Pure Storage Accelerate 2019 – Everything’s Faster in Texas

Max Mortillaro is heading out to Pure Accelerate next month, and he’s looking forward to the Tech Field Day Exclusive event presentations happening there as well. In this post, he runs down some of the exciting updates he’s expecting at the event, including DirectFlash Fabric, and the keynote from astronaut Leland Melvin.

EP27 – VAST Data – a Revolutionary Storage Platform for the Next Decade – With Howard Marks

In this episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast, hosts Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman talked with Howard Marks. While they once all joined forces behind the delegate table at Field Day events, Howard is now the Technologist Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at VAST Data. VAST presented at Storage Field Day, and in the episode, they dive deep into how the company is bringing revolutionary flash economics to the market by combining 3D XPoint, NVMe-oF and QLC Flash.

TECHunplugged Videocast #1 – Liqid and Composable Infrastructures

In this take, TECHunplugged Analyst Max Mortillaro talks about Liqid, composability, and their upcoming Gen-Z composable infrastructures. Max was a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World, and got to hear directly from Liqid at the event. Their PCIe-based composability lets customers create pools of resources for servers or VMs that aren’t bound by physical enclosures. What’s exciting though is what is coming down the road. Be sure to watch the video to find out Max’s thoughts.

EP21 – Discovering Weka.io, the World’s Fastest Filesystem With Barbara Murphy

On this latest episode of the Tech Unplugged Podcast, Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman spoke with Barbara Murphy, VP of Marketing at Weka.io. Max saw the company present at Storage Field Day earlier this year. The two host have a conversation digging into the company’s claim of having the fastest, most scalable parallel file system.

Western Digital : Innovation in 3D NAND and Low Latency Flash NAND

Western Digital has been a long time mainstay of the storage industry. Max Mortillaro heard from them at Storage Field Day earlier this year, and it fit into his larger considerations of the state of the solid state memory industry. In this post, he looks at how Western Digital has remained relevant as the industry transition from disk to flash. The company faces a similar transition as storage is starting to close the gap between DRAM and flash. Max looks at Western Digitals announcements around Low Latency Flash NAND and Storage Class Memory.

Developing Data Protection Solutions in the Era of Data Management

IBM returned to Storage Field Day this year, providing an update to the delegates on IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. In this context, Max Mortillaro provides some historical perspective on data protection and management, emphasizing that every organization is on a different path on the journey toward better data management. In this, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is a laudable effort build from scratch to address modern data protection needs. While it may not be as feature rich as competing solutions, for those organizations with a strong history with IBM, it should serve them well as they navigate their own data management journey.

Cisco HyperFlex: Designing an NVMe-based HCI Architecture With Reliability, Availability and Serviceability in Mind

Max Mortillaro attended Cisco Live Europe this year, and attended Tech Field Day Extra presentations at the event. There Cisco presented on their HyperFlex HCI solution, something that Max has written about already. After talking to the Cisco product team, Max digs into more architectural detail about the technology here.

EP17 – Storpool: Being the Best in Block Based Storage – With Boyan Ivanov

In this episode of the Tech Unplugged podcast, Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman spoke with StorPool CEO Boyan Ivanov. They discussed a lot of what StorPool presented at Storage Field Day including the company’s product offering, how the product has evolved, and what to expect in the future.

Cohesity – The Gold Standard in Data Management

Max Mortillaro heard an update from Cohesity at Storage Field Day last month. This post, Max puts what he saw in the context of what data management and secondary storage mean to both business and IT use cases. In either case, he finds Cohesity to offer a gold standard, one that should continue to expand with their newly announced developer portal to easily add 3rd party programs on their Cohesity DataPlatform.

Storage Field Day 18 – Fifty Shades of Disclosure

Max Mortillaro attended Storage Field Day last month as a delegate. At the event, he got to experience a dense schedule of presentations from emerging and prominent IT storage companies. Be sure to check out the full video coverage of the event to see the same great content that Max got to experience.

Storage Field Day 18 – It’s as Intense as Storage Field Day Gets

It’s hard to believe it, but Storage Field Day next week will be Max Mortillaro’s 7th such event. It’s hard to image having one without him around the delegate table. Despite the prospect of jet lag and a little information overload, he’s excited to hear from the full roster of presenting companies on tap. Be sure to tune into the event live stream to catch all the presentations along with Max.

