EP10 – Computational Storage: A Paradigm Shift In The Storage Industry with Scott Shadley and NGD Systems

On the latest episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast, hosts Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman discussed computational storage with Scott Shadley of NGD Systems. This followed NGD Systems’ presentation on the subject at Storage Field Day last month.

Komprise: Data Management Made Easy

Max Mortillaro considers that while data management and secondary storage are big concerns in modern IT, they are far from a solved problem. At Storage Field Day last month, he heard a presentation from Komprise, which seeks to bring a real world focus to data management. Max outlines how they can help slay the serpent de mer traditionally associated with data management.

The Rise of Computational Storage

At Storage Field Day last month, Max Mortillaro got a deep dive into one of the emergent companies in the computational storage space, NGD Systems. They seek to move away from traditional Von Neumann architecture and process data directly on the storage layer. Each NGD System drive is equipped with an ARM processor, RAM, and an ASIC for processing specific data sets. In their testing, NGD was able to reduce the number of servers needed for a given workload to 25% when using their computational storage solution. Make sure you check out Max’s TECHunplugged Industry Insights research paper on computational storage for a more comprehensive deep dive.

I will be at Storage Field Day 17! Wait, what is a “Storage Field Day”?

We’re happy to have the bon vivant Max Mortillaro joining us again for Storage Field Day later this month. This will be Max’s sixth Storage Field Day, and with that experiences, he’s dropping some knowledge about it. He looks at what makes Field Day events unique, namely the engaged conversation between delegates and company presenters. If you’ve ever wondered about becoming a delegate, you can always sign up right on our site!

Druva acquires CloudRanger, expands backup capabilities to AWS

Max Mortillaro looks at Druva’s acquisition of CloudRanger, which offers a data protection solution for AWS. Max got to see a lot from Druva at their recent Cloud Field Day presentation, and thinks the acquisition will offer a nice compliment to the company’s existing Data Management as a Service portfolio.

Cisco Hyperflex 3.0 – A Mature Hyper-Converged Solution Ready for Next-Gen Workloads

Max Mortillaro gives his thoughts on HyperFlex 3.0, which he got a deep dive on at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe. This release featured support for Hyper-V, 40 GbE networking, and self-encrypting drives. But for Max, the bigger accomplishment with the release is showing that Cisco is serious with innovating and remaining competitive with HyperFlex.

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2018: what news under the skies of Barcelona?

At Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe, Max Mortillaro to getting out of his comfort zone with Cisco. He’s familiar with their compute and storage offerings, but he’s hoping to get a deep dive into more of their core business. ACI and HyperFlex are of particular interest at this event. Be sure to follow #CLEUR18 on Twitter to catch all the updates from the delegates.

Uila App-Centric Monitoring: Deep Packet Inspection meets beautiful UI

After hearing about Uila from friends and colleagues, Max Mortillaro checked out the company’s presentation from Tech Field Day last year. He found their monitoring solution compelling, particularly their use of deep network packet analysis. This allows for transactional data, which can even give visibility into areas not strictly inside the infrastructure. According to Max, Uila has “a very interesting product that delivers outstanding business outcomes, while keeping true to their network engineering roots.”

Dell EMC VMAX All-Flash: A proven solution for mission-critical systems

Max) Mortillaro shares a great piece inspired by Dell EMC’s recent Storage Field Day presentation on their VMAX All-Flash array. He starts out by outlining the how and why organizations define what exactly are mission-critical applications. This naturally leads into a discussion of VMAX All-Flash, which Max describes as “a perfect fit for mission-critical systems”. He digs into how this third iteration of VMAX adds some useful new features for those organizations that need highly available Tier-1 storage.

E8 Storage: The Mercedes-Maybach 6 of NVMe Flash Arrays

Max Mortillaro heard from E8 Storage at Storage Field Day last month. In his blog post, he’s pretty clear: (f)rom a performance perspective, E8 Storage will just blow your mind away. Their radical approach to storage proved very exciting for Max, and he sees their solution as ideal for Tier-0 applications requiring high throughput, high IOPS and low latency.

