 2024 in Amsterdam, making an early impact with a schedule full of authoritative presentations from Cisco, IP Fabric, and NetBox Labs. The event kicks off with Cisco Enterprise Networking, including Meraki, followed by the Mass Scale Infrastructure team with intriguing new developments. Tune in for the live streams, join engaging security and networking discussions, and for those not in Europe, replays will be available on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel, ensuring no one misses out on this must-attend tech gathering.