Does Storage Matter in AI Inferencing? What About the SSD?

Keith Townsend reacts to Solidigm’s presentation at AI Field Day, considering the role of storage systems in AI inferencing and the impact of SSD selection on AI system design. This video underscores the significance of considering storage performance and reliability when devising robust AI inferencing architectures. Solidigm’s discussion reflected a deeper industry focus on the intricate relationship between storage solutions and AI capabilities, suggesting that the choice of SSDs could be a pivotal factor in optimizing AI inferencing operations.

Defeating Data Gravity? – Hammerspace

According to Keith Townsend, Hammerspace presented a compelling argument for a shift in overcoming data gravity by moving data closer to accelerated computing resources at AI Field Day. Their solution, a parallel file system, acts as a bridge between dispersed data sources, offering a unified metadata view that streamlines data preparation for AI tasks. While Hammerspace’s technology appears to enhance user experience, it also requires strategic GPU placement and considerations around data governance and movement across geopolitical boundaries.

Cloud Field Day – Infrastructure Matters on the Road

During Cloud Field Day 19, Infrastructure Matters hosts Steven Dickens and Camberley Bates, alongside industry experts Stephen Foskett and Keith Townsend, explored the use case for presenters NeuroBlade, SoftIron, and Platform9. Each contributes a unique on-premises and cloud solutions aimed at optimizing infrastructure performance and management. The discussions, rooted in technical expertise, provide a comprehensive look into the role of these companies’ technologies in shaping the future of IT infrastructure. Listen to the entire webcast from The Futurum Group for more!

Taking Private Cloud to the Next Level

In this LinkedIn article, Keith Townsend discusses the potential of automating private data centers to a point where they are indistinguishable from the public cloud for consumers. Using Juniper Networks Apstra’s integration with Terraform as an example, he argues the need for advanced understanding and expertise in both data center networking and automation tools to create a smooth developer experience. Townsend commends the Juniper team on their aggressive and effective demo, while urging for more of such practical integrations in the industry.

Do Processors Matter in the Cloud?

Keith Townsend delves into the relevance of hardware selection, specifically processors, in cloud services in this LinkedIn article. Noting that although AWS has commoditized the cloud underlay, Townsend argues that processor choice still plays a crucial role, particularly when aiming to optimize cost, performance, and application portability. However, for those firmly invested in a specific Cloud Service Provider or prioritizing avoiding optimization costs at the infrastructure level, the cloud provider’s processor may be the more convenient choice.

Navigating Multiple Observability Tools: Mezmo’s Goal of Simplifying the Journey

In this article, Keith Townsend of The CTO Advisor discusses how Mezmo is aiming to simplify the journey of navigating multiple observability tools. With the increase in complexity of software applications in the cloud, using diverse tools for different layers of the stack can be challenging. Mezmo strives to provide a unified observability experience across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments, helping businesses consolidate metrics, traces, and logs from a multitude of sources in an attempt to simplify IT operations.

VMware Cross-Cloud: Is It a Viable Path Post Broadcom?

Keith Townsend examines the prospects for VMware’s cross-cloud path in the wake of the upcoming Broadcom acquisition. The article discusses the potential challenges and opportunities with VMware’s shift towards application-centric infrastructure and cloud-native technologies. Despite the uncertainty, Keith suggests that VMware’s multi-cloud strategy could provide significant value if executed effectively.

Navigating Multicloud Security Challenges: A Deep Dive Into Prosimo’s Approach

In this article, Keith Townsend of the CTO Advisor explores the complex landscape of multicloud security, prominently featuring Prosimo’s approach to addressing associated challenges. Prosimo’s offering, labeled as ‘Full Stack Cloud Networking’, stands out for its ability to deploy a network edge wherever customer applications exist, creating a consistency layer to connect multiple environments. The post recognizes Prosimo’s key role in managing multicloud security, including features such as robust discovery capabilities and straightforward application and network onboarding.

Navigating Multiple Observability Tools: Mezmo’s Goal of Simplifying the Journey

The CTO Advisor, Keith Townsend, discusses Mezmo’s aim to simplify the use of multiple observability tools. Through integrating these tools into a unified experience, Mezmo allows IT operators to navigate complex environments with greater efficiency. This provides valuable insights into the state, performance, and health of systems, underscoring Mezmo’s commitment to aiding organizations in better managing their IT infrastructures.

Private Data Centers vs. Public Cloud: Can Apstra Automation Bridge the Gap?

