Commvault Metallic ThreatWise – Discerning the First Signs to Quell an Attack Early

Early warning signs of a cyberattack exist only to the most discerning eye. Unlike traditional monitoring tools, Commvault Metallic ThreatWise utilizes a defense by deception strategy, deploying decoy assets in the environment to divert attackers and buy time for defenders to take action. With its lightweight and cost-efficient architecture, ThreatWise provides real-time insights on active and hidden threats, allowing organizations to detect and mitigate attacks at the earliest stages. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo here on the website.

Thirty-Six GigaToasters

In this episode of Chaos Lever, Chris Hayner and Ned Bellavance cover Security Field Day 9, highlighting presentations by Comvault, Noname Security, Cisco, Cribl, and NetAlly’s Cyberscope. They discuss Comvault’s ThreatWise platform, which focuses on ransomware detection, and the use of fake hosts and lures to trap potential attackers. They also mention Cisco’s new hardware firewalls, the 4200 series, and their multicloud network security model. Chris shares insights on NetAlly’s Cyberscope, a handheld cybersecurity analyzer.

Enhancing Data Protection: The Power of Real-Time Intruder Deception and Detection

In this LinkedIn article by Lars Trøen, the innovative approach to data protection showcased by Commvault at Security Field Day 9 is discussed. The article highlights the incorporation of Metallic Threatwise, a honeypot and deception service, into Commvault’s data protection software system. This integration enables real-time detection of intruders and provides tailored recommendations for deploying honeypots within the network, enhancing organizations’ ability to stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats.

Safe and Sound at Security Field Day 9

Security Field Day 9 promises to showcase how security companies and teams are addressing ever-evolving cybersecurity threats to keep users safe. A lineup of prominent security companies will present their innovative solutions to reduce security risks, ensuring a better and secure user experience. Broadcasting live on June 28 and 29, we will see presentations from Commvault, HashiCorp, NetAlly, Cisco, Cribl, and Noname Security, highlighting their approach to enhancing data security and protection focused on critical areas such as backups and disaster recovery, multi-cloud defense, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Learn more about Security Field Day in this video featuring Tom Hollingsworth!

Cyber Deception With Commvault

Commvault has stepped up to reimagine data protection in the face of rising threats, according to Gestalt IT’s writer, Sulagna Saha. Commvault presented at September’s Cloud Field Day where Metallic ThreatWise, that provides advanced and active data protection against ransomware, was demoed to our delegates. In her post, Sulagna goes into a deep dive on this technology, that covers all the key grounds. Check out the Gestalt IT website for more from Sulagna!

Metallic’s Reverse Takeover of Commvault

Writing on his own personal blog, Justin Warren discusses the presentation by Metallic, a Commvault venture, from this past Cloud Field Day. Check out his thoughts!

Commvault Simplifies Disaster Recovery for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Workloads

At Tech Field Day in December, Commvault showcased its Disaster Recovery solution, which is a part of its Intelligent Data Management platform. This solution can be used as an add-on to Commvault Complete or independently and supports heterogeneous workloads, which include virtual machines, databases, files, folders, storage arrays, and physical servers. Be sure to check out the videos of Commvault’s presentations from Tech Field Day to learn more about its Disaster Recovery solution.

The Future of Commvault Is Metallic

Chris Evans was a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019 and had the chance to see Commvault launch their Metallic platform. With Commvault’s announcement earlier this year of a significant expansion of Metallic, Chris has some thoughts on their transition and path forward. Writing for Architecting IT, Chris reviews the history of the product and says that the future of Commvault is completely intertwined with the success of the Metallic platform. Check out the post from Chris as well as the videos from Tech Field Day Exclusive Commvault Go 2019 on our website!

Commvault and Kubernetes – Tech Field Day 22

Commvault and Kubernetes? It was a surprising development from the perspective of Ned Bellavance who talks about it in his daily check-in. Ned was a delegate at Tech Field Day where he was able to interact directly with Commvault and other presenters. To hear all of Ned’s thoughts on Commvault’s push towards adopting cloud and Tech Field Day as a whole, check out his Ned in the Cloud YouTube channel!

