CiscoLive and Security Field Day

Evan Mintzer is having a busy couple of weeks. While he didn’t attend Cisco Live US 2019 this year, he was named as the best remote attendee for the second consecutive year. This week, he’s physically headed out to Silicon Valley to attend Security Field Day. We’re excited to hear what he thinks of the presentations. Be sure to follow #XF2 on Twitter to stay up on all the social posts from the event.

Viavi Enterprise Provides Unexpected Network Insights

John Herbert takes a look at Viavi’s Observer products, which he heard about in depth at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019. This includes Gigastor which can capture packets at line rate and retain the raw packet data, GigaFlow which ingests flow data from sources for analysis, and Apex that unifies the other solutions into a single digestible interface. For John, the combinations offers huge value to network and security operations.

How Cisco Live! Changed My Career…

With Cisco Live US happening this week, Justin Cohen is thinking back to how the event changed his career. He’s been attending since 2012, and got to know the community after meeting Tom Hollingsworth there. Things changed after 2016, when he got invited to Networking Field Day. Today, Justin is working as an Innovation Architect at Cisco, his dream job. It’s been a long journey centered around the event.

TechField Day Delegate at Cisco Live TFDx

Nico Stein is out at Cisco Live US this week, and attending Tech Field Day Extra presentations at the event. For him, it’s a perfect combination of community and technology to create real conversations. He’s looking forward to getting to know the delegates and seeing what interesting presentations are on tap.