CTS 141: Analytics Data & Wi-Fi

Rowell Dionicio gives an overview of what he saw from Nyansa at Mobility Field Day this year. Nyansa Voyance gathers together a massive amount of information across the network to represent a full client experience within their dashboard. All of this helps drill down to the root cause of problems, and surface actionable solutions.

CTS 139: Aruba Networks Demos OWE at MFD3

On this episode of the Clear to Send podcast, Rowell Dionicio discusses what he saw from Aruba at Mobility Field Day earlier this month. Specifically, the company demoed an improvement to unsecured wireless networks, called Opportunistic Wireless Encryption. This would enable users to connect without a password, but not allow any other connected users to see that traffic. Although not a mandatory part of the WPA3 specification, Aruba think OWE will be vital in securing the unsecured.

CTS 116: Aruba Atmosphere 2018

The Clear to Send podcast posted an episode looking at what they saw at Aruba Atmosphere this year. They highlight the sessions attended, the Tech Field Day panel discussions, and the Cape Networks acquisition news.

CTS 105: Measuring User Experience with Voyance

Rowell Dionicio and the Clear to Send podcast take an updated look at Nyansa’s Voyance network analytics platform. Since initially seeing this at Mobility Field Day in July, Rowell reviews how the platform visualizes network information and can help you get to root causes of issues faster.

CTS 089: Mojo Networks & The Client Journey at MFD2

On the latest episode of the Clear to Send podcast, the crew takes a look at Mojo Networks’ presentation from Mobility Field Day this summer. They talk about hearing from CEO Rick Wilmer, Mojo’s work with open standards, and the new Mojo Aware client visibility feature they offer.

CTS 088: Cape Networks At MFD2

Rowell Dionicio discusses Cape Networks presentation at Mobility Field Day on the Clear To Send podcast. He gives a brief overview of Cape’s history and their move to Silicon Valley, defines their product’s uses and interface, and talks about their new features to further enhance the capabilities of their wireless sensors, including Rolling packet capture and Splash Page Support. Rowell is excited by Cape’s story and growth in recent years and looks forward to their future.

CTS 087: AirCheck G2 w/ Netscout at MFD2

In this episode of the Wireless Network Engineering Podcast, Rowell Dionicio discusses the many features of NETSCOUT’s AirCheck G2, which he saw presented at Mobility Field Day. This includes the auto test, channel utilization, and profiles features. He also mentions NETSCOUT’s Link-Live, a cloud service that stores all your tests from various NETSCOUT devices, something Rowell found very useful.