Tech Field Day 22 – the TECHunplugged Take on Commvault

As delegates at Tech Field Day earlier this month, Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman got an up close look at Commvault. They enjoyed Commvault’s presentations and recapped what they learned on their TechUnplugged YouTube channel. In the conversation they recap Commvault’s several offerings including Metallic, Hedvig, and their “Store. Protect. Migrate.” strategy around kubernetes. Max and Arjan are impressed with how Commvault continues to push out offerings and work to turn out value for their customers.

Commvault Will Present at TFD22

Writing for Tech Unplugged, Arjan Timmerman says that he is excited to see Tech Field Day presenter Commvault at the event this week. Arjan will be a delegate on the “early team” of delegates at the event where he will have the chance to see Commvault up close and personal. He writes that by pivoting to innovation with offerings like Metallic, Commvault has placed themselves at the top of the industry. Tune in this week to see Commvault and more at Tech Field Day!

Tech Field Day 22 Unwraps Latest Updates on Technology Advancements

Commvault is coming to Tech Field Day 22! Don Foster will be joined by his fellow Commvault subject matter experts to discuss disaster recovery with sub-minute recovery SLAs, Metallic BaaS for Kubernetes, Metallic SaaS expansion into EMEA, and Metallic cloud storage service. We’re looking forward to this presentation!

Commvault Metallic With Microsoft Azure – From Seismic to Tectonic

During Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019, Chin-Fah Heoh got to see the initial announcement about Commvault Metallic. This offers SaaS backup and recovery, with a modern UI and able to be deployed across a number of different models. Now Commvault has announced a deeper integration of Metallic with Microsoft Azure, something Chin-Fah sees as a significant move. By integrating with Azures engineering, Go To Market, and sales teams, he sees this as creating an ecosystem of innovation to purpose build the Metallic integration deeper than any vendor has so far with Microsoft Azure applications.

The New Commvault: New CEO, New Logo, SaaS, Primary Storage

We always love to hear what first time delegates think of Field Day events. In this video, Markus Leinonen talks about his experience at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019. He shares his thoughts on the major product announcements and deep dives, but also a lot of the other benefits of being at a Field Day event.

Time to Advocate Common Data Personality

In this post Chin-Fah Heoh talks about the challenges of getting valuable and relevant data from a data lake in a timely fashion. He considers different approaches he’s seen over time, coming to the latest in creating intent-based data personalities. For Chin-Fah, it all comes down to handling metadata.

Commvault GO: Mission Return

Data Evangelist with a focus on data quality and protection, Karen Lopez, attended Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019 in Denver, CO. Follow along as she shares details and news from her GO experience.

Commvault GO Women in Tech Panel

This video features content from Commvault’s Women in Tech panel dinner at Commvault GO 2019. We heard from Tamara Ells, Theresa Howe Forman, Sandra Hamilton, and Tech Field Day Exclusive delegate Kori Younger on empowering females in a tech environment.

CommvaultGo 2019 Wrap Up: Metallic, Hedvig Added to Commvault Portfolio

It was great having Jeffrey Powers return as a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019. In this piece, he runs down some of the major announcements and sessions from the event, which saw the launch of a new SaaS data protection offering, Commvault Metallic, and looked at how the company will integrate assets it acquired with Hedvig.

Talent Is Heavier Than Data

In this piece, Keith Townsend considers the impact of human talent on data gravity. The holy grail is to have data available instantly when you need it. There are literal physical limits to how possible this is, and he recently completed a video at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO talking about some of the use cases and the capabilities of their Activate product in regards to metadata. At Cloud Field Day, he heard from Hammerspace, which looks at how to mitigate data gravity issues with a very unique solution.

Meet Metallic: Commvault-As-A-Service

Bart Heungens was one of the new faces around the delegate table for Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019. We’re thrilled to see his impressions of one of the major announcements from the event, Commvault Metallic, their new SaaS offering for data protection. He looks at what types of data protection is available, pricing, and where it will fit into the competitive landscape.