Forward Networks: Bringing Sanity to a Network Near You

Max Mortillaro isn’t exactly a networking guy, so it takes a lot for him to have a “wow” moment when hearing from them. That’s just what he got from Forward Networks during their presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2019. They showed off their Enterprise offering, which builds on a free mapping tier and adds Verification, Prediction, Comparison and Integration features. You’ll have to check out their presentation for all the details, but Max found it very impressive.

Multicloud : The Buzzword We’ll Keep Hearing in 2019?

Max Mortillaro breaks down the idea of multicloud. It’s a potent buzzword in IT, but who is actually doing it? He looks at some of the stated reasons organization investigate multicloud, the common paths to getting there, and the inevitable issues that arise from the reality of it. He was intrigued by what he heard from Cisco at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe, even if their presentation on Cisco CloudCenter took a while to tease out the really valuable aspects for IT professionals. It made him stop worrying (a bit) and embrace the possibilities of multicloud.

Cisco HyperFlex 2019 Edition: Mixed Feelings

Max Mortillaro attended his fourth Cisco Live Europe this year, and also got to hear presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at the event. All that time has proven Cisco’s commitment to HyperFlex, which received important updates at the event, including improvements from a security and usability perspective, certification of SAP HANA, one-click upgrades, NVMe and more. Max remains convinced that Cisco has a compelling story around HCI, but he still has some questions about the overall strategy.

EP11 – Data Management with Komprise: Transformation without Disruption – with Krishna Subramanian

This episode of the TECHunplugged Podcast digs into one of the presenters from Storage Field Day last year, Komprise. Hosts Arjan Timmerman and Max Mortillaro both attended the event. They’re speaking with Komprise President and COO Krishna Subramanian about how the company helps organizations get the best value out of their file-based storage investments.

Should Cisco reinvent itself? Thoughts ahead of Cisco Live Europe 2019

Max Mortillaro will be attending Cisco Live Europe, and is looking forward to attending Tech Field Day Extra sessions at the event. In past years, he’s focused on Cisco Hyperflex, but this year he has a different focus. He’ll be looking to get more details on Cisco’s strategy this year, especially compared to some of the renewed competitors in their markets.

Live at VMworld Europe 2018: An Update on VMware Strategy and Vision, or VMware is Cool Again

In this post, Max Mortillaro considers the emergence of Kubernetes as a de facto container orchestrator. This can be seen looking at any number of IT companies, including what he saw at Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018. This event saw a lot of coverage around the company’s new NetApp Kubernetes Service, from their recent StackPointCloud acquisition.

What future for Intel Optane?

Max Mortillaro got to hear from Intel’s Optane team at Storage Field Day earlier this year. In this post, he considers some of the trials and tribulations of the storage class memory. For Max, the challenge of a mainstream use case remains. Optane can deliver on performance, but when considering cost per gigabyte, the proposition becomes more mixed. He sees it carving out a use case as a durable caching layer for Tier 0 storage.

NetApp MAX Data: The Persistence of Memory, Revisited

Max Mortillaro takes a surrealist approach in looking at NetApp MAX Data, something he heard a great deal about at Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018. This is an evolution on the assets NetApp obtained in the Plexistor acquisition, providing a software-defined architecture that leverages persistent memory for data storage. This can use either NVDIMMs or Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory modules. Max was impressed by their tiering scheme in MAX Data, providing a seamless integration for this cutting edge tech into a very traditional stack.

NetApp Data Fabric: putting in practice the “Theory of Everything” for Data and Storage

Max Mortillaro was along as a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018 last week. He got to hear about the latest with NetApp Data Fabric, which Max sees as a major breakthrough in how organizations manage data. Data Fabric takes full control of storage infrastructure, abstracting it at the data level, where it can then offer extremely granular services. With advanced features like Cloud Tiering and Kubernetes Integration, Max wonders if this even qualifies as a storage product. While he has concerns about cost, in the end, Max calls Data Fabric a “killer solution.”