54: GreyBeards talk scale-out secondary storage with Jonathan Howard, Dir. Tech. Alliances at Commvault

Ray Lucchesi and Howard Marks talked to Jonathan Howard on the most recent GreyBeards on Storage podcast. Jonathan is the Director of Technical Alliances at Commvault, and they discuss the company’s move into the secondary storage market with Hyperscale, and how that combines with their data management solutions.

ActualTech Debrief: Commvault HyperScale

Scott D. Lowe shares his debrief from Commvault GO, highlighting their new HyperScale secondary storage solution.

CTO Advisor 068: Commvault HyperScale

Recorded on the show floor at Commvault GO 2017, the CTO Advisor himself, Keith Townsend, spoke with Scott Lowe, Justin Warren, and Ray Lucchesi about the show. In this episode, they focus specifically on Commvault’s transition from a backup company to data management. Their recently released HyperScale solution is a venture into the secondary storage market.

CTO Advisor 067: Should you worry about GDPR?

On this CTO Advisor podcast episode, Keith Townsend sat down with Justin Warren and CommVault’s Nigel Tazor to discuss GDPR. This new regulation can incur a penalty of up to 4% of organizational revenue for each violation. They discuss why compliance is more important than ever.

Should you worry about GDPR?

Keith Townsend sat down with Justin Warren and Commvault’s Nigel Tazor to discuss GDPR. This new regulation can incur a penalty of up to 4% of organizational revenue for each violation. They discuss why compliance is more important than ever.

Don’t call it back up

Keith Townsend posted his discussion with Justin Warren from Commvault GO 2017. They discuss how Commvault has successfully moved from being a backup company, and embraced data management.

Commvault GO – Space and Time

Nikki Schnupp shares her thoughts before attending Commvault GO 2017. She reflects on how the show and company revolve around the ideas of space and time, finding the balance between the two to bring efficiency to data management.

Commvault Go 2017 – In Search of the Perfect Data Management Machine

In this post, Glenn Dekhayser breaks down the major announcements coming out of Commvault GO. This includes a look at their new HyperScale platform, their GlusterFS-backed, scalable, and fault tolerant back-end storage system. This can run on Commvault’s own hardware and software combination, or on a number of third-party hardware platforms. Notably, Cisco offers ScaleProtect, which puts HyperScale on their UCS platform.

Commvault UDI – a new CPUU

From Commvault GO, Chin-Fah Heoh shares his thoughts on one of the shows central tenants, that IT is now centered around data technology. From what he saw, Chin-Fah believes the Commvault Universal Dynamic Index should become a core component of Central Protection Universal Units to manage data across organizations. This is a demonstration of Commvault’s emphasis on powerful simplicity.

Commvault GO 2017 Keynote Live Blog!

If you’re catching up on all the great content coming out of Commvault GO from last week, a good place to start is the Gestalt IT live blog from their keynotes. Stephen Foskett ran down all the major speeches and announcements.

Storage Field Day 14 coming up

Storage Field Day is coming up later this week, and Erik Ableson has a full preview. He’ll be attending Commvault Go before the event, hearing about their latest data management solutions. Then at Storage Field Day, he’ll get updates from Dell EMC across their vast portfolio, E8 Storage, and Scality. It should be a busy week, with many fascinating solutions on tap.

Commvault calling again

Commvault GO is right around the corner, and Chin-Fah Heoh can’t wait to attend. In this post, Chin-Fah runs through his personal history with the company, going as far back as 2001. He then outlines why the company has been successful in the backup and recovery space, with a long track record of innovation. The conference will include a Tech Field Day Exclusive presentation, so be sure to check back for more great coverage.

TFDx and SFD14 Delegate Thoughts: Pre-Attendance

Becky Elliott has an exciting week ahead of her. She’ll be attending Commvault GO for the first time, including a Tech Field Day Exclusive presentation, as well as her first Storage Field Day. Becky is pretty familiar with NetApp’s position in the storage market, so she’s interested to drink from the Dell EMC firehose to see how they compare. Make sure to follow along on the Storage Field Day live stream and watch alongside all of the delegates.

The challenge of doing data management at scale

Ahead of being a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2017, Max Mortillaro looks at problems of data management. This centers around the creation of isolated data silos, which Max refers to as data archipelagos. These may simplify some operational considerations, but also inherently cause sprawl and overall inefficiency of resources. However the opposite, the dream of a global namespace is often impossible due to regulatory and data sovereignty requirements. In this light, Max considers if data management isn’t a necessary evil, but a business enabler to bridge these two extremes into something more functional.

Looking at Commvault GO 2017

The 2nd annual Commvault GO conference takes place in Washington DC November 6-8. Rich Stroffolino takes a look at the speakers, sessions, and other highlights announced. The conference may be new, but seems laser focused on the company’s data management vision.

I will be at Commvault Go and Storage Field Day 14!

Max Mortillaro will be back for a pair of events in November. He’s excited to attend Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO as well as attending Storage Field Day. He’s looking forward to a deep dives from Commvault, various Dell EMC divisions, comparing storage approaches from E8 Storage and Infinidat, and getting deep into object storage from Scality. It’ll be a busy month for Max!