VIAVI Observer Apex- Finding the needle faster

Jonathan Davis compliments VIAVI’s Observer Apex as presented at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live. He sees it as a monitoring tool that is simple and intuitive, while still providing valuable information about your environment. Jonathan looks forward to learning more about VIAVI in the future.

Aviatrix – When SD-WAN Becomes SD-Cloud – The Routing Table

Kevin Blackburn discusses the transition from SD-WAN to SD-Cloud made and presented by Aviatrix Systems at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2018. No longer requiring the hardware necessitated by SD-WAN, Aviatrix has created what they call virtual gateways that make the move to the cloud easy. With a simple dashboard, Kevin claims Aviatrix’s SD-Cloud is just as intuitive to use as SD-WAN.

10 years at Cisco Live US, SD-WAN and Tech Field Day

LiveAction’s Dave Izumo wrote up his thoughts after coming home from Cisco Live US 2018 in Orlando. It was a packed event with lots to learn, including Dave presenting for LiveAction at Tech Field Day Extra. He demoed the company’s SD-WAN capabilities of their LiveNX architecture. It was Dave’s 10th Cisco Live, and definitely one to remember.

Cisco’s Container Journey to the Cloud

In this piece, Tom Hollingsworth looks at the announcements from Cisco Live US 2018. What stood out to him was the prominence of a non-networking specific topic, the cloud. He specifically examines how Cisco took pains to show how they are aligned with Google’s vision of the cloud, and integrate that across their product lines.

Tech Field Day Extra Cloud Sessions at Cisco Live US

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2018 will have a number of presentations next week, including four by Cisco. In this post, Breana Jordan previews the sessions, which will look at Cisco solutions for hybrid cloud, multicloud, and containers.