Register Now for NGINX Sprint 2020 on September 15-17! + HACKATHON

Join us for Tech Field Day at NGINX Sprint 2020 from September 15-17! Christopher Kusek is one of the delegates for this event and in his latest post Christopher outlines the exciting offerings at NGINX Sprint 2020. At this event, the delegate panel will be involved in all three days including Hackathon! We’re excited to see Christopher and NGINX in action, and hope you can join us!

Scalable Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Teams With VMware Bitfusion!

Using virtualization to use CPU resources more efficiently in IT is such a familiar concept, it’s hard to think of a time before it was commonplace. The same cannot be said for using GPU resources, which in many organizations still operates at a one node per one user experience. To address this, VMware acquired Bitfusion in 2019 and is now rolling out their tech into vSphere 7. This allows users to request GPU resources using the bitfusion command, which can then aggregate and distribute resources over the network. Christopher Kusek heard some of the initial details at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2019, and is excited to see them rolling out. He’s sees this as evidence of the maturation of ML and AI workloads in the enterprise, and Bitfusion will let organizations make best use of their existing GPU infrastructure.

A Pragmatic Look Into PathSolutions Visibility Into SecOps!

We were thrilled to have PathSolutions present at our recent Security Field Day event. After speaking to the company’s Founder and CTO Tim Titus, Christopher Kusek was excited to be a delegate at the event and hear their technical deep dive. In this post, he gives an overview on the latest updates to their TotalView portfolio, including the Proactive Issue Resolution which holds a special place is Christopher’s heart after having tracked down a number of root cause issues the old fashioned way. He also digs into the Security Operations Manager functions, and looks at how PathSolutions offers not just security visibility, but also visibility into how you’re spending your budget across your infrastructure.

VMworld Cloud Roundtable Discussion

At VMworld, Christopher Kusek participated in a roundtable discussion with some fellow visionaries of Cloud Architecture. They discussed the past, present, and future of Cloud Architecture and Infrastructure. This conversation highlighted a bright future for cloud, multi-cloud, security, and containers.

The Future of Networking: Bringing Developer, Network and Security Admins Together!

Networking is coming! And Future:NET Is coming to San Francisco to celebrate its 4th Year! In this post, Christopher Kusek makes the case why this should be an event added to your IT roster. Future:NET stands out because presentations can come from anywhere within the IT stack from Developer, to Security or Network Admin to general practitioner IT Jack of all trades. He takes a look at what is on tap this year.

Meet the Security Field Day Delegates: Christopher Kusek

Jamie Easley with Aruba has been writing a series of posts introducing many of the Security Field Day delegates. This time, he’s talking with Christopher Kusek. They discuss how he got his start in security, his best tips for business and personal security, and his favorite security memes.

Moving beyond the CLI with Aruba 8400 (Enabling SDN for NetOps)

There are a number of programmable switches in the world, but Christopher Kusek sees Aruba’s 8400-series as something different. Instead designing programability that forces network admins to learn a completely new skillset (programming), the 8400’s Swagger interface is designed around how network admins actually do their job today. Christopher sees this as a major differentiator.

A week of Networking Celebration at ONUG with Tech Field Day!

A week of Networking Celebration at ONUG with Tech Field Day!

I’ll be attending Storage Field Day 7 – Now with Clear Containers!

I’ll be attending Storage Field Day 7 – Now with Clear Containers!

Why yes I’ll be a Delegate at Virtualization Field Day 4!

Why yes I’ll be a Delegate at Virtualization Field Day 4!

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