Couchbase at Cloud Field Day 17

At Cloud Field Day in June, Joey D’Antoni had the opportunity to meet with Couchbase and learn about their NoSQL database solution, Couchbase Capella. Capella offers a variety of data models, including JSON document, key-value, wide column, and graph databases, giving developers flexibility in building their data stores. What sets Couchbase apart is its ability to run on mobile and edge devices with Couchbase Lite, offering a modern alternative to traditional SQLlite. With affordable costs and high availability, Couchbase Capella provides a compelling option for developers seeking flexibility and seamless integration across different platforms. Learn more in this post by Joey!

Building Better Applications at Reduced Cost With Couchbase

At the heart of digital transformation are applications. Couchbase provides applications a multimodel database platform that is high-performing, flexible and scalable, and provides breakthrough economics. Couchbase’s multimodel database, Capella, streamlines application development by providing developers with data technology that is flexible, fast, and efficient. Capella integrates JSON databases and a multimodel system and has differentiated capabilities like query tools, analytics on active data, multi-record transactions, and geographic replication. With Capella’s granular resource scaling, developers can handle each service with the appropriate environmental resource and achieve peak performance, and by choosing Couchbase, organizations can eliminate the cost of using an assortment of databases, reduce redundancy, simplify architecture, and reduce complexity. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo on the website.

The Algorithm Made Me Do It: Cloud Field Day 17 Wrap-Up – Chaos Lever [EP61]

Ned Bellavance attended Cloud Field Day 17 in Boston and discussed the event with Chris Hayner on the Chaos Lever podcast. HYCU focuses on cloud backup and recovery and built a cloud-native backend and provide native backup solutions for AWS, Azure, and GCP with a marketplace and a development kit for SAS vendors to create backup solutions. RackN showcased their software platform, Digital Rebar, which simplifies working with on-premises hardware and bare metal servers and automates provisioning and configuration tasks for private clouds. Couchbase, a database-as-a-service company, utilizes native cloud constructs and offers secure private and public connection endpoints for database tenants. The event also emphasized the significance of VMware, the reality of multi-cloud environments, and the emerging trends of platform engineering and internal developer portals.

Cloud Field Day 17 Recap

Michael Levan gives an overview of Cloud Field Day 17, which included several innovative platforms useful for cloud computing and modernization. Platforms like HYCU, Morpheus Data, and RackN offer self-service and integration to aid in orchestration and provide better support. Zerto is a comprehensive VMware-based platform with backups based on detection and real-time alerting; Couchbase offers a vendor-agnostic NoSQL solution for cost optimization, and JetStream Software is an essential Disaster Recovery tool.

Couchbase at Cloud Field Day 17

In this article, Eric Wright reacts to the Couchbase presentation from Cloud Field Day 17. Couchbase Capella is a promising database-as-a-service (DBaaS) platform for developers majorly focused on NoSQL. The platform targets performance and scalability needs while providing a flexible, unified and multi-tenant environment for all data services. Couchbase Capella is a cloud database platform for modern applications and showcases exceptional performance and functionality in a simple, fast, and affordable manner.

Elevate Your Cloud Knowledge at Cloud Field Day 17

Cloud Field Day 17 takes place May 31 and June 1, 2023, providing an in-depth look at the future of cloud technology. With a focus on the modern enterprise cloud, the event will explore the latest developments in cyber security, platform operations, data protection, and true integration. Join HYCU, Morpheus Data, RackN, Zerto, JetStream, and Couchbase as they delve into their cutting-edge approaches, with all sessions broadcast live on LinkedIn and recordings available on YouTube, promoting engagement and ongoing educational opportunities for all.

What Is a Cloud Database and How Does It Work?

In preparation for National Cloud Database Day and Couchbase’s presentation at Cloud Field Day next week, Stephen Foskett provides an overview of cloud databases, discussing the definition, benefits, and considerations businesses should take when implementing this technology. Cloud databases offer a flexible and scalable data management solution that can be accessed from anywhere, making it an ideal option in today’s remote work environment. While there are several factors to consider, such as database technology, security, and maintenance, understanding these considerations can help organizations choose the right approach to meet their specific needs.