The challenge of doing data management at scale

Ahead of being a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2017, Max Mortillaro looks at problems of data management. This centers around the creation of isolated data silos, which Max refers to as data archipelagos. These may simplify some operational considerations, but also inherently cause sprawl and overall inefficiency of resources. However the opposite, the dream of a global namespace is often impossible due to regulatory and data sovereignty requirements. In this light, Max considers if data management isn’t a necessary evil, but a business enabler to bridge these two extremes into something more functional.

InfiniBox: solving the enterprise storage cost vs performance equation?

Infinidat will be presenting at Storage Field Day next year, but Max Mortillaro has an extensive preview of the company out now. He gives an overview of their software-defined storage solution, InfiniBox. Max sees it as an interesting solution for primary storage than offer petabyte-scale solution, high availability, and efficient caching without the expense of an AFA.

I will be at Commvault Go and Storage Field Day 14!

Max Mortillaro will be back for a pair of events in November. He’s excited to attend Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO as well as attending Storage Field Day. He’s looking forward to a deep dives from Commvault, various Dell EMC divisions, comparing storage approaches from E8 Storage and Infinidat, and getting deep into object storage from Scality. It’ll be a busy month for Max!

X-IO Axellio and Edge Computing: an NVMe-enabled emerging architecture model?

Max Mortillaro follows up on his preview post about X-IO’s Axellio Edge computing platform. Max clarifies that this is meant to be an OEM solution designed to be a standalone application platform. He likes the ability to use 72 dual-port NVMe SSD drives, but the real secret sauce is the extra I/O via PCIe. It makes Max think that maybe the concept of edge computing requires a fundamentally new platform, one that Axellio exemplifies.

Cohesity FlashProtect – a look into Pure Storage and Cohesity Integration

After Tech Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate, Max Mortillaro talks about the collaboration between Pure Storage and Cohesity saying it “is not only logical, but also important for both companies.” The addition of Cohesity as a secondary storage and data protection solution allows for a deep integration with Pure Storage snapshotting capabilities. Max says that this will provide an advantage to both parties, helping them extend their respective ecosystems and expand their market share.

Real-time Storage Analytics: one step further towards AI-enabled storage arrays?

At the Storage Field Day Exclusive event at Pure Accelerate, Max Mortillaro was struck by a recent storage trend. It seems that every storage vendor is now offering real-time analytics as part of their storage array offerings. Max looks at Pure Storage’s take on this, which combines their Pure 1 real-time analytics, with a machine learning extension called META.

SFD13 Primer – Dell EMC

Max Mortillaro continues his excellent primer series on the presenting companies coming up at Storage Field Day next week. In this post, he takes a look at what to expect from Dell EMC. He reviews the company’s place in the market, and how the merger of Dell and EMC was not exempt from bumps along the way. Max is interested in hearing more about VxRail and XtremIO. Make sure to watch along on the live stream during the event to stay up to date on their entire presentation!

SFD13 Primer – SNIA

Max Mortillaro takes a look at SNIA ahead of their Storage Field Day presentation next week. He finds the breadth of the organization impressive, touching on everything from standards to community engagement. At their presentation, SNIA will focus on their standard for storage management, SwordFish, and persistent memory related activities. Make sure to check out the live stream to watch along with the delegates, and send it question via Twitter with #SFD13.

SFD13 Primer – X-IO Axellio Edge Computing Platform

Max Mortillaro gives X-IO a look ahead of their Storage Field Day presentation later this month. He runs through the company’s origins as the Seagate Advanced Storage Group, before being spun out in 2007. He then goes on to give a preview of Axellio, their edge computing platform. For Max, writing the piece was an example of what makes Storage Field Day exciting: discovering new technologies and platforms, and getting excited for a technical deep dive.

Storage Field Day 13 Primer

Max Mortillaro takes a look at one of the presenters coming up at Storage Field Day, Exablox. Despite being targeted more at the SMB storage market, Max thinks they have an impressive set of enterprise class feature. He’s anxious to get a technical deep dive. Make sure to watch along on our live stream!