Tech Field Day 17 Preview

For all of our Czech readers, Karel Novak posted a preview of Tech Field Day, happening this week out in Silicon Valley. Make sure to follow along on Twitter with #TFD17, and watch all presentation on our live stream.

Packet Capture – NSX 6.4

Inspired by the VMware presentation at Networking Field Day last month, Karel Novak wrote up an overview of packet capture in NSX. The post is in Czech, our English readers can check out the translation here:

Step by Step – Upgrade NSX 6.3.5 na NSX 6.4

Do you speak Czech? Do you want to upgrade from VMware NSX 6.3.5 to 6.4? Well Karel Novak put together a step by step guide to doing it that’s just for you, inspired from VMware’s presentation at Networking Field Day last month. For our English readers, the translation is available here:

Ano opět – Tech Field Day 15 – Před odletem

Karel Novak will join us for another Tech Field Day event next week, after attending one in Austin earlier this year. It’s always exciting to have him on board. For our non-Czech readers, here’s a translation of his announcement post:

Step by Step – VMware Virtual Network Assessment NSX Free

Writing in Czech, Karel Novak gives a step by step guide to using NSX Assessment to audit virtual network environments. This was prompted by VMware NSX’s presentation at Networking Field Day. Karel very clearly explains the process of setting up and using NSX with accompanying images for each step.

Step by Step – Instalace Solarwinds Virtualization Manager

Karel Novak wrote up a piece reviewing how to install the SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, after seeing it at Tech Field Day in February. The original is in Czech, but we’ve provided the Google Translate versions for our monolingual readers. Check it out here:

Step by Step – Uila Monitoring – Deploy

For all of our Czech readers, Karel Novak wrote up a step by step guide on getting started with Uila’s monitoring solution. Here’s the English translation:

Jedu na Tech Field Day 13! ( TFD13 ) – Co to je?

Karel Novak is going to his first full Tech Field Day in February. He shared his post in Czech, but here’s the link for a Google Translate version to English: