The Campus and Cloud-First

We were fortunate to have Keith Townsend as one of the delegates for Network Field Day Exclusive at 128-Technologies last month. In this post, he breaks down how what he saw at the event got him thinking about how does a cloud-first strategy impact your campus network design and operations. For Keith, a lot of the decision comes down to assessing your campus end-user compute needs.

Intel Answering SAP HANA’s Tough Questions

Intel’s Optane DC Persistent memory was one of the highlight announcements from Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day. On a technical level, bit-addressable NAND flash is interesting, but what does that do for business? Keith Townsend uses the example of the in-memory database SAP HANA. Setting up a data warehouse allowed an organization to ask even more of their data, which in turn led to further memory bottlenecks. Intel’s DC Persistent memory creates the infrastructure to answer these bottlenecks and provide the next generation of business insights. For Keith, this wasn’t about allowing us to do more things today, but about fundamentally allowing us to do what we want to do tomorrow.

Intel Data Centric Business Overview

Intel presented a lot of things at their Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day. Keith Townsend got to hear about it in a lot of details as a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day. But after marveling at a lot of the technical speeds and feeds, Keith looks at why customers and enterprises should care and how it will ultimately impact business.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Keith Townsend

Keith Townsend is no stranger to Field Day. But after having a stint on the company side, he’s back on the independent analyst beat. Before he goes to our Tech Field Day Exclusive at Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day, Mel Zura got to know him a little better for Gestalt IT’s Meet the Delegates series.

Are CIO’s Missing the Metadata Bus?

Storage Field Day saw the return of Keith Townsend to the delegate ranks. In this post, he takes a look at what NetApp presented at the event. They showed their Network Data as a Service, which indexes all of the metadata stored in the system, allowing for basic analytics and an easily searchable data lake. Given NetApp’s breadth across Tier 1 and backup storage platforms, Keith sees some intriguing possibilities.

Leveraging Backup to Advance Your Decision Making

Keith Townsend looks into what he saw from Cohesity at Storage Field Day. The company revolutionized the scale-out backup appliance by fitting it into an overall vision for unified secondary storage. At the event, they showed off their App Store, allowing for devs to deploy software services directly on the platform. This can allow for machine learning and analytics to be run directly on secondary data.

Modern Data Protection Summary

Keith Townsend lays out exactly why data is the most important asset in the enterprise and what products have the essential protection and management features to protect, mobilize, and backup your data. Among the companies and products Keith discusses are Veritas, Rubrik Datos, and Druva who he saw present at Cloud Field Day 3 as well as Commvault who presented at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault Go in 2017.

Musing: The Short Life of Influencers — EtherealMind

Greg Ferro gives some important to advice to any established or aspiring influencer in the IT world. He encourages everyone to take a stab at blogging and to stick with it because, eventually, someone will notice your hard work and make your effort worth it.

Is Oracle Cloud an alternative to AWS?

In this CTO Dose, Keith Townsend takes a look at if Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a viable alternative to AWS. He got to learn about the platform at both Ravello Blogger Day and Cloud Field Day earlier this month. He breaks down how Oracle compares as an IaaS offering to the other public cloud providers.

Moving SAP and other legacy apps to the cloud

Keith Townsend outlines two solutions he saw that enable organizations to abstract the time-consuming challenges involved with provisioning ephemeral workloads. At Cloud Field Day this month, he saw Delphix present on how their solution allows organizations to automate the process of masking sensitive data through their abstraction solution. At Tech Field Day last year, Keith also saw Actifio present on a similar solution, but aimed at abstracting legacy workloads.

Rubrik – A metadata company in backup company’s clothing

In this piece, Keith Townsend outlines his experience that data protection is often a way for a vendor to get a foothold within a company’s IT strategy. After seeing Rubrik at Cloud Field Day last week, Keith sees them as getting ready to move beyond being a data protection company, with their Polaris platform signaling a move to becoming a metadata company.

Cloud Field Day Interview: Nick Janetakis

In this CTO Dose, Keith Townsend interviews first time delegate Nick Janetakis about his experience at Cloud Field Day. The company that really stood out to Nick was Droplet Computing, which came out of stealth at the event. As a developer and educator, he found their methodology of running containerized apps in a browser intriguing.

Serverless computing highlights new security challenges in hybrid IT

Hybrid IT and cloud native services, like AWS Lamba, require a different approach than traditional IT security. A simple lift and shift approach to security will quickly reveal deficiencies of policy once compute and storage moves beyond your four walls. In this piece, Keith Townsend was able to talk to Forcepoint Security as part of Tech Field Day last month. Keith thinks the company has made the acquisitions needed to eventually provide the firewall and cloud access security broker granularity needed for hybrid IT.

Cloud Field Day 3 Preview – Data Protection

Keith Townsend prepared an overview of the data protection companies that will be presenting at Cloud Field Day. He looks at Druva, Rubrik, and Veritas, which all have the same overall goals for data protection, but go about it in very different ways.

NetApp Data Fabric Cloud Field Day 3 Preview

The CTO Advisor himself, Keith Townsend, will be heading out to Cloud Field Day next month. Presenting at the event will be NetApp. In this CTO Dose, Keith discusses what to expect from them at the event, focusing on the company’s proclaimed transition to a data company.

Mitigating the risk of Cloud Lift & Shift

Keith Townsend isn’t a fan of straight cloud lift and shifts. But if you must, he outlines how VMware Cloud on AWS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help mitigate some of the issues. Keith will get to see more from Oracle’s approach on this at Cloud Field Day next month.

An update on Oracle’s Cloud

Keith Townsend recently attended Oracle Ravello Blogger Day, and got to hear from the engineers and product manager building their public cloud platform. He gives an overview of Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure, and the possibilities of their HVX hypervisor. Oracle will be presenting at Cloud Field Day next month, and Keith can’t wait to ask about their support for traditional layer-2 datacenter networking.

HCI/Not HCI – It doesn’t matter

For Keith Townsend, it doesn’t matter much if a solution is called HCI or CI. “At the end of the day, the label doesn’t matter. You can call a hotdog a sausage or a sandwich (Just as long as you don’t put ketchup on it).” In general, HCI’s promised simplifiation of IT operations works great for smaller teams, but breaks at scale. This becomes another management stack that adds to, not reduces, complexity. NetApp has an interesting approach by allowing IT to use existing SolidFire management tools on their HCI platform, thereby not introducing yet another management stack.

Storage is boring

After hearing from DellEMC on their XtremeIO and VMAX solutions at Tech Field Day, Keith discusses why storage is boring. Of course, for the enterprise, boring is not a bad thing.

Understandig CASB for SaaS Security

Tech Field Day delegates Keith Townsend and Sonia Cuff discuss he concept of cloud access security broker, or CASB. This is done in light of a presentation by Forcepoint at the event.