CTERA’s Proactive Solution to Ransomware

W. Curtis Preston evaluates CTERA’s proactive solution to malware, as presented at the last Storage Field Day. CTERA uses a hybrid storage system which monitors anomalies in user behavior as an early detection method while providing an immutable data copy stored in the cloud as a second layer of protection. If unusual behavior is detected, the system isolates the user and can recover any altered files swiftly from the ‘golden copy’ of the data.

Cracking Down on Ransomware With the New AI-Based CTERA Ransom Protect

The volume of ransomware attacks has touched new heights in 2023. Organizations need several lines of defense to protect themselves from reckless attackers trying to steal from private data. CTERA recently launched the new CTERA Ransom Protect, a solution designed to track and respond to threats within 30 seconds of attack. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo here on the site.

Storage Field Day 26 Is Headed to SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference

Stephen Foskett announces the upcoming Storage Field Day 26, set to take place on September 20th and 21st, in collaboration with SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference. In this highly-anticipated tech event, industry leaders and delegates will dive deep into the future of storage technology, exploring areas such as cybersecurity, data management, application performance, and artificial intelligence. With exciting presentations, roundtable discussions, live broadcasts and podcasts, Storage Field Day 26 promises a comprehensive exploration of the dynamic evolution and disruptive potential of storage technologies.

CTERA Global File Sharing With Modern Security

CTERA is storage software for a global filesystem accessible from anywhere in your organization. Justin Warren, a Field Day delegate, discusses this multi-cloud but also private storage software that CTERA presented at Storage Field Day last year. Take a look at Justin’s thoughts here!

CTERA – Storage the Way Your Users Want It

There are many problems to solve around unstructured data but don’t fret, Storage Field Day presenters like CTERA are offering solutions! Writing on his blog, PenguinPunk.net, Dan Frith shares his thoughts with unstructured data and the solutions being proposed. Check out Dan’s take for more!

CTERA: Multi-Cloud Unstructured Data Management

CTERA realizes the need for multi-cloud data management, especially unstructured data. At the recent Storage Field Day event, they presented their solution for the issue. Read this piece to learn what they presented.

Data://express 10: Datenmamagement, Backup Und Die Cloud

This episode of the German data://express podcast comes from the dynamic duo of Kerstin and Wolfgang Stief of data://disrupted. The latter attended August’s Storage Field Day presentationsn as a delegate, which serve as the topic of the episode. Listen to the show for all of their takeaways.

CTERA, Cloud NAS on Steroids

The GreyBeard himself, Ray Lucchesi, breaks down the Storage Field Day presentation of CTERA, which he attended as a delegate. He describes their cloud NAS service, which he believes is akin to other cloud NAS offerings, except on steroids. Read the entire post to learn more, and watch CTERA’s performance for all of their product overview.

Storage Field Day 22: Ein Ausblick

We’ll see Wolfgang Stief as a delegate at this week’s Storage Field Day! In this piece on the German Data://Disrupted blog, Wolfgang gives an overview of the presenting companies he’ll be hearing from. He also encourages viewers to ask questions using #SFD22 and one of the delegates will ask and report back. Be sure to follow Wolfgang on Twitter at @SpeicherStief for all of his thoughts during the event!