In this post, Keith Townsend discusses the ongoing debate between private data centers and public clouds, highlighting the role Juniper Apstra Automation could play in bridging the gap. The article underscores Apstra’s ability to create a unified approach to IT operations, reducing operational overhead, and creating a more seamless technology ecosystem. Keith advocates for Apstra Automation as a potential solution to enhance data center efficiency in both private and public cloud environments.

155: GreyBeards SDC23 Wrap Up Podcast With Dr. J Metz, Technical Dir. Of Systems Design AMD and Chair of SNIA BoD

Dr. J Metz, Technical Director of Systems Design at AMD and Chair of SNIA BoD, recently made a guest appearance on the GreyBeards on Storage podcast, detailing highlights from the Storage Developers Conference 2023 and Storage Field Day and charting the ongoing research directions of SNIA. The discussion touched on topics from DNA data storage and Smart Data Transfer Interfaces (SDXI) to challenges and future opportunities in storage and memory sectors. With a track record of deconstructing complex systems and technologies, Dr. Metz’s expertise in storage networking constitutes essential listening for professionals and enthusiasts in the IT industry.

Cloud Adjacent vs. Native Cloud Services

In this latest blog post from Keith Townsend, he focuses on AWS FSx for ONTAP that was announced by NetApp’s partner, AWS, at this past Cloud Field Day. Check out the difference between Cloud Adjacency and Native Cloud services and what to consider based on each approach.

Hybrid Infrastructure Is an Operating Model

VMware presented at this past Cloud Field Day! In Keith Townsend’s post, he discusses how VMware is on a corporate-wide mission to evangelize its cloud capabilities beyond VMware cloud solutions. Check out his thoughts on cloud adjacency here!

Infrastructure as Code Is … Code

Keith Townsend, a Field Day delegate, attended this past Cloud Field in San Jose, California, where he got to meet up with an old friend from RackN! RackN discussed the advantages of immutable artifacts to automate the infrastructure as a code pipeline. Keith found this presentation to be very impactful, check out his thoughts and most recent podcast here!

Solving the Cloud Skills Shortage

Why has AWS partnered with NetApp to deliver AWS FSx ONTAP? This same question popped into Keith Townsend’s head at this past Cloud Field, where he attended as a delegate. Take a look at Keith’s thoughts on this partnership and what solutions have been created because of it.

The Future of the Data Center Control Plane Is in the Public Cloud

Keith Townsend, a Field Day delegate, attended this past Cloud Field Day, where Pure Storage presented on a solution for managing their FlashArray Storage system. Check out Keith’s thoughts, here on YouTube, about how this is the future of all data center management!

Juniper Powered by MIST AI – This Stuff Is Hard

This post by Keith Townsend of the CTO Advisor blog is the first in a series called “This Stuff is Hard,” translating vendor messages taken from analyst briefings into a format that’s easily understandable by business decision makers. The post specifically hones in on Juniper Networks’ presentation from the first AI Field Day Event regarding their Mist AI solution. Read on to see how Townshend describes AIOps from Juniper, and be sure to watch the original AI Field Day presentation for context.

118: GreyBeards Talks Cloud-Native Object Storage With Greg DiFraia, Scality and Stephen Bacon, HPE

In one of the latest GreyBeards On Storage Podcasts, Ray Lucchesi and Keith Townsend talk with HPE’s Stephen Bacon and Scality’s Greg DiFraia to talk about their joint partnership to release ARTESCA: a new cloud native object storage solution. The Scality-HPE solution ARTESCA was announced at a Tech Field Day Exclusive event last month where Ray was a delegate. On the podcast they discuss the direction of the IT world, edge solutions, and of course ARTESCA! Head over to the GreyBeards On Storage page to listen to the full, enlightening conversation

CTOA Briefing – Storpool

The software-defined storage company, StorPool, presented at Cloud Field Day in November. Keith Townsend had the opportunity to speak with StorPool CEO Boyan Ivanov in this CTOA Briefing to discover what makes this special company profitable. For the full conversation, watch the video on!

NetApp Data Science Toolkit

NetApp presented at Storage Field Day in January and demonstrated its NetApp Data Science Toolkit. In this CTOA Briefing, Keith Townsend had the opportunity to speak with NetApp to discuss its Data Science Toolkit, which is designed to reduce friction between data science teams and IT infrastructure teams. To watch the full discussion in its raw unedited form, check out The CTO Advisor on YouTube!