Unleashing the Power of CXL: A New Era of Server Architecture

The latest Tech Doodle by Barry Coombs is a deep dive into the world of server architecture and how the CXL technology is unleashing its power. Barry discusses the benefits of the CXL technology and how it can lead to significantly improved performance in data processing. This article provides a wealth of information for IT professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve on the latest technological innovations.

Tech Field Day Doodle: MemVerge and CXL

The Doodle Guy is back with his doodle on Day one of Tech Field Day in March. Barry Coombs doodles about MemVerge’s latest Tech Field Day presentation and Siamek Tavallaei’s presentation on CXL. Check it out on his Twitter!

A Game-Changing Approach, New Mergers and a Disruptive Technology With Siamak Tavallaei From the CXL Consortium

In this article, Sulagna Saha talks about CXL, and the capabilities of CXL 3.0 released last year. Based on Siamak Tavallaei’s talk at the recent Tech Field Day event, the article explores CXL’s maturation, the group behind the technology, and the future of composability in datacenters. Read the article on Gestalt IT or watch the presentation on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel.

CXL: Composable Infrastructure’s Missing Link

“CXL probably isn’t for every configuration, especially anything other than top, high-end compute systems. But it’s no hoax. It ain’t the Piltdown Man.” Andy Banta gives an entertaining explanation of CXL, the history, the current, and his thoughts on where it’s going. Read his full thoughts on his website.